New Toulouse Tea Transcript - 1pm - May 24

I am posting the NT Tea transcript here as our website is under construction.

[13:21] Gabrielle Riel: Let's start....horribly late
[13:21] Gabrielle Riel: I don't know if you have all looked at the MT map
[13:21] Gabrielle Riel: *NT
[13:22] Francesca Alva pulls up the map
[13:22] Gabrielle Riel: But parcels are selling, and therefore we have some new residents. :-)
[13:22] Gabrielle Riel: Miss Chic being one of them :-)
[13:22] Abigail Raymaker smiles
[13:22] Chic Aeon: Yes, and happy to be here.
[13:22] Abigail Raymaker: Welcome to NT!
[13:22] Eilidh McCullough sees no yellow
[13:22] Chic Aeon: Thank you.
[13:22] Francesca Alva: welcome to NT
[13:23] Amber Palowakski: Yes, I saw that Bayou is booked solid, and Algiers is almost full, and bourbon right behind
[13:23] Francesca Alva: have you got land for sale, checked?
[13:23] Gabrielle Riel: Oh there are still some parcels for sale
[13:23] Francesca Alva: no comma
[13:23] Amber Palowakski: Welcome to New Toulouse, Chic!
[13:23] Gabrielle Riel: We are not fully booked
[13:23] Eilidh McCullough: I have it ticked
[13:23] Francesca Alva: odd
[13:24] Gabrielle Riel: Although there are prim farms in each sim that are the equivalent or more than what is available ;-)
[13:24] Francesca Alva: it's looking pretty good
[13:24] Abigail Raymaker: Algiers is almost full, too
[13:24] Gabrielle Riel: You guys are prim addicts!
[13:24] Lilith Ivory giggles
[13:24] Francesca Alva: so Shotgun row is full again?
[13:24] Amber Palowakski giggles
[13:24] Gabrielle Riel: No - still openings there
[13:24] Abigail Raymaker: except of the parcel by our manor that changes hands regularly
[13:24] Eilidh McCullough: oddly enough, my NT land is one of my lighttly used parcels
[13:24] Francesca Alva: hmm
[13:25] Francesca Alva: oh yes - I had the map too small
[13:25] Francesca Alva: quite a lot of vacancies in Improper then
[13:25] Gabrielle Riel: We have several new folks in Algiers
[13:25] Chic Aeon: I specifically wanted into the Bayou and that property is NOT easy to come by !
[13:25] Amber Palowakski smiles
[13:26] Gabrielle Riel grins - Bayou is almost always full
[13:26] Francesca Alva: Bayou is beautiful
[13:26] Amber Palowakski: It was nice to meet several of them at JBTC
[13:26] Gabrielle Riel: NanaShea Inglewood, dpuffr, Reid Window and Scout Eberhardt are all new to Algiers
[13:27] Francesca Alva: oh yes - we met Nana
[13:27] Francesca Alva: at JBTC
[13:28] Gabrielle Riel: Miss Chic is new to Bayou
[13:28] Chic Aeon: And there is someone across the way that seems new. She moved in when I did. But perhaps just relocating.
[13:29] Chic Aeon: A gypsy wagon.
[13:29] Gabrielle Riel: Yes
[13:29] Francesca Alva: ooh how lovely
[13:29] Amber Palowakski: That might be Miss Serfine?
[13:29] Francesca Alva: is she back?
[13:29] Chic Aeon: We haven't met, perhaps.
[13:29] Amber Palowakski: I never can tell if and when she is back and gone again
[13:29] Gabrielle Riel: Miss Allyah Nayar has the vardo
[13:29] Amber Palowakski: ahhh, ok
[13:29] Francesca Alva: I thought she had sold up
[13:30] Francesca Alva: oh she is new, isn't she?
[13:30] Gabrielle Riel: Miss Serafine is currently not a tenant
[13:30] Gabrielle Riel: Yes, Miss Allyah is a new resident
[13:30] Gabrielle Riel: In Bourbon we have Vita Camino who just leased
[13:32] Gabrielle Riel: The Pension here is full, as usual[13:32] Francesca Alva: hehee
[13:32] Amber Palowakski: That's great! ㋡
[13:32] Eilidh McCullough: Nice :)
[13:32] Gabrielle Riel: And the Conciergerie in Jardin is filling. 2 ladies moved in there.
[13:33] Francesca Alva: the joint is really jumping these days
[13:33] Gabrielle Riel: HarleyMihnea and Purple Hammand
[13:33] Francesca Alva: oh, I think I met Harley
[13:34] Gabrielle Riel: In NT proper we have a new tenant on Shotgun row: CadaverSmith
[13:34] Francesca Alva: haha
[13:34] Lilith Ivory: lovely name :)
[13:34] Gabrielle Riel: Kaie Janus is a new tenant in the Pension (forgot to mention that)
[13:34] Francesca Alva: hsouldn't he be in the Cemetery?
[13:34] Gabrielle Riel: It's full up, as usual :-)
[13:34] Francesca Alva: cadver I mean
[13:35] Lilith Ivory: may I ask where the pension is located?
[13:35] Lilith Ivory: I´d like to have a look at it sometimes
[13:35] Gabrielle Riel: It's south east of this Square
[13:35] Lilith Ivory: ah thank you :)
[13:35] Gabrielle Riel: The big pink building to our east is the Edison Ballroom. The Pension is just south of that.
[13:36] Gabrielle Riel: You can also find both it and the Conciergerie in Search
[13:36] Lilith Ivory: cool thank you :)
[13:36] Francesca Alva: Is it? YAY!
[13:37] Gabrielle Riel: So lots of new names!
[13:37] Gabrielle Riel: Make sure you say hi, but I know you all usually do. :-)
[13:37] Amber Palowakski: ****YAY****
[13:37] Francesca Alva: could I just suggest the new residents also visit the Hotel Spiritueaux on the west side of this square?
[13:37] Francesca Alva: it's an experiece
[13:37] Amber Palowakski: yes, it is....
[13:38] Gabrielle Riel: Oh! I do not know if you all heard, but Mama Cree reappeared, briefly. :-)
[13:38] Francesca Alva: a good one ㋡
[13:38] Francesca Alva: no!
[13:38] Francesca Alva: when?
[13:38] Gabrielle Riel: For those of you that do not know, Mama Cree (Carricre Wind) is the original designer and owner of New Toulouse.
[13:38] Abigail Raymaker: Glad to hear she's alive :)
[13:39] Gabrielle Riel: She designed and built NT proper and Algiers
[13:39] Francesca Alva: is she OK?
[13:39] Gabrielle Riel: And was Estate Owner for a year before I bought it.
[13:39] Gabrielle Riel: She is good. Just very busy in RL.
[13:39] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Pazzo Pestana (17m)
[13:40] Francesca Alva: hello, Pazzo ㋡
[13:40] Amber Palowakski: and if they feel too frightened by all the ghosts, they can either chase their fears of spirits by drinking spirits at any one of our several bars, taverns, and clubs, or seek spiritual solace at the several churches
[13:40] Pazzo Pestana: Greetings!
[13:40] Gabrielle Riel: She came on in the middle of the North American night about a week ago. So I did not see her, but she did leave me an IM.
[13:40] Abigail Raymaker: Hello Pazzo
[13:40] Lilith Ivory: Hello Pazzo :)
[13:40] Gabrielle Riel: Hey Pazzo!
[13:40] Eilidh McCullough: Hello Mr Pazzo
[13:40] Amber Palowakski: Hello pazzo! And good to hear that Ma Cree is alive and well!
[13:40] Pazzo Pestana: Hi, all!
[13:41] Francesca Alva: I heard she'd been taken up in analien spaceship
[13:41] Gabrielle Riel: She was very happy with NT. Marie took her on a tour of the Estate by boat.
[13:41] Francesca Alva: to rule the planet Zoog as their queen
[13:41] Amber Palowakski: oh nice!
[13:41] Abigail Raymaker: oh nice :)
[13:41] Francesca Alva: but that could be wrong
[13:41] Gabrielle Riel: I would not be surprised in the least Frannie
[13:41] Francesca Alva: hehe
[13:42] Gabrielle Riel: Mr. Breitman used to wonder if she had seen the new sims. Well, now she has!
[13:42] Gabrielle Riel: Pazzo knows how to relax.
[13:43] Gabrielle Riel: Ok - cruising along in topics, due to the late start - Miss Eili! How goes RFL? :-)
[13:43] Abigail Raymaker: I'm glad to know she approves of the new sims - even though they were not in her plans - at least not exactly like they are?
[13:43] Eilidh McCullough: We are very close to a Platinum award
[13:43] Amber Palowakski: Yaaayyyy!!
[13:43] Gabrielle Riel: I saw that. We will be there soon. :-)
[13:43] Eilidh McCullough: 1810 USD, to be exact
[13:43] Amber Palowakski: Nice!
[13:43] Francesca Alva: wow!
[13:43] Abigail Raymaker smiles
[13:43] Lilith Ivory: wow
[13:44] Eilidh McCullough: I think we had 3 events since the last tea
[13:44] Gabrielle Riel: The "little" AC RFL team is proving to be not so little
[13:44] Eilidh McCullough smiles
[13:44] Francesca Alva: Yay!
[13:44] Amber Palowakski beams
[13:44] Gabrielle Riel: We are in the top 15 and have roughly the same as both Caledon and New Babbage
[13:44] Francesca Alva shades her eyes from the bright beam of light
[13:44] Eilidh McCullough: We had the firedancers at Cala Mondrago, and also a bellydancing style event with Miz Gabi there
[13:45] Francesca Alva: I was so sorry I missed that :(
[13:45] Gabrielle Riel: (which ended up being very naughty! and I did not start it!)
[13:45] Lilith Ivory: yea same here :(
[13:45] Lilith Ivory giggles
[13:45] Abigail Raymaker: Babbage is about 100K ahead of us
[13:45] Francesca Alva: yeah ... right, Gabi
[13:45] Eilidh McCullough: and Sunday we turned JBTC into an RFL fundraiser :)
[13:45] Gabrielle Riel: I didn't!!
[13:45] Francesca Alva: heheh
[13:45] Gabrielle Riel: Those folks are naughty!
[13:45] Francesca Alva: you fit right in then
[13:46] Gabrielle Riel laughs
[13:46] Eilidh McCullough: Also, we particapted in an event at Babbage, but I think that relates to something else Miz Gabi will be talking about
[13:46] Francesca Alva: oh yes - the teaser
[13:46] Gabrielle Riel: Yes, at the end of the meeting
[13:47] Amber Palowakski grins
[13:47] You decline Tuesday Tea in Duchess Square from A group member named Gabrielle Riel.
[13:47] Eilidh McCullough: Sunday June 5 will be Riel Day For Life
[13:47] Gabrielle Riel: I am going to post that tonight or tomorrow I SWEAR
[13:47] Eilidh McCullough: :)
[13:47] Francesca Alva: ㋡
[13:48] Eilidh McCullough: People sponsor hours through teh day, and choose the style of music
[13:48] Savannah Blindside gave you Blind Faith Building Platform.
[13:48] Eilidh McCullough: (on Radio Riel)
[13:48] Eilidh McCullough: And we shall be gathering nearby in the Edison Ballroom
[13:49] Eilidh McCullough: This will raise 100,000 +
[13:50] Amber Palowakski smiles
[13:50] Eilidh McCullough: That covers where we are at :)
[13:51] Gabrielle Riel applauds - RFL has actually been a real joy this year
[13:51] Francesca Alva: hear hear
[13:51] Gabrielle Riel: The least amount of drama, the most fun that I have ever had in 5 years. No joke.
[13:51] Eilidh McCullough: I am glad
[13:51] Francesca Alva: if you wnat drama I'm sure we can oblige
[13:51] Amber Palowakski: I absoultely agree...
[13:51] Eilidh McCullough has always been lucky with teams
[13:52] Abigail Raymaker: Miss Eili is doing such a great job
[13:52] Gabrielle Riel: I was on a great, laid back team of Otenth's in 2008
[13:52] Francesca Alva: yes she is
[13:52] Francesca Alva applauds
[13:52] Amber Palowakski: I have said this before, in my very personal, private, and humble opinion, Miss Eilidh is the *best* RFL Captain under whom i have served
[13:52] Gabrielle Riel: Amen
[13:52] Abigail Raymaker: I sescond that
[13:52] Francesca Alva: Agree ㋡
[13:53] Eilidh McCullough: thank you :)
[13:53] Gabrielle Riel: Eili and Wildstar have done the best jobs I have ever seen
[13:53] Eilidh McCullough is blushing
[13:53] Abigail Raymaker smiles
[13:53] Francesca Alva: do bunnies blush?
[13:53] Eilidh McCullough: THis one does
[13:53] Francesca Alva: hehe
[13:53] Amber Palowakski: I haven't served under Otenth, so I can't make statements concerning him, just under the ones I have been under
[13:53] Eilidh McCullough: I would think Otenth would be very good
[13:54] Abigail Raymaker: We should also say the entire team is great :)
[13:54] Amber Palowakski: But this year has been my best RFL experience since my first one back in '06
[13:54] Eilidh McCullough: yes!
[13:54] Abigail Raymaker: Captain and Co-Captain can only do so much
[13:54] Amber Palowakski: very true
[13:55] Eilidh McCullough: What team was active here last year?
[13:56] Gabrielle Riel: We ended up being a part of Babbage, which was nice.
[13:56] Amber Palowakski: And to give previous captains justice, the 2007 RFL team was hurt more by a group of people serving under the captain, than by the captain itself
[13:56] Gabrielle Riel looks at the clock - ok - moving on again
[13:56] Francesca Alva: Abi's blog says it very well
[13:57] Abigail Raymaker smiles
[13:57] Gabrielle Riel: I am always seeking Freebies for our wonderful new market! Please put something out if you can, just make sure you place it with your New Toulouse Parish group tag on.
[13:58] Gabrielle Riel: I think I have an LM for the market in here if you would like it
[13:58] Francesca Alva: do they have to be specific to NT, Gabi?
[13:58] Gabrielle Riel: That would be nice, but it's not a "requirement"
[13:58] Francesca Alva: I mean if you have a spce station say, could it go there?
[13:58] Chic Aeon: I have some jewelry I can add - vintage.
[13:58] Francesca Alva: oh that owuld be lovely
[13:59] Gabrielle Riel: Fabulous :-)
[13:59] Chic Aeon: :D
[13:59] Eilidh McCullough: Sounds nice
[13:59] Chic Aeon accepted your inventory offer.
[13:59] Abigail Raymaker: Excellent :)
[13:59] Francesca Alva: this is the URL for Abi's blog about RFL and competition
[13:59] Francesca Alva: tp://
[13:59] Chic Aeon: I have visited previously and picked up the sculpties. Very nice.
[14:00] Francesca Alva: sorry -
[14:00] Gabrielle Riel: That whole section, with the pier and market is new, and I really want to make it shine
[14:01] Francesca Alva: oh yes - I have my stuff but haven't found Eclectric yet to place it
[14:01] Amber Palowakski: I have a number of stuffs I can put there
[14:01] Gabrielle Riel: Now that Marie's place is down, he can advise you on placement Frannie
[14:02] Francesca Alva: yes - I dont seem to be on at the same time -perhaps I should IM him
[14:02] Gabrielle Riel: Please do - he's been RL busy during the days and pops in during North American evening, which is bad for you
[14:03] Francesca Alva: OK
[14:03] Gabrielle Riel: Ok - next topic - and it's quick and easy
[14:04] Gabrielle Riel: In the last week, it appears that notecards and IMs that people try to send me, or those that I try to send, are failing 90% of the time
[14:04] Abigail Raymaker: Oh dear!
[14:04] Gabrielle Riel: They've always been spotty, but this last week has been horrible
[14:04] Amber Palowakski: That's not good
[14:04] Gabrielle Riel: So if you REALLY want to get ahold of me, please email me
[14:04] Gabrielle Riel: Or ping me when I am online
[14:05] Francesca Alva: Gabi, have you thought about one of those mailboxes where people can leave a notecard?
[14:05] Gabrielle Riel: I had several new residents who thought I was ignoring them
[14:05] Chic Aeon: Would a mailbox be any help for those that don't use email?
[14:05] Gabrielle Riel: I can do that
[14:05] Francesca Alva: no - you just drop a notecard in
[14:05] Gabrielle Riel: I have a few in inventory
[14:05] Chic Aeon: I have one if you need one. Happy to give you a copy.
[14:05] Chic Aeon: OK. Good.
[14:06] Gabrielle Riel: So, I'll do what I can to try and circumvent the problems
[14:06] Chic Aeon: I am afraid I must leave. It was lovely meeting you all.
[14:06] Gabrielle Riel: Good to see you Miss Chich!
[14:06] Gabrielle Riel: *Chic
[14:06] Abigail Raymaker: Good day, Miss Chic
[14:06] Chic Aeon: Good day.
[14:06] Eilidh McCullough: Linden Lab need to spend some time geting the basics working better.
[14:06] Francesca Alva: it's nice meeting you too- I hope (know) you'll be happy here
[14:06] Abigail Raymaker: I agree!
[14:06] Eilidh McCullough: Bye, Miss Chic
[14:06] Lilith Ivory: bye Miss Chic
[14:07] Abigail Raymaker: Maybe in viewer 5.0 ;)
[14:07] Eilidh McCullough grins
[14:07] Francesca Alva: i remember a signature in the Forum: "If it aint broke, it aint LL owned".
[14:07] Gabrielle Riel: Oh dear
[14:07] Amber Palowakski: lol
[14:07] Lilith Ivory giggles
[14:07] Francesca Alva: hehe
[14:07] Gabrielle Riel: (one moment - RL phone)
[14:08] Francesca Alva: ok
[14:08] Gabrielle Riel: Back :-)
[14:08] Gabrielle Riel: Oops - did Abi crash?
[14:09] Amber Palowakski: welcome back!
[14:09] Amber Palowakski: ermmm...
[14:09] Lilith Ivory: wb :)
[14:09] Amber Palowakski: something odder...
[14:09] Amber Palowakski: The SL viewer booted her to do an update...
[14:09] Gabrielle Riel: Did she lose her internet connection?
[14:09] Amber Palowakski: even though she told the viewer not to do it now
[14:09] Gabrielle Riel: Ahhh
[14:09] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Abigail Raymaker (3m)
[14:10] Amber Palowakski: welcome back sweetie1
[14:10] Lilith Ivory: wb Abi
[14:10] Francesca Alva: the viwer does that now?
[14:10] Abigail Raymaker: Thank you
[14:10] Francesca Alva: welcome back, Abi
[14:10] Abigail Raymaker: yes it booted me for an update - I did say no to the update a while ago
[14:10] Abigail Raymaker: Thank you
[14:11] Pazzo Pestana: Well, RL calls ... have a good afternoon!
[14:11] Francesca Alva: wow!
[14:11] Eilidh McCullough: Goodbye, Mr Pazzo
[14:11] Gabrielle Riel: Have a good afternoon Pazzo!
[14:11] Francesca Alva: and you, Pazzo
[14:11] Abigail Raymaker: maybe it was just a normal crash, I don't know
[14:11] Pazzo Pestana: Bye, all!
[14:11] Abigail Raymaker: it was weird
[14:11] Lilith Ivory: bye Pazzo
[14:11] Abigail Raymaker: Good bye Pazzo
[14:11] Pazzo Pestana: Bye!
[14:11] Amber Palowakski: takec are Pazzo
[14:12] Gabrielle Riel: The last topic is about The Legend of Pierre O'Toole. I sent out a group notice about it, so hopefully you have seen that.
[14:12] Francesca Alva: soo - are you going to tell us the story now???
