Tea in New Toulouse Transcripts - June 9 7:30pm

[19:35]  Gabrielle Riel: I am going to go ahead and begin.
[19:35]  Gabrielle Riel: I am sure there will be stragglers, but they will just have to catch up
[19:35]  Loken Jewell: grins
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[19:36]  Rain: Hello Andrei
[19:36]  Gabrielle Riel: Things here in NT have been going very well. Tenancy is good, although it would be wonderful to fill a few more parcels. :-)
[19:37]  Gabrielle Riel: But we are in good shape overall! Which is a good thing at the beginning of summer.
[19:37]  Loken Jewell: good to hear that
[19:37]  Gabrielle Riel: I do want to quickly review two items in the Covenant. These are just good things for you to know.
[19:38]  Gabrielle Riel: We have a lot of new folks, and so I want to make sure they are up to speed.
[19:38]  MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Jessika Wolfhunter (19m)
[19:38]  Gabrielle Riel: Speaking of new residents, Miss Rain is one. :-)
[19:39]  Rain smiles and nods
[19:39]  Loken Jewell: welcome Miss rain
[19:39]  Jessika Wolfhunter: Sorry I'm late....good evening all
[19:39]  Gabrielle Riel: Good evening Miss Jessika :-)
[19:39]  Loken Jewell: Hello
[19:39]  Rain: Thank you Loken
[19:39]  Miss Rhea: Hello Miss Jessika
[19:39]  Gabrielle Riel: Miss Rain has a parcel in Bayou.
[19:39]  Loken Jewell: how nice
[19:39]  NanaShea Inglewood: Hello Miss Jessika
[19:40]  Gabrielle Riel: One of the reasons people love New Toulouse is because of how lovely it is here. And how true to New Orleans it is.
[19:40]  Miss Rhea: Yes!
[19:40]  Rain nods
[19:40]  NanaShea Inglewood: yes
[19:41]  Gabrielle Riel: I am very strict on theme, but it's not to just be a bitch :-)
[19:41]  Loken Jewell: grins
[19:41]  Jessika Wolfhunter: I love it
[19:41]  Gabrielle Riel smiles - and NT is meant for the people who love it for what it is
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[19:42]  Gabrielle Riel: We have a very specific focus and it's not for everyone. And that is ok!
[19:42]  Miss Rhea: Evening Herr Baron
[19:42]  Loken Jewell: Good Evening Herr Baron
[19:42]  Gabrielle Riel: Here is a summary of my philosophy on theme in NT:
[19:42]  NanaShea Inglewood: good evening Baron
[19:42]  Jessika Wolfhunter: Hello Baron
[19:43]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Guten Abend. Pardon my tardiness.
[19:43]  Gabrielle Riel: From the outside (meaning building exteriors) NT needs to look REAL.
[19:43]  Gabrielle Riel: It needs to look exactly like a real place.
[19:44]  Gabrielle Riel: Now on the insides of homes, you can go crazy. Build a space station in there, I have no problem with it. Just as long as it is not seen from the outside. :-)
[19:44]  MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Nazaire Dragonash (9m)
[19:45]  Gabrielle Riel: Yes, we have a lot of supernatural things in NT, but I do not want them obvious. We do have zombie hunts, and those are not "real", but for fun.
[19:46]  Gabrielle Riel: Our sims are individually focused in theme as well. A Bayou shack is NOT going to be ok here in Bourbon :-)
[19:46]  Gabrielle Riel: The Hotel here is an excellent example of "mundane on the outside, magic on the inside"
[19:47]  Naz: I got spanked for my porch *nods*
[19:47]  Rain chuckles
[19:47]  Gabrielle Riel: If you have not explored the Hotel yet, you *must*. It's an experience!
[19:47]  MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Gardenia Malheur (19m)
[19:47]  You decline Engineers Notes for 6/9 from A group member named Mosseveno Tenk.
[19:48]  Gabrielle Riel is very good at delivering spankings...and the recipients never seem to complain ;-)
[19:48]  Loken Jewell: Hello Miss malheur
[19:48]  Miranda: Good evening Gabrielle, good evening everybody :)
[19:48]  Gabrielle Riel: Good evening Miss Miranda!
[19:48]  Naz: I would have liked a flogger,...but no complaints here
[19:48]  Jessika Wolfhunter: good evening
[19:48]  Miss Rhea: Hello Miss Miranda
[19:48]  NanaShea Inglewood: Hello
[19:48]  Gabrielle Riel: Well I can arrange that for next time
[19:49]  Naz: YAY! I mean,....
[19:49]  Gabrielle Riel grins
[19:49]  Naz: oh the scandal
[19:49]  Gabrielle Riel: Scandal in New Toulouse!
[19:49]  Gabrielle Riel: Anyway... ;-)
[19:49]  Naz: *Writes that in his little black book*...Make her mad.....
