A Riel-ly Amazing Day

Thank you to everyone who participated in yesterday's Riel Day for Life!  We raised a total of $123,071 L for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.  $100,000 L came from the initial donations of our "guest programmers" for the day and we received $23,071 L in the RFL kiosks during the 24 hour event.

I want to personally thank everyone who donated Lindens to the RFL kiosks yesterday, and they are:

Novella Bluewood
Bookworm Hienrichs
Scottie Melnik
Otenth Paderborn
Warren Daines
Patrice Cournoyer
LibKatt Follet
GallateaSu Beaumont
Philbert Susa
Renee Caxton
Jimmy Branagh
Kara Timtam
Searra Weatherwax
Jorge Serapis
Rudolfo Woodget
Addison Greymyst
Eclectric Breitman
Roy Smashcan
Wildstar Beaumont
Addison Greymyst

This event would not have been possible without the generous people who donated Lindens to reserve an hour of programming. First of all, your programs were simply stunning. Each of you illustrated your knowledge and appreciation of music, and for me that was one of the biggest joys of the day.

You Riel Audiophiles, our listeners and supporters, are intelligent, classy and amazing people. I have always known this! But yesterday brought it home to me in such a concrete way. I was honored, along with Otenth and Edward, to bring your programs to you throughout the day. Yesterday's programming was possible due to the following people, organizations and communities:

Wildstar Beaumont
Seraph City
Rowan Derryth
The Primgraph Magazine
Bodhisatva Paperclip
Azul Draken
Eva Bellambi
Designing Worlds
PJ Trenton
Avalon Town
Neill McCullough
Elrik Merlin
The Bashful Peacock
Bookworm Hienrichs
Prim Perfect Magazine
Annechen Lowey
Otenth Paderborn
Breezy Carver
Piermont Landing
Kara Tintam
Eleanor Anderton

As always, the Radio Riel Staff deserves a huge "thank you" for being the fabulous folks that they are.  Thank you all for your support, which you all provided in various ways.  I have a super special "thank you" for Edward and Otenth for your live sets that you provided yesterday.  I think the two of you helped save me from complete exhaustion!

Thank you to RFL Team New Babbage for welcoming me, Radio Riel and New Toulouse with open arms into the team.  I am honored that you have included us in your community efforts.  Thank you for seeing the value in us and our contributions.  It means more to me than you will ever know.

I, and Radio Riel, have happily provided innumerable hours, Lindens and effort to RFL for the past 4 years because it's something that we believe is important.  We have all been touched by cancer.  Some of us are survivors.  Some of us are caretakers.  So many of us have had friends and loved ones that have fought the battle with cancer.

Thank you all for joining together, in the spirit of joy and teamwork, to make Riel Day for Life a resounding success.  I could not have done without all of you.

Thank you.