Now Taking Reservations for New Toulouse Jardin (Part Deux)

I am now taking reservations for the next sim in New Toulouse: New Toulouse Jardin.

The planning map is in New Toulouse's Laveau Square at .

New Toulouse Jardin will be the fifth sim in the New Toulouse community. It will sit on the grid directly east of the New Toulouse sim.

Note: This is actually the second incarnation of New Toulouse Jardin. The first was converted into New Toulouse Bourbon. I (Gabrielle) feel that this new version more accurately reflects both NT's New Orleans theme and better serves the wants and needs of NT residents.

New Toulouse Jardin is based on the actual world New Orleans Garden District. At the beginning of the 19th Century, what is now the Garden District, was open plantation land. However soon after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the French plantation owners sold and subdivided the land into large plots, with only a couple of lots per block.

Americans moved into the area and built large Queen Anne and Victorian style mansions and homes surrounded by large gardens, giving the district its name. The majority of the buildings in the Garden District were built between 1832 and 1900.

For actual world examples of the architecture of the New Orleans Garden District, please refer to the following sites:


It is of utmost importance to me (Gabrielle) that New Toulouse have a correct and historically accurate theme, which is "New Orleans, 1890-1920". The New Toulouse Jardin sim has two distinct parts, each with a different sub-theme.

The New Toulouse Jardin parcels #01-#16 on the west side of the sim, and west of the canal, are a continuation of the theme from the New Toulouse sim. Jardin #16 is our second Pension. The residents must use the French Quarter or Shotgun style builds from Carricre Wind, Eclectric Breitman, Pazzo Pestana, Chrystin Hathor or Fatima Ur (Shotguns Only). You can also choose to build your own building or use one from another architect, however I (Gabrielle) must review and approve your build.

The land and parcels east of the canal, #17-#26, are the Garden District. This area should have lovely Victorian and Edwardian homes with gardens. I want to see Southern style "Painted Ladies". I want to see trees and plants that are native to New Orleans, or those that could have been imported by wealthy residents for their gardens and that would have grown well in the climate. You can find beautiful homes in these styles from Fatima Ur, Poppet McGimsie, Julia Hathor and many more Second Life architects.

I have zoned New Toulouse Jardin as commercial and residential. Any parcel can be either of these. It just needs to contain a build that fits the sub-theme of the part of the sim in which the parcel sits.

Instructions for NT Residents Who Want To Trade Their Existing NT Parcel for a Jardin Parcel

If you are a current New Toulouse resident and you would like to trade your existing parcel for one in Jardin, please let me know. I will do a direct trade for you, meaning that I will swap your existing parcel for one of the same size at no cost to you. You will just continue to pay the same amount in weekly tier that you always have. I will also transfer the balance on your current meter to your new one. Some of the current residents of New Toulouse Shotgun Row might choose a swap as they are losing their coast. I will reserve Jardin parcels #01, #09 and #10 until all current Shotgun Row residents have decided whether they will stay or trade.

If you have an existing parcel and you would like to swap it for one that is larger in Jardin, you will need to follow the procedures I have listed below on how to reserve a parcel in New Toulouse Jardin. You will then need to sell your current parcel yourself. I will transfer your tier balance from your old parcel to your new one if you still have money on the meter when you sell it.

How To Reserve A Parcel in New Toulouse Jardin

To reserve a parcel in New Toulouse Jardin, you must pay for the rental rights up front. You pay me a one-time "down-payment" for the right to lease in Jardin and to reserve your parcel. The rental rights fee is non refundable, however you may sell the rights to another tenant in the future.

The rental rights cost for reserving a parcel in New Toulouse Jardin is $4 per sq. m.

You must also pay me one month of tier in advance. I will apply this month of tier to your Jardin meter as soon as I set the meters up.

All parcels in New Toulouse Jardin are double prim and their costs are as follows:

512 sq. m. - 234 prims - Rental Rights: $2048 L ($4 L per sq. m., one-time fee) - Weekly Tier: $450 L - Total Downpayment: Rental Rights + 4 Weeks of Tier = $3848 L

768 sq. m. - 351 prims - Rental Rights: $3072 L ($4 L per sq. m., one-time fee) - Tier: $675 L per week - Total Downpayment: Rental Rights + 4 Weeks of Tier = $5772 L

1024 sq. m. - 468 prims - Rental Rights: $4096 L ($4 L per sq. m.) - $900 L per week tier - Total Downpayment: Rental Rights + 4 Weeks of Tier = $7696 L

1536 sq. m. - 702 prims - Rental Rights: $6144 L ($4 L per sq. m.) - $1350 L per week tier - Total Downpayment: Rental Rights + 4 Weeks of Tier = $11,544 L

2304 sq. m. - 1053 prims - Rental Rights: $9216 L ($4 L per sq. m.) - $2025 L per week tier - Total Downpayment: Rental Rights + 4 Weeks of Tier = $17,316 L

Final VERY IMPORTANT Note: I will not purchase the New Toulouse Jardin sim until I have received the Linden dollar down-payments for 70% of the parcels on the sim. Therefore, the timing of the arrival of the sim is completely dependent on tenant reservations.

Please pass this information on to your friends or anyone else you feel would have an interest in living in New Toulouse, however please do NOT send this as spam to other Groups. The sooner I receive reservations, the sooner the sim will arrive! If you have any questions, please contact me, Gabrielle Riel.

Bienvenue au Jardin mes chers!

Visio Legend
White = Terrain
Blue = Water
Black = Road


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Audobon Circle will become a Second Life destination of note, and a great attraction to have in the neighborhood. I guarantee!

Mr. B