Introducing...New Toulouse Bayou!

Two years ago, Carricre Wind, Mama Cree, created the community of New Toulouse, which is based on New Orleans at the turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

One year ago, I, with financial backing from several generous "Angels", stepped in to keep the community alive when Mama Cree had to relinquish ownership of New Toulouse.

Today, I am thrilled to announce that the community of New Toulouse is growing!  We are currently two sims, and are finally making the move to become three!

New Toulouse Bayou will be the third sim in the New Toulouse community.  It will sit on the grid directly west of New Toulouse Algiers.  I have not yet ordered the sim (as of Sunday, February 7), however I am taking reservations for parcels in it.  I need 80% of the sim reserved before I can place the order.  I can not provide an estimated time of arrival for the sim at this time, but I will keep you informed of its status via Group Notices in the Gens de New Toulouse Group and posts in the New Toulouse Ning.

NT Bayou is going to be exactly that....a Bayou.  Lots of swamp, water, trees and plantlife.  There is only one road that runs through the southern part of the sim, parallel to the rail line.  The road and the rail line are continuations of the ones from NT Algiers.  Residents will need to use boats and bridges to move about the sim.  Like all NT sims, NT Bayou will be double prim.

The parcels for NT Bayou are all relatively small.  I have created only 512 sq. m. and 1024 sq. m. parcels in the sim, as NT Bayou is rural and poor.  The small parcels reflect this, and builds must as well.  Broken down swamp shacks, ragged tents and rusty houseboats are acceptable.  If you want a lovely Southern home with a rolling lawn?  This is NOT the sim in which you should buy property.

Any of Mama Cree's free prefab shacks are acceptable for use in New Toulouse Bayou.  There are two acceptable prefab shacks that you can find for sale in the Verdigris sim. There are other prefab shack builds in Second Life as well.  Whether you buy a shack or a boat, or if you build your own place, you need to run it by me for approval.  You can, with my approval and supervision, sink your parcel under water completely, and use a houseboat as your residence.  Your boat must be historically appropriate to the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries and in "rough" condition.

If you lease multiple parcels in order to have a higher overall prim count, you MUST either sink the extra parcel, or cover it with trees, bushes and long grass.  There should be no "open land" sitting empty in New Toulouse Bayou.

To reserve a parcel in NT Bayou, you must pay for the rental rights up front. You pay me a "down-payment" for the right to lease in NT Bayou and to reserve your parcel. The rental rights fee is non refundable, however you may sell the rights to another tenant in the future.

The model of New Toulouse Bayou is at the following SLURL:

Costs of parcels in NT Bayou are as follows:

512 sq. m. - 234 prims - rental rights: $4096 L ($8 L per sq. m.) - $450 L per week tier
1024 sq. m. - 468 prims - rental rights $8192 L ($8 L per sq. m.) - $900 L per week tier

If you have any questions, please contact me, Gabrielle Riel.  Bienvenue au Bayou mes chers!

~ La Rossignol