AC RFL Announcement

Dear Residents of New Toulouse,

It’s the time of year when the American Cancer Society Relay for Life of Second Life is starting into its long fundraising season. I have supported this effort for 5 years in SL, and in that time I have determined that I much prefer a very relaxed approach to SL RFL.

In 2010, NT was a part of the New Babbage RFL team. In 2011, we were a part of the multi-nation Aether Chrononauts RFL team.We started out this season with the AC RFL team again.

As I mentioned above, my philosophy for RFL is to keep it laid back and low maintenance, so I feel it’s best that we let the AC RFL team move on without us. New Toulouse, the estate, will no longer be an “official” part of that team, however I encourage you as individuals to support AC RFL, or any other RFL teams with which you are associated.

I think New Toulouse could be a better fit elsewhere, or perhaps even with a small team of our own. Whatever we end up doing, it will be something where we can have a little fun, raise a few lindens and remain very low key. This would mean 3-4 events in as many months, and having a campsite on the RFL track in July.

Campsite building is great fun and a wonderful way for teams to express their creativity. NT has so many talented builders. That might be something fun for us to do as a community.  We'll see. I honestly do not have an idea set in stone on this yet.

I am also working on a survey about SL RFL that I am going to publish in the very near future, because I’d like to know more about how YOU feel about SL RFL, if you even feel anything at all!

I welcome your questions, ideas, feedback etc!

Miz Gabi


Ceejay Writer said…
I love it. As an active member of FOUR steamlands regions, I sometimes feel blindsided by a mass of activity and a frantic pace - while well-meaning people nudge me incessantly to bleed my pocket book dry.

I hate cancer. It's stolen my friends and family from me. And I will fight it, in my own capacity. Kicking RFL down a notch in SL may bring more people forward, actually, rather than send them running for the terraformed hills.
Gabrielle Riel said…
I completely agree Ceejay. Sadly, I have seen far more drama, negativity and egos instead of positive things when it comes to SL RFL.

And it should not be like that.
Mr. B said…
I hope the AetherChrononauts bring in boatloads of money in their quest to raise funds to fight cancer. However, as someone who lives below the poverty level, I simply cannot give money every time someone asks for it.

I think a laid-back pace is perfect for New Toulouse. Also--Go, Abi!