[19:49]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Scandal in New Toulouse? Never.
[19:49]  Gabrielle Riel: Here are the sim theme summaries exactly as the Covenant lists them:
[19:50]  Gabrielle Riel: For NT Proper: Our first sim is based on the New Orleans French Quarter at the turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries. You must use builds that meet that standard. There should be as little "green space" as possible on your parcel, either place a large enough build to cover it, build a wall around the parcel perimeter, or pave the buffers between your build and the streets. New Toulouse has "Shotgun Row" that runs along the East side of the sim. If you live on Shotgun Row, you MUST use a Shotgun House and no other style of build.
[19:51]  Gabrielle Riel: One of the actual world traits of New Orleans is its "density"
[19:51]  You decline Coughton Court from A group member named Diamanda Gustafson.
[19:51]  Gabrielle Riel: We are trying to achieve that feeling in our city sims
[19:52]  Miranda: I will make the build on my parcel bigger then
[19:52]  Gabrielle Riel: Meaning NT Proper, Bourbon and Le Vieux Quartier of Jardin
[19:52]  You decline Coughton Court from A group member named Diamanda Gustafson.
[19:52]  Armand: There is a lot of green space in the quarter, but it's usually in a court yard or hanging from the galleries.
[19:53]  Miranda takes note dutifully :)
[19:53]  Gabrielle Riel: It's in a very specific context.
[19:53]  Gabrielle Riel: NOLA is in a subtropical climate, so plants etc flourish there
[19:54]  Gabrielle Riel: But as Armand said, you see them in these specific contexts
[19:54]  Miranda: I wish for everyone to feel at ease to come and sit in the surroundings of the house
[19:54]  Gabrielle Riel: I added the Jardin sim to provide parcels for people who wanted more space and gardens
[19:55]  Gabrielle Riel: And then the Garden side filled up! I was shocked! LOL
[19:55]  Gabrielle Riel: I converted Jardin I because at that time no one here wanted parcels like that.
[19:55]  NanaShea Inglewood: ~hint~ I love gardening
[19:55]  Miranda: I will made the adjustements to stay in line with the covenant
[19:55]  Miranda: :)
[19:56]  Gabrielle Riel: For Algiers: Our second sim is more rural. Shabby chic homes are ok, as well as Gothic or Victorian architecture. However, Miz Gabi must review your build if it is either Victorian or Gothic. - And I should be clear and state that I mean "Gothic Victorian".
[19:56]  Gabrielle Riel: Not Goth Club ;-)
[19:56]  Rain nods
[19:56]  Gabrielle Riel: (and don't get me wrong - I loooove me a good Goth Club!!!)
[19:57]  Miranda: lol
[19:57]  Gabrielle Riel: Just not in sims based on NOLA 1890 - 1920 :-)
[19:58]  Gabrielle Riel: Algiers is probably the most "flexible" of our sims, within our context.
[19:58]  Gabrielle Riel: Of course my version of flexible in NT is probably regarded by some as "iron fist".
[19:58]  Gabrielle Riel: But that's ok
[19:58]  Miranda: all I see is a velvet glove :)
[19:58]  Gabrielle Riel: Better for spanking ;-)
[19:59]  Rain laughs
[19:59]  Miss Rhea: Of course, you're a Riel!
[19:59]  Gabrielle Riel grins
[19:59]  Miranda: lol
[19:59]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach snorts
[19:59]  Gabrielle Riel: Bayou: Our third sim is a swamp. It requires ramshackle houses, with the exception of those along the East border of the sim that connects to New Toulouse Algiers. That is a transition zone. Shacks on stilts are ideal.
[20:00]  Gabrielle Riel: I have to say that the residents in Bayou have been amazing. They have an excellent grasp on theme - I rarely have to talk to anyone there.
[20:00]  Gabrielle Riel: At least not in recent meory
[20:00]  MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Carter Denja (18m)
[20:00]  Gabrielle Riel: *memory
[20:00]  Gabrielle Riel smiles - hey Carter
[20:00]  Loken Jewell: Hello Carter
[20:01]  Miranda: Hello Carter :)
[20:01]  Carter: hello! I was working and nearly forgot about the Tea, have I missed all the good stuff?
