Gen X with Gabi: The Request Show's "Generation X with Gabrielle" in Caledon Mayfair!  Unfortunately this will be the last in the Terpsichore Tuesday series, as our host's (Lord Steadman Kondor) actual world schedule has changed.  Fear not though, Steadman plans on setting up a new day/time for his wonderful Mayfair events, and we will include "Gen X with Gabi" in the mix!

Please join the Duke of Caledon Mayfair and the Duchess of Caledon Carntaigh tonight from 6:00pm - 7:30pm SLT at the Town Hall in Caledon Mayfair ( for "Gen X with Gabi: The Requests"! I'm taking all requests for this show, so please IM, Tweet, Plurk, Comment or email me with one Gen X song that you want to hear.  I will play, and acknowledge, your request during the show.

To listen to the show on my stream:

1.  Open a media player (iTunes, WinAmp, Windows Media etc.).

2.  Find its "Open Stream" or "Open URL" feature.

3.  Enter: .

And in honor of this being the last Gen X for's a treat that I am sure will bring me much teasing...

Yesterday was my 41st Birthday, and one of my closest friends posted this picture from my 24th Birthday on Facebook (thanks Kris! ;-) )

It's Gen X Gabi...February 1993!