Hurricane Bernadette Part 1

And lo! on the wing of the heavy gales,
Through the boundless arch of heaven he sails;
Silent and slow, and terribly strong,
The mighty shadow is borne along,
Like the dark eternity to come;
While the world below, dismayed and dumb,
Through the calm of the thick hot atmosphere
Looks up at its gloomy folds with fear.

They darken fast; and the golden blaze
Of the sun is quenched in the lurid haze,
And he sends through the shade a funeral ray--
A glare that is neither night nor day,
A beam that touches, with hues of death,
The clouds above and the earth beneath.
To its covert glides the silent bird,
While the hurricane's distant voice is heard,
Uplifted among the mountains round,
And the forests hear and answer the sound.

~ William Cullen Bryant, The Hurricane

Just as Captain Alecto said, the storm crept in to New Toulouse this morning.

It continued to intensify throughout the day. I walked the Estate and welcomed the New Babbage Marines, and their assistance, to New Toulouse.

Bernadette on Friday 01

The New Babbage Marines arrive!

Bernadette on Friday 02

Lieutenant Beckett and I survey the water levels from the top of the bridge

Bernadette on Friday 03

Lieutenant Beckett rescues Amber from a floating log

Bernadette on Friday 04

Amber, Lieutenant Beckett, me and Nana in Mer form

Bernadette on Friday 05

Flooding at Marie's

This is where we are as of today. The Captain tells me that it will hit full force tomorrow. I hope we are prepared for what is to come...