[20:01]  Miss Rhea: Hi Carter
[20:01]  Jessika Wolfhunter: Hello Carter
[20:01]  Armand: You missed the flogger and the velvet glove spanking
[20:01]  Carter: *smile* hello everyone
[20:01]  Rain: lol
[20:01]  NanaShea Inglewood: Good even ing Carter
[20:01]  Naz: purz quietly
[20:01]  Carter: ah, well, just as well, I'm not into that sort of thing *grin*
[20:02]  Now playing: Radio Riel ~ Real Radio/Your Reality! - Radio Riel Mouret Brass ident30 [eP]
[20:03]  Gabrielle Riel needs to pause for approx 2 min to handle a Radio Riel technical issue
[20:05]  Now playing: Georg Ratzinger - Audite nova Der Bawr von Eselsskirchen
[20:06]  Gabrielle Riel is going to need to kill someone tomorrow
[20:06]  Gabrielle Riel: Not nearly as fun as spanking
[20:06]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach raises an eyebrow
[20:07]  Rain is glad it isn't her
[20:07]  Naz: grinz to himself
[20:07]  Miranda: doenst last as long
[20:07]  NanaShea Inglewood: spiked glove
[20:07]  Gabrielle Riel: DJs are such god damned Prima Donnas
[20:07]  Gabrielle Riel: Anyway!
[20:07]  Rain: haha
[20:07]  Carter: *very innocent look*
[20:07]  Now playing: Georg Ratzinger - Audite nova Der Bawr von Eselsskirchen
[20:08]  Miranda: Did I miss the part about the Catacombs?
[20:08]  Armand: No
[20:08]  Gabrielle Riel: Bourbon: Our fourth sim has the same rules as our first. You must use builds that look like they would have existed in the French Quarter at the turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries. There should be as little "green space" as possible on your parcel, either place a large enough build to cover it, build a wall around the parcel perimeter, or pave the buffers between your build and the streets.
[20:09]  Gabrielle Riel: Any questions about theme?
[20:10]  NanaShea Inglewood: none
[20:10]  Rain: no, not I
[20:10]  Miranda: Nope, clear enough
[20:10]  Jessika Wolfhunter: no ma'am
[20:10]  Gabrielle Riel: One more Covenant related issue: Temp rezzers
[20:11]  Now playing: Radio Riel ~ Internet public radio for listeners with eclectic tastes - ID/PSA (2010) - Heritage 30a ~ Programming details at http://radioriel.org
[20:11]  Now playing: Esther Lamandier/Alfonso X (el Sabio) - Cantigas de Santa Maria for medieval ensemble: No 322, A Virgen, que de Deus Madre
[20:11]  Gabrielle Riel: Does everyone here *know* what a temp rezzer is?
[20:11]  Gabrielle Riel: Not everybody does, and it's ok :-)
[20:11]  Rain: yes'm
[20:11]  Miss Rhea: Yes
[20:11]  Now playing: Gabrielle Riel - ID/PSA (2009) - The Alexandrian Free Library Consortium
[20:11]  Now playing: Gabrielle Riel - ID/PSA (2010) - Seraph City Sponsor Message
[20:12]  Armand: It's when you ressurect temp hired people.
[20:12]  Gabrielle Riel: Evil evil evil
[20:12]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach snickers
[20:12]  NanaShea Inglewood: lol
[20:12]  Rain: haha
[20:13]  Gabrielle Riel: Well, this makes my life easier. You all know what they are. I don't allow them NT. End of story. ;-)
[20:13]  Gabrielle Riel: Well, I should clarify, I am ok with "rez on demand" items
[20:13]  Naz: *whew*
[20:14]  Gabrielle Riel: Like boats or bikes or placemats that rez meals
[20:14]  Gabrielle Riel: Because those are cases in which you rez an item, use it, and then it derezzes when you are done
[20:14]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I am not sure anyone in the Steamlands allows temp rezzers.
[20:15]  Gabrielle Riel: I am also ok with "rez on demand" vendors (as long as they are inside your shop)
[20:15]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Herr Clockwinder threatens destruction at the mere rumour of one.
[20:15]  Gabrielle Riel: Yeah...I am like Glinda compared to Tenk :-D
[20:15]  Armand: Because of stress this causes on the sim with scripts running?
[20:15]  Gabrielle Riel: Yes
[20:16]  Gabrielle Riel: Temp rezzers just beat the Hell out of sim performance
[20:16]  Naz: on SIM performance, may I have the floor just a moment?
[20:16]  Naz: without getting beat up, lol
[20:16]  Gabrielle Riel: That rez-stop rez-stop rez-stop just kills a sim
[20:16]  Naz: well maybe later
[20:17]  Gabrielle Riel: How about at wrap up? I am almost done with the topics.
[20:17]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach thinks this is the most violent Tea he has ever attended.
[20:17]  Naz: sure
[20:17]  Gabrielle Riel grins
[20:17]  Rain: LOL
[20:17]  Naz: I have that effect Baron
[20:18]  Gabrielle Riel: Any questions on temp rezzers?
[20:18]  Miranda shakes head: no Miss Gabi
[20:19]  Gabrielle Riel: Last but certainly not least - I keep hearing people talking about these supposed catacombs! In NT Jardin!
