No More Gigs for Gabi

Some people already know this, but as of January 1, I stopped playing DJ gigs for clients. This means that I am no longer a "DJ for Hire". Before you pass out from shock, let me explain that I will still be playing events! However, everything I play from now on will either be a Radio Riel program or event, something for which I have volunteered for charity, or something that I play of my own volition, purely for fun. Off the top of my head I can think of 6 events that I will play every month, and that does not include special events for holidays etc.

There actually is one "paid gig" that I am keeping, and that is the monthly Peckerwood Pool Party. I just can't give that up! But otherwise, no more Gabi-for-hire. I played events for people for 4 years. Sometimes 2 or 3 events a day. I'm just plain burned out! Plus, I am spending more of of my time working for Radio Riel in the actual world. That's where I need to focus my energies.