I'm in love with a Duke!

Duke Special, that is.  :-)

I have become completely addicted to Duke's music in the last month or so.  We run two of his albums in rotation on Radio Riel Steampunk.  I found that I was squeeing with glee every time a Duke Special song played while I was listening to the Steampunk stream, so I moved the albums into rotation on my iPod.

I just love everything about this guy's work. I find the basic melodies of his songs extremely appealing and catchy.  There is something about the fully produced tracks that hooks me too...maybe the slight "Cabaret" sound?  And the lyrics...well those are what always get me in the end!  His official website is http://www.dukespecial.com/.

I was pleased to find a video for my current favorite Duke Special song.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PZn-tBOrrM .  Enjoy!


~ The Nightingale