Introducing Vintage Clothing Reproductions' "Gabi" Gown

I have had the pleasure of knowing vintage clothing designer Ms. Skye Qi for over 3 years in Second Life, and I am lucky that we've been friends for almost all of those years.  The first time I encountered Skye's work was in a fashion show in July 2007, about which I blogged here.  I was so impressed with her clothing that I engaged her to create my Court Presentation Dress for August of that same year.

I played music at so many parties that Skye held at her main store over the years, and I was incredibly blessed when she decided to move her business to New Toulouse a year ago.

Skye has been hard at work on a line of contemporary clothes lately.  I've seen several of her latest pieces, and they are, of course, excellent!  A few weeks ago, Skye completely surprised me by dropping an entire fatpack of a certain gown on me.  It's name?  "Gabi"  :-D

She has this gown in a multitude of colors.  For these pictures I, of course, selected a red one.

You can find the "Gabi" and all of Skye's wonderful work at Vintage Clothing Reproductions in New Toulouse. (

Thank you so much Skye!  I am so glad we have been friends for all of these years!


Tracy said…
WOW Thank you my friend! Skye