The Duchess’ Closet - Up, up and away!

Our fire’s high and the airbags tight
Food’s low but the skies are bright
Props spinning all through the night
We’re low on cash but seen another target

~ Abney Park, “Airship Pirates”

One of the things I love about fashion in Second Life is the ability to quickly find a unique ensemble within minutes that you can simply toss on. But if you were to try and find a similar outfit in real life, it would take you days, or perhaps months, of shopping or working with a designer to have something custom-made. A perfect example of this is steampunk clothing. Second Life has many designers creating steampunk clothing these days, all with fun and fabulous details, so you can instantly become an Airship Pirate, Intrepid Explorer or Clockwork Doll! I have added three new steampunk outfits to my closet recently that I simply must share with you.

If you want to be an Airship Pirate, then you need to look like one! My closet now contains this perfect steampunk outfit, made specifically for flying the kraken-filled unfriendly skies. This is “Airship Pirate” from Jigsaw’s Workshop (Justen Jigsaw) and it comes with everything you see here, from hat to boots; and as a bonus, Justen has included an actual mini-airship with the outfit! And do not fret gentlemen, there is a men’s version of this as well.

I really like the little details that this outfit has, for example the dual cutlasses, the loops for storing maps and charts, and the hat, which really looks like a pirate hat. You can find this outfit, as well as several other creative steampunk outfits for both men and women at Jigsaw’s Workshop in the Calendula Island sim. (

I think I have found my new duchess stick with this next one! (Author’s Note: the term ‘duchess stick’ was coined years ago in Caledon, in reference to my need to carry one as an estate manager in order to beat up griefers and troublemakers.) I am wearing “Steampunk Peccadillo” from ezura (Ezura Xue). What’s interesting about this one is that Ezura has actually created three versions of the outfit: the Gown Set, the Mini Set and the Erotic Set. You can purchase these separately or as a Mutli-Pack, which includes all three options. As I am a believer that more is always a good thing, I bought the Multi-Pack. I am wearing the Mini Set in the photograph. All three of the versions come with the classic steampunk top hat, complete with goggles. They also all come with two versions of staffs. One thing to note here: the outfits do NOT come with boots or shoes, so you will need to use your own, or even better use this as an excuse to go buy yourself some new ones! You can find this outfit at ezura in the Vardimog sim. (

I am such a sucker for anything in red, so of course I had to add this one to my closet when I found it. This is “Clockwork Doll Mattie” by Fatal Love (Bastet Teardrop), which has several options that you can mix and match to create different looks. You can be nice and wear the closed front skirt, or choose to be naughty by wearing the very short, draped skirt that reveals garters and stockings! There are two corset options as well, one standard corset and one with a clockwork key attached to the back, so you can instantly become a Clockwork Doll if you so choose. I really like the additional accessories of the parasol and the rose-coloured glasses. Again, this outfit does not come with boots or shoes, but Bastet does have a pair for sale that work well with this, as well as a lovely clockwork choker, also sold as a separate items. You can find this ensemble at Fatal Love in the Canfield sim. (

One of the things that I see in common between all three of these outfits is the very effective use of high quality textures. I have always believed that good textures are the key to fabulous fashion in Second Life, and I am thrilled that more designers are using them to create excellent clothing.

Now that I have filled up my closet with all of these wonderful new steampunk finds, I feel the need to go do something adventurous! Should I go sail the seas in Armada Breakaway? Go horseback riding in Steelhead? Engage in some airship battles high above New Babbage? Oh, who am I kidding! You will likely find me kicking back and sipping absinthe at Le Vieux Canal Jazz Club in New Toulouse Algiers with the fun-loving New Taloosters, but at least I’ll be doing it in swanky steampunk style!