Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I am angry

An open letter to the Residents of New Toulouse ~

It's time for me to express some thoughts and feelings to all of you. And let me tell you right up front that I am extraordinarily angry and I am going to do my best to write a clear and rational message.

The community of New Toulouse has been blessed in the last 3-4 months to acquire many new shopkeepers in both of our sims. I have to say that I am incredibly proud to be able to tell others that they need to come shop in New Toulouse, because we have some of the best content creators in the Steamlands/19th Century Grid. It's thanks to that high level of quality and the fact that these content creators chose to place a shop in New Toulouse that New Toulouse has flourished as a community in the last several months.

This morning I heard something that stunned and angered me. A few months ago, during the time that we acquired our group of new shopkeepers, a loyal customer of one of these shops was browsing and shopping. A New Toulouse resident entered the shop and then told the customer to go to another shop down the street because the "wares" were better elsewhere.

The resident that said that better have been joking. The customer did not take it as such; she took it quite seriously, and she became very angry on behalf of the content creator she was patronizing. I am going to assume "innocent until proven guilty" on this, because the information came to me third hand and I know how certain senses of humor do not come across well in text.


If this was a "serious" statement and if I ever hear of something like this again? Or if I hear that existing New Toulouse residents have been publicly trashing new ones? I will evaluate the situation, and if I feel it is way over the top, I will evict the offender without a refund and ban him/her from New Toulouse. Just. Try. Me.

You have IMs in which to gossip and complain about others - keep that crap there. Actually no...if you have a problem with someone, be it their build, their plants, about this...TALK TO THEM DIRECTLY AND POLITELY LIKE AN ADULT. If you can't handle that? Guess what? You'd better suck it up and deal.

Yes, I am very, very angry. You do not want to mess with me when I get this angry. I am warning you all now. The statement that resident made was a nasty one, but what makes it worse is that it was one resident tearing another down to one of their customers in public in our sim. I consider that an intent to harm someone professionally, which goes above and beyond usual trash talking.

It's because of this shopkeeper, and the other new shopkeepers and residents that New Toulouse is alive and well today. We would not exist if it were not for them. Thank them instead of trashing them please. Please don't make me regret the work that I have put in to ensure NT's continued existence.

If we were 50 sims like Caledon, an incident like this would concern me, but not generate the reaction I am having right now. Because we are small you guys! We don't have a large community that can absorb drama like a sponge. For us, because we are so small, it's like dumping water into an already sinking boat.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly.