Tea in New Toulouse Transcripts - June 9 1pm

[13:02]  Gabrielle Riel: Welcome everyone, to Tea!
[13:02]  Amberlyssa Marie Bauerhoff: Hello Gabi, Miss Eili, Miss Loken, Miss Tinker, Mr. Mathurin, Mr. Orinoco, Miss NanaShea
[13:02]  NanaShea Inglewood: Hello Miss Amber
[13:02]  Loken Jewell: Nice to see you again Miss Amber
[13:02]  Gabrielle Riel: It's great to have all of you here this afternoon.
[13:02]  Mathurin: greetings and saluatations
[13:03]  Orinoco Beresford: I missed the last one, been pretty busy rl with holiday and a death in the family... :-( but back to normal now
[13:03]  Abigail Raymaker: I'm so sorry for you loss, Orinoco
[13:03]  Tinker Drew: Oh so sorry to hear that Orin :(
[13:03]  Orinoco Beresford: that's ok :-), thank you
[13:03]  Mathurin: my condolences orin
[13:03]  Gabrielle Riel: I am going to go ahead and begin.
[13:04]  Gabrielle Riel: And I am sorry to hear that Mr. B. :-(
[13:04]  Eilidh McCullough: Sorry to hear that
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[13:04]  Orinoco Beresford: :-)
[13:04]  Adele Kling: Hello everyone.
[13:04]  Mathurin: *is it possible for everyone to rebake* ya'll gray
[13:05]  Abigail Raymaker: Hello Adele
[13:05]  NanaShea Inglewood: Hello Miss Kling
[13:05]  Loken Jewell: Hello Miss Kling
[13:05]  Eilidh McCullough: It wouldn't help in my case
[13:05]  Gabrielle Riel: Things here in NT have been going very well. Tenancy is good, although it would be wonderful to fill a few more parcels. :-)
[13:06]  Gabrielle Riel: I do want to quickly review two items in the Covenant. These are just good things for you to know.
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[13:06]  Abigail Raymaker: Hello Frannie!
[13:06]  NanaShea Inglewood: Hello Miss Alva
[13:06]  Francesca Alva: Hello - sorry I'm late
[13:06]  Amberlyssa Marie Bauerhoff: oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that Mr. Orinoco
[13:06]  Eilidh McCullough: Hello Miss Frannie
[13:06]  Adele Kling: Hello Miss Francesca
[13:07]  Tinker Drew: Hello Frannie
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[13:07]  Francesca Alva: ㋡
[13:07]  Gabrielle Riel: We have a lot of new folks, and so we always need to educate our new residents.
[13:07]  Orinoco Beresford waves to Fran
[13:07]  Francesca Alva waves back
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[13:07]  Amberlyssa Marie Bauerhoff: Hello Frannie, hello Miss Adele
[13:07]  Francesca Alva: waiting for everything to rez
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[13:07]  Loken Jewell: grins Hello Frannie
[13:07]  Gabrielle Riel: One of the reasons people love New Toulouse is because of how lovely it is here
[13:07]  Gabrielle Riel: And how true to New Orleans it is
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[13:08]  Gabrielle Riel: I am very strict on theme, but it's not to just be a bitch :-)
[13:08]  Adele Kling: Hello Sein!
[13:08]  Abigail Raymaker: You have to be or else we would fall appart pretty quickly
[13:09]  Tinker Drew: Hi Sein!
[13:09]  Sein Loire: Hi Adele!
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[13:09]  Sein Loire: And all.
[13:09]  Abigail Raymaker: Hello Mr Loire
[13:09]  NanaShea Inglewood: Hello M. Loire
[13:09]  Mathurin: back >crashe
[13:10]  Gabrielle Riel sets out another chair
[13:10]  Mathurin: sein yuo like to sit here
[13:10]  Francesca Alva: oh is that for me Miz Gabi?
[13:10]  Sein Loire: Thank you Mathurin, I don't mind standing.
[13:10]  Gabrielle Riel: We have a chair and stool open
[13:11]  Mathurin: anytime :) let me know if you care to :)
[13:11]  Gabrielle Riel: Here is a summary of my philosophy on theme in NT:
[13:12]  Gabrielle Riel: From the outside (meaning building exteriors) NT needs to look REAL.
[13:13]  Gabrielle Riel: It needs to look exactly like a real plcae
[13:13]  Gabrielle Riel: *place
[13:13]  Gabrielle Riel: Now on the insides of homes, you can go crazy
[13:13]  Gabrielle Riel: Build a space station in there, I have no problem with it
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[13:14]  Abigail Raymaker: Hello Mr B!
[13:14]  Gabrielle Riel: Just as long as it is not seen from the outside :-)
[13:14]  Francesca Alva: Hello Mr Eclectric ㋡
[13:14]  Loken Jewell: Greetings Mr B
[13:14]  Eclectric Breitman: Hello everyone!
[13:14]  Tinker Drew: Hello Mr Breitman!
[13:14]  NanaShea Inglewood: Hello Mr Breitman
[13:14]  Orinoco Beresford smiles and nods to Mr. Breitman
[13:14]  Gabrielle Riel: Yes, we have a lot of supernatural things in NT, but I do not want them obvious
[13:15]  Gabrielle Riel: We do have zombie hunts, and those are not "real", but for fun
[13:15]  Eilidh McCullough: Hello Mr B
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[13:15]  Francesca Alva: they're not real?
[13:15]  Amberlyssa Marie Bauerhoff: Hello Mr. Eclectric!
[13:15]  Francesca Alva: wow
[13:15]  Francesca Alva: I am so relieved
[13:15]  Orinoco Beresford chuckles
[13:15]  Gabrielle Riel: So sorry to burst your bubble Frannie
[13:15]  Abigail Raymaker: I was just thinking the same thing, Frannie
[13:15]  Tinker Drew smiles
[13:15]  Francesca Alva: no - it has set my mind at rest
[13:15]  Eilidh McCullough is not convinced, having shot many.
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[13:15]  Loken Jewell: snickers
[13:15]  Francesca Alva: it was the one drawback to living here
[13:16]  Gabrielle Riel: Our sims are individually focused in theme as well
[13:17]  Gabrielle Riel: A Bayou shack is NOT going to be ok here in Bourbon :-)
[13:17]  Gabrielle Riel: Here are the sim theme summaries exactly as the Covenant lists them:
[13:18]  Gabrielle Riel: For NT Proper: Our first sim is based on the New Orleans French Quarter at the turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries. You must use builds that meet that standard. There should be as little "green space" as possible on your parcel, either place a large enough build to cover it, build a wall around the parcel perimeter, or pave the buffers between your build and the streets. New Toulouse has "Shotgun Row" that runs along the East side of the sim. If you live on Shotgun Row, you MUST use a Shotgun House and no other style of build.
[13:18]  Gabrielle Riel: For Algiers: Our second sim is more rural. Shabby chic homes are ok, as well as Gothic or Victorian architecture. However, Miz Gabi must review your build if it is either Victorian or Gothic.
[13:19]  Gabrielle Riel: And I should probably be more clear here in that I mean Gothic Victorian
[13:19]  Gabrielle Riel: Not Goth Club ;-)
[13:19]  Abigail Raymaker: good point
[13:19]  Abigail Raymaker: :)
[13:19]  Eilidh McCullough: lol, quite a difference
[13:19]  Amberlyssa Marie Bauerhoff smiles
[13:19]  Eclectric Breitman: Well, there goes THAT idea
[13:19]  Tinker Drew: uh oh, I put a tree behind our place on Shotgun Row.
[13:19]  Amberlyssa Marie Bauerhoff: lol
[13:20]  Gabrielle Riel: That is ok Tinker
[13:20]  Mathurin: yes, what about that new space behind shotgun row
[13:20]  Abigail Raymaker: There is a hidden Goth club in Algiers now ;)
[13:20]  Eclectric Breitman: I like that tree
[13:20]  Tinker Drew breathes sigh of relief
[13:20]  Orinoco Beresford: it's quite fertile there now the soil has drained!
[13:20]  Mathurin: good :)
[13:20]  Gabrielle Riel: That border is meant to be "fields"
[13:20]  Francesca Alva: hehe
[13:20]  Mathurin: good to know, tu ms gabbi
[13:20]  Gabrielle Riel: Just look at how Mr. Bretiman has landscaped it, and you are fine.
[13:21]  Gabrielle Riel: Bayou: Our third sim is a swamp. It requires ramshackle houses, with the exception of those along the East border of the sim that connects to New Toulouse Algiers. That is a transition zone. Shacks on stilts are ideal.
[13:21]  Now playing: Cleobury, Stephen - !Delius, Elgar & Holst - Partsongs (2005) - Holst Gustav -- Terly Terlow
[13:21]  Gabrielle Riel: I have to say that the residents in Bayou have been amazing
[13:22]  Now playing: %Sir William Walton LPO Bryden Thomson - Orchestra Works (1991) - Prelude for Orchestra 'Granada'
[13:22]  Gabrielle Riel: You all have an excellent grasp on theme - I rarely have to talk to anyone there
[13:23]  Gabrielle Riel: Bourbon: Our fourth sim has the same rules as our first. You must use builds that look like they would have existed in the French Quarter at the turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries. There should be as little "green space" as possible on your parcel, either place a large enough build to cover it, build a wall around the parcel perimeter, or pave the buffers between your build and the streets.
[13:23]  Francesca Alva: I have to relog - brb
[13:23]  Gabrielle Riel: More on Bourbon:New Toulouse Bourbon has 2 static builds, which means that residents can NOT change the build on the parcel. These are the large builds on the North and South sides of Duchess Square. Residents in those buildings can not change nor modify the buildings, which also have specific zoning rules that apply only to them. The ground floors of these buildings are for Commercial use only, however residents are free to use the floors above the ground floor for residences. Gabrielle Riel provides residents in these buildings with "prim farms" to make up for the prims that the static builds use on their parcels. A prim farm is a small parcel elsewhere in the sim, usually under water, that I will deed to you so you can use the extra prims on your parcel.
[13:24]  Gabrielle Riel: I can not tell you how many times I have been asked by someone if they can change the Duchess Sq. builds :-)
[13:24]  Abigail Raymaker smiles
[13:25]  Eclectric Breitman: People like that will be beaten soundly
[13:25]  Loken Jewell: lol
[13:25]  Orinoco Beresford: with a zombie!
[13:25]  Tinker Drew: well I should hope so!
[13:25]  Eclectric Breitman: with a zombie!
[13:26]  Gabrielle Riel: Another common challenge is when people want to put down a big flowery garden in the middle of Bourbon or NT Proper
[13:26]  Gabrielle Riel: Gardens in those sims are fine....as long as they are walled.
[13:26]  Gabrielle Riel: The city sims need to have the "dense" feeling that NOLA has
[13:27]  Gabrielle Riel: Thus the requirement to place a build on the entire parcel, or to wall it, or pave green space
[13:27]  Eclectric Breitman: In New Orleans, such gardens exist within the French Quarter, but they are hidden and stumbled upon--which I think is more exciting
[13:27]  Eilidh McCullough: :)
[13:27]  Abigail Raymaker: Oh yes, that's very exciting
[13:27]  Orinoco Beresford: it all makes perfect sense
[13:27]  Gabrielle Riel: Mr. Breitman actually created several builds with that in mind.
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[13:28]  Orinoco Beresford: wb
[13:28]  Abigail Raymaker: WB, Frannie
[13:28]  Francesca Alva: thank you
[13:28]  Amberlyssa Marie Bauerhoff: welcome back, Frannie!
[13:28]  Francesca Alva: ty
[13:28]  NanaShea Inglewood: storm brewing...hope I can stay in here
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[13:28]  Francesca Alva: sorry - I thought I was going to crash
[13:28]  Abigail Raymaker: Oh dear, be safe!
[13:29]  Gabrielle Riel: Probably our most eclectic and flexible sim is Algiers
[13:29]  Orinoco Beresford nods hoping nana will be safe too
[13:29]  Abigail Raymaker: Algiers has actually changed somewhat...
[13:29]  Francesca Alva: yes - don't risk it, nana
[13:29]  Francesca Alva: it even has a Gooth Club
[13:29]  Francesca Alva: Goth Club
[13:29]  NanaShea Inglewood: just in case......if I may Mis Gabi
[13:29]  Gabrielle Riel: But even it has clear boundaries, much more than other Steamlands communities
[13:29]  Francesca Alva: oops
[13:29]  Abigail Raymaker: it wasn't always Gothy
[13:29]  Gabrielle Riel: Be safe1
[13:30]  Francesca Alva: hehe
[13:30]  Gabrielle Riel: No it was not.
[13:30]  Francesca Alva: take care, Nana
[13:30]  Eilidh McCullough: Bye Nana
[13:30]  Gabrielle Riel: But I like how it has developed.
[13:30]  MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Adele Kling (5m)
[13:30]  NanaShea Inglewood: is my build in Algiers ok? I copied it from a history book on the area
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[13:30]  Gabrielle Riel: Your build is fine :-)
[13:30]  NanaShea Inglewood: ok
[13:30]  Abigail Raymaker: (which is also the reason why Amber's and my manor is there - even though it kind of violates the sim's theme these days)
[13:30]  NanaShea Inglewood: Thank you .... gonna go
[13:30]  NanaShea Inglewood: really bad outside
[13:30]  NanaShea Inglewood: Hugs to all
[13:30]  Gabrielle Riel: Go!
[13:30]  Francesca Alva: hugs
[13:31]  Eclectric Breitman: Have a good day
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[13:31]  Tinker Drew: take care Nana!
[13:31]  Orinoco Beresford: hope you can stay safe
[13:31]  Amberlyssa Marie Bauerhoff: Algiers is probably the leas like the rl corresping location
[13:31]  Loken Jewell: TC Miss Inglewood
[13:31]  Abigail Raymaker: be careful
[13:31]  Orinoco Beresford waves
[13:31]  Amberlyssa Marie Bauerhoff: Thake cafre, Miss Nana
[13:31]  Gabrielle Riel: Yes, that is correct Amber. It's the most "fictional".
[13:31]  Gabrielle Riel: Which enables a little more leeway.
[13:31]  Abigail Raymaker: But I hope no one takes offence about our manor :)
[13:32]  Gabrielle Riel: But what I call leeway, other people call iron fisted :-)
[13:32]  Amberlyssa Marie Bauerhoff: the rl Algiers was a naval yard, railway base, and the houses almost all "gingerbread"
[13:32]  Gabrielle Riel: One more Covenant related issue
[13:32]  Gabrielle Riel: Temp rezzers
[13:32]  Gabrielle Riel: Now, I know that many people likely do not know what they are
[13:33]  Tinker Drew: I'm not sure that I know what that is.
[13:33]  Gabrielle Riel: Is there anyone here who....ok that was my question :-)
[13:33]  Now playing: Gabrielle Riel - ID/PSA (2010) - Off the Beaten Path Sponsor Message 01
[13:33]  Tinker Drew smiles
[13:33]  Orinoco Beresford: they don't save you prims on estate land anyway. They use your prim allowance.
[13:33]  Now playing: London Philharmonic - Vaughan Williams & Delius - Serenade to Music
[13:33]  Francesca Alva: they allow you to break through the prim limit on your parcel
[13:34]  Francesca Alva: but they strain region resources
[13:34]  Tinker Drew: oh. then I'm sure I don't have one.
[13:34]  Francesca Alva: is that right, Orinoco?
[13:34]  Orinoco Beresford: yes, they are very cript heavy and resource hogging
[13:34]  Francesca Alva: they don't work on Estates?
[13:34]  Gabrielle Riel: Once upon a time in SL, people wanted to get around their prim allowances
[13:34]  Mathurin: like a temp boat or bike?
[13:34]  Orinoco Beresford: i had a temp rezz vendor once, and i needed to keep the max number of prims free for it on an estate i rented my stores on
[13:35]  Eilidh McCullough: My understanding is the same as Frannie's
[13:35]  Orinoco Beresford: no idea if things are different now
[13:35]  Francesca Alva: I knew someone on the Mainland whohad over 300 prims on a 512 - all temp on rez
[13:35]  Gabrielle Riel: They are the same
[13:35]  Gabrielle Riel: Temp rezzers are just as evil now as they used to be
[13:35]  Gabrielle Riel: Boat and bike rezzers are different
[13:36]  Tinker Drew: Ahh, okay.
[13:36]  Orinoco Beresford: i only used one for a week on my store... was a pain in the ass and so very heavy on ressources.
[13:36]  Gabrielle Riel: Those are meant to rez an item for use, and then it derezzes after use
[13:36]  Gabrielle Riel: I am also ok with placemats that rez food
[13:36]  Francesca Alva: alot of people use them for plants and trees
[13:36]  Gabrielle Riel: You rez the items, then derez when done
[13:37]  Gabrielle Riel: THOSE are evil
[13:37]  Gabrielle Riel: To explain:
[13:37]  Orinoco Beresford: temp rezzers exploit the fact everyone can rezz temp items in addition to their prim limits. It's suppossed
[13:37]  Orinoco Beresford: oops
[13:37]  Orinoco Beresford: meant to delete that
[13:37]  Orinoco Beresford: carry on gabi
[13:38]  Gabrielle Riel: To get around prim allowances, creators made things like plants with a bazillion prims, but scripted them to rez for about 55 seconds...
[13:38]  Gabrielle Riel: Then to derez for at least 1 second
[13:38]  Gabrielle Riel: Then rerez the item
[13:38]  Gabrielle Riel: This means this thing is CONSTANTLY rezzing and derezzing
[13:39]  Gabrielle Riel: What it does it to "trick" the parcel into thinking it's only one or two prims
[13:39]  Gabrielle Riel: But that is the PARCEL
[13:39]  Gabrielle Riel: In reality it's using prims from the Estate
[13:40]  Gabrielle Riel: So it would be like you putting something on your personal parcel that sucked prims off of Parish land
[13:40]  Gabrielle Riel: Unfair, obviously
[13:40]  Amberlyssa Marie Bauerhoff: right
[13:40]  Tinker Drew: I would like to ask a question about scripts.
[13:40]  Gabrielle Riel: But the constant on and off of rezzing just KILLS sim performance
[13:41]  Mathurin: prim vamps (nothingment toward vamps)
[13:41]  Francesca Alva: and if everyone did it ... oy!
[13:41]  Eclectric Breitman: People like that will be beaten soundly
[13:41]  Tinker Drew: I have no frame of reference so know what is considered heavy usage on our parcels.
[13:41]  Orinoco Beresford: with another zombie!
[13:41]  Loken Jewell: lol
[13:41]  Eclectric Breitman: Yes!
[13:41]  Francesca Alva: haha
[13:42]  Gabrielle Riel: Script lag is something that is a different situation
[13:42]  Gabrielle Riel: ALL sims have script lag - if you didn't it would mean you had no scripted items in your sim
[13:42]  Gabrielle Riel: Obviously, we need and use scripted items!
[13:43]  Gabrielle Riel: I (and the EMs) are able to look at scripts in the sim.
[13:43]  Gabrielle Riel: But I can tell you that ALL of the NT sims are excellent
[13:43]  Eilidh McCullough: oh, good
[13:43]  Abigail Raymaker: Is Bayou better now?
[13:43]  Gabrielle Riel: Our residents use "typical" scripted items
[13:43]  Abigail Raymaker: It was bad for a while
[13:43]  Gabrielle Riel: Bayou is in good shape
[13:44]  Tinker Drew: oh good to know. I sometimes wonder about that, I want to be mindful of it
[13:44]  Gabrielle Riel: If you are ever curious - go to one of our hubs
[13:44]  Now playing: The Essential Music of England - 1The Essential Music of England - Pastoral England - Delius: On hearing the first cuckoo in spring
[13:44]  Gabrielle Riel: I have performance monitors on the boards in each sim
[13:44]  Tinker Drew is always curious ;)
[13:45]  Gabrielle Riel: Over time, scripts do get less efficient
[13:45]  Gabrielle Riel: And this is why we reboot the sims
[13:45]  Gabrielle Riel: Because we also turn off and restart all of the scripts
[13:45]  Gabrielle Riel: It's a total reset on all scripted items
[13:46]  Gabrielle Riel: Which keeps them running efficiently
[13:46]  Gabrielle Riel: I actually get compliments from visitors on our sim performance
[13:46]  Orinoco Beresford: and clears the sim caches off all personal worn scripts too
[13:47]  Gabrielle Riel: But I am vigilant
[13:47]  Gabrielle Riel: And the EMs are too
[13:47]  Tinker Drew: oops.
[13:47]  Eilidh McCullough: Point of clarification - a sim retart preserves script state, unlike a manual reset on a script.
[13:47]  Abigail Raymaker: Sometimes a sim can get out of hand - Bayou had this issue for a while - so if you ever feel you are walking through molasses on particular sim, don't be afraid to call on an EM so we can check it out and - if necessary - restart the sim
[13:48]  Gabrielle Riel: I think one reason we have such excellent sim performance is that most of our residents are "oldbies" in SL
[13:48]  Francesca Alva: I always assumed it was because it's boggy there :p
[13:48]  Gabrielle Riel: Yes, ty Abi
[13:48]  Orinoco Beresford giggles
[13:48]  Gabrielle Riel: And we had a situation in NT proper as well
[13:48]  Gabrielle Riel: An invisible wall of lag
[13:48]  Gabrielle Riel: Due to temp rezzers
[13:48]  Tinker Drew: ahhh! Okay, I never knew why a sim was restarted. I just trusted that it was done for a good reason.
[13:49]  Francesca Alva: Isn't theresupposed to be some sort of Linden crackdown on scripts?
[13:49]  Francesca Alva: in the pipeline
[13:49]  Gabrielle Riel: Loken was there when I had Mr. Tenk bring over his temp rez counter ;-)
[13:49]  Loken Jewell: nods
[13:49]  Abigail Raymaker: No, Tinker, EMs just love to play around ;)
[13:49]  Tinker Drew: I knew it!
[13:49]  Orinoco Beresford: they keep threatening it... i think for personal worn scripts. And may be the idea is too limit script numbers per parcel like prims
[13:49]  Gabrielle Riel: And heard my "HOLY SHIT" reaction ;-)
[13:50]  Loken Jewell: lol
[13:50]  Loken Jewell: i believe the script crackdown is for homesteads although I am not completely informed
[13:50]  Now playing: The London Wind Orchestra - Wind Music of Holst and Vaughan Williams (1978) - Holst Hammersmith - Prelude and Scherzo Op 52
[13:50]  Francesca Alva: they opened the pandora's box of scripts
[13:51]  Gabrielle Riel: Orin has it
[13:51]  Gabrielle Riel: Threats but no concrete action yet
[13:51]  Loken Jewell: nods
[13:51]  Eilidh McCullough: I believe the code is largely in place
[13:51]  Abigail Raymaker: With regards to prim usage - something that tends to confuse newbies, while the number of prims you may you on a given plot size can vary, the total amount of prims a sim has - 15,000 - is always the same
[13:52]  Francesca Alva worries about her virtual dogs on the mainland
[13:52]  Gabrielle Riel: It is literally 15000 prims for 65536 sq. m.
[13:52]  Gabrielle Riel: So no matter HOW you divide it up, those are the base numbers for every sim
[13:53]  Gabrielle Riel: Whetgher you configure single prim or double prim - that's still you base
[13:53]  Abigail Raymaker: (there are even triple and quadruple prim configurations out there...)
[13:54]  Orinoco Beresford: eeek! talking of oldbies... i just checked, i missed my 4th rezz day!
[13:54]  Francesca Alva: awwwww
[13:54]  Mathurin: bonus factor X2 x# etc..
[13:54]  Gabrielle Riel: Bottom line - I do not allow temp rezzers that are meant to make high prim items into 1 prim by blinking on and off
[13:54]  Loken Jewell: Happy Belated
[13:54]  Abigail Raymaker: A happy belated rezz day!
[13:54]  Gabrielle Riel: (RL phone - one moment)
[13:54]  Mathurin: happy R day!!!
[13:54]  Orinoco Beresford wonders if a temp rezz beer would be suitable!
[13:54]  Francesca Alva: well you must start planning for next year's ㋡
[13:54]  Tinker Drew: Happy belated Rezday Orin!
[13:54]  Orinoco Beresford giggles
[13:54]  Orinoco Beresford: thanks all
[13:55]  Francesca Alva: yes - happy 4th rez day
[13:55]  Eilidh McCullough: Happy rezz day
[13:55]  Francesca Alva: I'm approaching my 5th! eek
[13:55]  Adele Kling: I'm a mere child : )
[13:55]  Adele Kling: Just two
[13:56]  Abigail Raymaker: Sweet two ;)
[13:56]  Francesca Alva: 5 years of timewasting and a lot of money gone up in smoke
[13:56]  Orinoco Beresford laughs: definatley that Fran
[13:56]  Francesca Alva: awww - I remember when I was 2
[13:56]  Francesca Alva: hehe - yup
[13:56]  Adele Kling: Lol, Miss Franesca
[13:56]  Abigail Raymaker: I don't want to know how much money I have invensted into SL economy ;)
[13:56]  Francesca Alva: I don't mind the time, but hwen I think of hwat I xcould have saved
[13:56]  Amberlyssa Marie Bauerhoff: happy rezz day, sir!
[13:56]  Francesca Alva: neither do I, Abi
[13:57]  Francesca Alva: want to know how much I've invested that is
[13:57]  Eilidh McCullough: Best not to add up
[13:57]  Orinoco Beresford: i used to equate it to beer and coffe money... it made more sense then as entrtainment
[13:57]  Francesca Alva: true, Eili
[13:57]  Amberlyssa Marie Bauerhoff: well, to me, it's time well-enjoyed
[13:57]  Francesca Alva: well yes
[13:57]  Abigail Raymaker: I guess I could have bought a cheap car with that money ;)
[13:58]  Adele Kling: I rather not think about it, and try to be more frugal
[13:58]  Francesca Alva: and this new club sounds like fun, Amber :p
[13:58]  Eilidh McCullough: I took same line as Orinoco
[13:58]  Amberlyssa Marie Bauerhoff: but then yiu would be pumping lots of money into the car
[13:58]  Mathurin: plug in- i like to invite ya'll to stop by and see this art gallery I opened near the algeirs visitor centere
[13:58]  Francesca Alva: most people put gas in theirs - they run better that way
[13:58]  Adele Kling smiles
[13:58]  Amberlyssa Marie Bauerhoff: it's a lovely gallery
[13:58]  Mathurin: aww thank you!
[13:58]  Francesca Alva: oh yes - love to
[13:58]  Orinoco Beresford: yes... it's on my list!
[13:58]  Francesca Alva: do you have a LM?
[13:58]  Orinoco Beresford: which i've neraly finished
[13:59]  Francesca Alva: yay!
[13:59]  Francesca Alva: BTW - talking of galleries - did anyone notice Saedonic's place is up for sale?
[13:59]  Francesca Alva: *Sardonic
[13:59]  Amberlyssa Marie Bauerhoff: I'll be back in about 10 minutes...need to take care of something in rl
[13:59]  Orinoco Beresford: yes
[13:59]  Francesca Alva: but all his stuff is still there
[13:59]  Orinoco Beresford: just now... i was checking up on it before the meeting
[13:59]  Francesca Alva: ok, Amber
[13:59]  Mathurin: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New%20Toulouse%20Algiers/46/58/25
[14:00]  Francesca Alva: ty
[14:00]  Orinoco Beresford: it's empty now
[14:00]  Mathurin: its called Station Master Art Gallery
[14:00]  Francesca Alva: ah
[14:00]  Gabrielle Riel: Back
[14:00]  Orinoco Beresford: wb :-)
[14:00]  Francesca Alva: wb, gabi
[14:00]  Gabrielle Riel: His place is empty
[14:00]  Abigail Raymaker: Welcome back
[14:00]  Gabrielle Riel: I returned the stuff
[14:00]  Francesca Alva: I enjoyed his novel
[14:00]  Gabrielle Riel: They let the meter expire and never contacted me
[14:00]  Francesca Alva: well then I'll remove my LM giver
[14:00]  Amberlyssa Marie Bauerhoff: welcome back, Gabi, abd going afk for 10 minutes myself
[14:00]  Abigail Raymaker: oh dear
[14:00]  Francesca Alva: how odd - I thought they were made for NT
[14:01]  Eilidh McCullough: WB Gabi
[14:02]  Gabrielle Riel: Ok!
[14:03]  Gabrielle Riel: That's it for Covenant stuff - any questions?
[14:03]  Adele Kling: Nope.
[14:03]  Orinoco Beresford loks around and shakes his head
[14:03]  Gabrielle Riel: Last but certainly not least
[14:04]  Gabrielle Riel: I keep hearing people talking about these supposed catacombs!
[14:04]  Gabrielle Riel: In NT Jardin
[14:04]  Francesca Alva: catacombs?
[14:04]  Adele Kling giggles
[14:04]  Eilidh McCullough: yes!
[14:04]  Abigail Raymaker: *supposed*? I was in there....
[14:04]  Loken Jewell: I have as well!
[14:04]  Orinoco Beresford: i haven't heard anything yet
[14:04]  Francesca Alva: oh is this Pierre O'Toole?
[14:04]  Tinker Drew: Where have I been?
[14:04]  Abigail Raymaker: ;)
[14:04]  Gabrielle Riel: So I suppose residents will have to explore
[14:04]  Adele Kling smiles
[14:04]  Francesca Alva: ooooh
[14:04]  Loken Jewell: Indeed
[14:05]  Adele Kling: Sounds like fun!
[14:05]  Tinker Drew: I feel so out of the loop.
[14:05]  Now playing: Radio Riel ~ Internet Public Radio ~ WaterMusic45 - ID/PSA (2010) - Programming information at http://radioriel.org
[14:05]  Gabrielle Riel: Well, we know that Pierre O'Toole hid his stash of Moon Juice *somewhere*...
[14:05]  Abigail Raymaker: But beware, there are many coffins down there...
[14:05]  Tinker Drew: Ahh I read the story!
[14:05]  Francesca Alva hopes there are no zombies
[14:05]  Eilidh McCullough has an advantage in such matters
[14:05]  Loken Jewell: yes that would be the one
[14:05]  Francesca Alva: hehe
[14:06]  Gabrielle Riel: Perhaps some intrepid explorers can find the stash!
[14:06]  Now playing: Elrik Merlin - ID/PSA (2010) - Designing Worlds ~ The live TV show on design for virtual worlds ~ Every Monday at 2pm PT
[14:06]  Adele Kling: hmmmmm
[14:06]  Francesca Alva: and drink it
[14:06]  Gabrielle Riel: But I don't know....I heard it was just a legend
[14:06]  Tinker Drew puts on hat of intrepidness
[14:06]  Orinoco Beresford knows what he'll be doing after the meeting!
[14:06]  Francesca Alva: haha
[14:06]  Now playing: Gabrielle Riel - ID/PSA (2010) - Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach Sponsor Message
[14:06]  Now playing: The Bournemouth Sinfonietta - English Music for Strings - Ireland / Concertino Pastorale: Threnody
[14:06]  Loken Jewell: hmmm I believe the pirates are taking notice
[14:07]  Gabrielle Riel: I have been hearing all sorts of NT pirate legends of late!
[14:07]  Loken Jewell: yes, perhaps their curosity will get the better of them
[14:07]  Francesca Alva: do any of them look like Johnny Depp?
[14:07]  Abigail Raymaker: LOL Frannie
[14:07]  Loken Jewell: hmmm , pleads the 5th
[14:07]  Tinker Drew laughs
[14:07]  Eclectric Breitman: *every single one*
[14:07]  Francesca Alva: hehe
[14:07]  Francesca Alva swoons
[14:08]  Gabrielle Riel: I have heard that NT once had a band of pirates
[14:08]  Loken Jewell: a 5th of rum!
[14:08]  Francesca Alva: we need that lake
[14:08]  Gabrielle Riel: But nothing I have read has even mentioned who they were or what they were called
[14:09]  Gabrielle Riel: Perhaps some research is in store along with the exploration
[14:09]  Gabrielle Riel: I am sure there are many stories and legends that we can uncover together
[14:09]  Loken Jewell: Indeed
[14:09]  Eilidh McCullough smiles
[14:09]  Gabrielle Riel: (ahem and CREATE together :-) )
[14:10]  Orinoco Beresford gave you NT GALLERIES NOTES - v6 - 9june2011.
[14:10]  Orinoco Beresford: hehe sounds like fun
[14:10]  Gabrielle Riel: But if this Moon Juice actually exists and someone were to find it
[14:11]  Francesca Alva: and drink it
[14:11]  Gabrielle Riel: Well, my guess is that it could be quite valuable
[14:11]  Loken Jewell: lol Frannie
[14:11]  Tinker Drew: oooh fun!
[14:11]  Orinoco Beresford: hehehe
[14:11]  Francesca Alva: yay
[14:11]  Loken Jewell: is intrigued
[14:11]  Gabrielle Riel: And that my dears, is all I have for our Tea!