Invitation to a Grand Ball Hosted by Gabrielle Riel and Hotspur O'Toole

Ladies and Gentlemen of Caledon

Commodore, Fleet of Wrath Exiles
Hotspur O'Toole
Duchess of Caledon Carntaigh
Gabrielle Riel

cordially invite you to a Grand Ball
in honor of the launch of
their cosponsored organization
The Caledon Dramatic Society

Sunday, April 4th, 2010
at 7:00pm SLT at Coughton Court
in Caledon Carntaigh of Rothesay

Formal attire please


Darien Mason said…
HA! Good one! Pull my other leg! :D
Gabrielle Riel said…
I do hope we will see you on Sunday evening Doctor!

There is *so* much drama in Caledon that we thought we'd take advantage of it and put it to good use.