Goodbye Edison

It is with great sorrow that I must announce that I will be closing Edison within the next week. As much as I loved the sim that was my was not supporting itself financially.  There is good news in this though. I am converting the Edison Hypatia sim into New Toulouse's third sim, New Toulouse Bayou. So I am not losing the sim, just moving it into the NT Community.

Radio Riel Headquarters, the Edison Ballroom and my home with Azul will eventually move to New Toulouse's fourth sim (New Toulouse Jardin). Edison residents Ambrose Anthony, Hypatia Dejavu and Soliel Snook will join us in Jardin as well.  I do not currently have an estimated time of arrival for New Toulouse Jardin, which will be based on the actual world New Orleans Garden District.

I need to get New Toulouse Bayou in place and settled before I start the planning for Jardin.  I'll have a model of Jardin in Laveau Square for reservations in about 2 weeks.  I am submitting the ticket for the sim move and name change this Monday, Feb. 15.  I am not sure how long that will take, but we should have New Toulouse Bayou in a week. (I hope!)

I am sad, but ok with this.  Things change.  Thank you all for a wonderful year together in Edison.

~ Gabi