The Nightingale - Grand Opening

I cordially invite you to
the Grand Opening of
The Nightingale Speakeasy and Cabaret
on Saturday, February 4, 1912
from 7:00pm - 9:00pm
in New Toulouse Jardin

Attire: Formal 1920s or earlier
Music: Early Jazz, Ragtime on

Koinup: Your <a href="">Virtual Life</a>

I have been in Second Life for almost six years, and during that time I have never had the desire to open a "club". It's one of those things that everybody says that they want to do, and many folks do end up doing. I always had a ballroom and I never felt the need to have any other type of venue that was "just mine".

I also was of the following mindset: "Why have a club when there are thousands of empty ones in Second Life?" Back in the "old days" when Radio Riel provided DJs for events, I had the pleasure of playing many wonderful venues. Eventually Radio Riel stopped doing events for hire, and so did I.

I was occasionally able to mesh Radio Riel's needs with those of a long-time trusted friend like Serra Anansi in Winterfell to create a win-win situation such as Revelry on Reverie. I have always been happy over the years to foster that win-win scenario and provide programs and events for folks that I knew I could count on in order to help give their event or venue life, action and something special.

These days, my time and availability in Second Life continue to decrease. And to be honest, I am worn out with putting effort into things to make them a "win"for as many people as possible. Unfortunately I seem to have been coming out on the losing end far too much of late! But I do love to play my occasional shows and Radio Riel can always use "live programming".

So for the first time, I decided to look at what I wanted and what Radio Riel needed and to Hell with everybody and anything else! I decided to create my own place of which I am the sole Hostess. I can take credit for my own fabulous events! I can do what I do to bring a place alive...for me and my guests! No other egos. No other expectations. No other demands. No other "people issues". No more dealing with people who feel that they are automatically entitled to my efforts. No more being treated like the unimportant, invisible hired help. No more "making it happen" for anyone but Radio Riel, me and the listeners (which hopefully includes you!).

I have to say, this is a novel concept for me! I do pride myself on always being professional and giving 100+ % even while dealing with bad scenarios. But oh if people only knew some of the things that are actually going on behind the scenes!  :-) It's time for me to set myself free from all of that and The Nightingale is that freedom.

So please join me on Saturday night for a level of class and elegance that you simply can't find anywhere else in Second Life. The best music. Nice people. Intelligent conversation. Intimate venue. These are the things that are important to me and that I intend to provide for you on the first Saturday of every month from 7:00pm - 9:00pm SLT. I truly hope to see you there and hope that you will enjoy it.