[20:19]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach raises an eyebrow
[20:19]  Miranda listens intently :)
[20:19]  Gabrielle Riel: So I suppose residents will have to explore...
[20:20]  Armand: Yes, let us dispell this rumor. Don't even try to go there. It is dangerous.
[20:20]  Rain nods "they are cool"
[20:20]  Miranda: especially in the middle of summer
[20:20]  NanaShea Inglewood: they exist?
[20:20]  Gabrielle Riel: Exist? Just a silly legend!
[20:20]  Miranda grins
[20:20]  Rain looks down quietly
[20:20]  Armand: Thank you, Gabi
[20:21]  NanaShea Inglewood: ah-hah
[20:21]  Gabrielle Riel: But you never know what you might find underneath Jardin....
[20:21]  Miranda: hmmm
[20:21]  Gabrielle Riel: Should you go looking!
[20:21]  Armand: Especially at night.
[20:21]  Miranda: Which of course we would NEVER do.
[20:22]  NanaShea Inglewood: ah-hah
[20:22]  Gabrielle Riel: Part of the Jail and Bail I did with Babbage a few weeks ago was the genesis of the "Pierre O'Toole legend"
[20:22]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach chuckles ironically
[20:22]  Loken Jewell: grins
[20:22]  Armand: Goodnight everyone! See you around!
[20:22]  Rain: good night Andrei
[20:22]  Miranda: Good night Armand :)
[20:22]  Miss Rhea: Night, Armand
[20:23]  Gabrielle Riel: If you did not read about the legend yet, you can do so here: http://gabrielleriel.blogspot.com/2011/05/stealth-flight.html
[20:23]  NanaShea Inglewood: night Armand
[20:23]  Gabrielle Riel: That Evil Obolensky got it in his head that I knew the secret location of this secret brew!
[20:24]  Gabrielle Riel: I gave up no information, even after he tossed me in that cage
[20:24]  Loken Jewell: chuckles
[20:24]  Gabrielle Riel: And luckily Herr Baron and several others rescued me!
[20:24]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach smiles
[20:25]  Gabrielle Riel: (spankings, floggings, cages - people who think the Steamlands are uptight are sooooo ignorant ;-) )
[20:25]  Miss Rhea: Because there was nothing to totell, right cousin?
[20:25]  Gabrielle Riel: Exactly! I know nothing of this "Moon Juice"!
[20:25]  Loken Jewell: sounds delicious
[20:26]  NanaShea Inglewood: uh-huh
[20:26]  Gabrielle Riel: It's just a legend, as far as I can tell
[20:26]  Miranda: like the Catacombs? :))
[20:26]  NanaShea Inglewood: I just love taking long walks
[20:27]  Gabrielle Riel: Catacombs? WHAT catacombs?
[20:27]  Miranda will look for Moon Juice
[20:27]  Loken Jewell: I think the Scroundel fleet will have to make that exploration in the near future
[20:27]  Miranda: lol
[20:27]  Gabrielle Riel: But if there were such catacombs
[20:27]  Miranda: IF
[20:27]  Miss Rhea: Yes indeed
[20:27]  Gabrielle Riel: Who knows what treasures one could find in them!
[20:27]  Miranda grins
[20:27]  Loken Jewell: mmmmm treasures
[20:28]  NanaShea Inglewood: don't want treasures
[20:28]  NanaShea Inglewood: want adventure
[20:28]  Gabrielle Riel grins
[20:28]  Miranda: "roll dem bones"
[20:28]  Gabrielle Riel: I have been hearing all sorts of NT pirate legends of late!
[20:28]  Loken Jewell: do tell
[20:28]  Gabrielle Riel: I have heard that NT once had a band of pirates.
[20:28]  NanaShea Inglewood: story time
[20:28]  Gabrielle Riel: But who they were remains a mystery. And what they did.
[20:29]  Loken Jewell: intriguing
[20:29]  Gabrielle Riel: Perhaps some research is in store along with the exploration. I am sure there are many stories and legends that we can uncover together.
[20:29]  Gabrielle Riel: (ahem and CREATE together :-) )
[20:29]  Loken Jewell: Indeed
[20:29]  Jessika Wolfhunter: incredible
[20:29]  MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Cobweb Felwitch (18m)
[20:30]  Naz: Tips his hat to Rain*
[20:30]  Miranda: could the evil Edward Teach have ventured up to NT?
[20:30]  Rain smiles
[20:30]  Gabrielle Riel: And that is everything I have to cover. Questions? And we need a moment for Naz's tips.
[20:30]  Rain: Naz departed
[20:31]  Gabrielle Riel laughs
[20:31]  Gabrielle Riel: OK
[20:31]  MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Mari Moonbeam (19m)
[20:31]  Gabrielle Riel: And look at the clock
[20:31]  Gabrielle Riel: I finally got a Tea in on time!