[14:12] Gabrielle Riel: (
[14:12] Gabrielle Riel: Yes :-)
[14:12] Francesca Alva: his ancestry sounds as mixed as mine
[14:12] Gabrielle Riel: You know Frannie, I thought about that as I was writing it
[14:13] Francesca Alva: hahaha
[14:13] Gabrielle Riel: Doc O created the name and character
[14:13] Gabrielle Riel: And initially wanted him to be Omar O'Toole - half Arab
[14:13] Gabrielle Riel: But I told him that NT was French ;-)
[14:13] Gabrielle Riel: So he became Pierre
[14:13] Francesca Alva: haha
[14:14] Amber Palowakski smiles
[14:14] Francesca Alva: I see Caledon gets good write up :p
[14:14] Gabrielle Riel: The story came out of an RFL Jail and Bail that I agreed to do for Breezy Carver in New Babbage
[14:14] Gabrielle Riel: I was evil to put that in there :-)
[14:14] Francesca Alva: snerk
[14:14] Gabrielle Riel: But I like taking pokes at their Caledonitis ;-)
[14:15] Amber Palowakski giggles
[14:15] Francesca Alva: no shit?
[14:15] Gabrielle Riel: They have this impression of Caledon that is so untrue.
[14:15] Gabrielle Riel: I wish it WERE true LOL 
[14:16] Francesca Alva: hehee
[14:16] Gabrielle Riel: But I *really* need to up my presence in NB. I've kind of let that slide.
[14:17] Gabrielle Riel: Anyway, Breezy wanted to do an RP for the event
[14:17] Gabrielle Riel: And I ended up doing wayyyy too much for it ;-)
[14:17] Gabrielle Riel: It was funny. At the end of the event she said: I owe you! And I said: Hell yes you do!
[14:18] Gabrielle Riel: But
[14:18] Gabrielle Riel: I put the effort into the "legend" for New Toulouse
[14:18] Abigail Raymaker smiles
[14:18] Gabrielle Riel: I figured I'd spin it for NT
[14:18] Francesca Alva: I love this line: "They partied like it was part because it was. "
[14:18] Gabrielle Riel grins
[14:18] Abigail Raymaker: Yes, I liked that too
[14:19] Eilidh McCullough: You write well, Miz Gabi
[14:19] Gabrielle Riel: Thank you. I think it's clear I enjoy it. I don't get to do it as much as I would like.
[14:19] Eilidh McCullough looks forward to your first novel.
[14:19] Gabrielle Riel grins - I have some ideas ;-)
[14:20] Francesca Alva quietly pours away her coffee and looks around for some Moon Juice
[14:21] Gabrielle Riel: But it was ok - and we raised $25,000 L to free me from the cage in about 30 min[14:21] Eilidh McCullough: I really dont know that community at all
[14:21] Abigail Raymaker: wow
[14:21] Francesca Alva: that's pretty good
[14:21] Abigail Raymaker: Me either actually
[14:21] Gabrielle Riel: And it was VERY nice of Breezy to offer to put down an AC RFL kiosk
[14:22] Gabrielle Riel: So that money went to AC RFL
[14:22] Francesca Alva: nor I, but I've wandered around there
[14:22] Abigail Raymaker: oh how nice
[14:22] Abigail Raymaker: I like the sims but it's too much role-play for me :)
[14:22] Amber Palowakski: I hhaven't been there myself but a child's handful of times
[14:22] Francesca Alva: agreed, Abi
[14:22] Gabrielle Riel: Yes. So I think the work I put into the legend was worth $100 USD for AC RFL.
[14:22] Francesca Alva: yay!
[14:22] Gabrielle Riel: Well, they are spotty with RP
[14:22] Eilidh McCullough: Are they the full-on steampunk people?
[14:22] Abigail Raymaker: definitely
[14:22] Amber Palowakski smiles
[14:23] Abigail Raymaker: yes, Eili :)
[14:23] Gabrielle Riel: Mostly Steampunk
[14:23] Gabrielle Riel: But
[14:23] Abigail Raymaker: What would the non-Steampunk part be?
[14:23] Eilidh McCullough: A visit has been on my to-do list fro three years
[14:23] Gabrielle Riel: Dickensian London
[14:23] Francesca Alva: i've never found a non steampunk bit
[14:23] Abigail Raymaker: Oh really?
