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Radio Riel Receives Favorite Second Life Radio Station Nomination

Radio Riel is nominated in the Favorite SL Radio Station category for the 2011 Avi Choice Awards

Radio Riel (, an Internet radio station founded and based in the virtual world of Second Life, has received a nomination in the “Favorite SL Radio Station” category for the 2011 Avi Choice Awards, the annual awards that recognize talent in Second Life and that are determined by the votes of SL residents. Voting is active now at and ends on December 5th at 12pm SLT. All awards will be presented at the Avi Choice Awards show on December 10.

Radio Riel was founded in Second Life on June 1, 2007 in the Independent State of Caledon with the goal of providing a “soundtrack” of Classical and English Folk music to the Neo-Victorian and Steampunk communities. The station has since grown to six separate audio streams, each with its own style and genre of music. Its listeners are residents of Second Life and a continuously …

All of This

It's a time of change. After 5 years, I can see the end of the tunnel. I'm not quite there yet, but I will be soon. That means that this part of my life, as it was, is coming to a close.

You won't see me online as much. I am not going to leave. Radio Riel remains. New Toulouse remains. And I continue to lead them. That won't change unless I experience an unexpected RL trauma or emergency. But it's not going to be like it has been for these last five years. I have been at SL's beck and call, and that must end.

It has been a difficult time of transition. There are people who have not been able to accept the fact that things are different now. These things *have* to be different now. I can not "belong" to all of you the way that I have for the last 5 years. My path diverges from some of you now, and I wish you all much happiness.

To those of you that have stuck by me, whether we know each other well or not, I love you all. That will never change. All of…