[14:23] Abigail Raymaker: Interesting
[14:23] Francesca Alva: ib New Babbage?
[14:24] Gabrielle Riel: And then a "northern" flavor
[14:24] Abigail Raymaker: that's new to me (the Dickensian part)
[14:24] Gabrielle Riel: Kind of Hans Christian Andersen
[14:24] Francesca Alva: oh wow!
[14:24] Gabrielle Riel: They have a LOT of urchins
[14:24] Francesca Alva: I love The Tinder Box
[14:24] Gabrielle Riel: The look is pure Steampunk
[14:24] Francesca Alva: my fav story
[14:25] Eilidh McCullough: Some os their urchins fenced with us at Winterfell
[14:25] Gabrielle Riel: But the community flavor is dark and gritty
[14:25] Amber Palowakski: Yes, sweetie, the Dickenson theme has been a part of NB as long as I have known...
[14:25] Abigail Raymaker: I have taken a liking to Steampunk - I first heard about the term when I discoverd Caledon ;)
[14:25] Francesca Alva: I prefer the Big Easy
[14:25] Gabrielle Riel: They complain about shiny Brass Steampunk
[14:26] Abigail Raymaker: hah!
[14:26] Gabrielle Riel: BUT - they looove RR Steampunk :-)
[14:26] Eilidh McCullough: ;)
[14:26] Abigail Raymaker: Who doesn't? ;)
[14:26] Francesca Alva: hehe
[14:26] Gabrielle Riel grins
[14:26] Abigail Raymaker: it's my fav RR stream
[14:26] Francesca Alva: RR - the Rolls Royce of Radio Stations
[14:26] Amber Palowakski: But you only recently learned there was a Steampunk Goth as well, my love
[14:26] Amber Palowakski smiles
[14:26] Gabrielle Riel: So Saturday night was a "success"
[14:27] Francesca Alva: is there a Gothic Steampunk though?
[14:27] Amber Palowakski: yes, there is a Gothic Steampunk, Frannie
[14:27] Amber Palowakski: ㋡
[14:27] Gabrielle Riel: Yes - there is a lot of crossover there
[14:27] Francesca Alva: hehe
[14:27] Francesca Alva: is it the same as Steampunk Goth?
[14:27] Amber Palowakski giggles
[14:27] Amber Palowakski: yes
[14:27] Francesca Alva: ok ㋡
[14:27] Eilidh McCullough: Shouldn't that be Steamgoth, without the "punk" ?
[14:28] Francesca Alva: ㋡
[14:28] Gabrielle Riel: You ask the eternal question Miss Eili ;-)
[14:28] Francesca Alva: That's funny!
[14:28] Lilith Ivory giggles
[14:28] Abigail Raymaker giggles
[14:28] Gabrielle Riel: But....
[14:28] Gabrielle Riel: I created this legend for NT
[14:28] Gabrielle Riel: And you will be seeing some of the products of it :-)
[14:29] Francesca Alva: we need a mythology
[14:29] Amber Palowakski: add a some of the BDSM culture to it, and you get Steamy Goth
[14:29] Francesca Alva: LOL
[14:29] Eilidh McCullough bursts out laughing
[14:29] Abigail Raymaker: LOL
[14:29] Gabrielle Riel: And I also encourage you to work off the legend, in whatever way you would like
[14:29] Gabrielle Riel: If you like to write, write more. Add to it.
[14:29] Francesca Alva: i'm gonna find that stash if I die in the attempt
[14:29] Amber Palowakski wonders how she can work her bartender Lafitte into the story...
[14:30] Gabrielle Riel: If you are a content things for it
[14:30] Abigail Raymaker giggles
[14:30] Francesca Alva: ㋡
[14:30] Gabrielle Riel smiles at Frannie
[14:30] Gabrielle Riel: And their *is* a stash
[14:30] Gabrielle Riel: *there
[14:30] Francesca Alva: oooh!
[14:30] Gabrielle Riel grins
[14:30] Eilidh McCullough: Hic
[14:30] Gabrielle Riel: be continued...!