Is there such a thing as too many friends?

Well, in technical terms in Second Life, there is!

Over the last two months I have noticed a drastic drop in performance in my end user clients (any client). I can't get anything to load in searches. I can't view profiles. I am even having problems accessing About Land, which is a problem for an estate owner!

Therefore, I am going to clear out my 400+ friends list. This happened to Desmond Shang a few years ago too...and this is actually the second time I have done it in 6 years. I will re-add people as needed.

If I remove you it *does* not mean that I hate you. I have to do this in order to function.

I have posted this note in every place I can think of, and yet I still know there will be people angry at me. I've done all I can to let everyone know that it is not personal.

Ah well, 'tis the dysfunction of SL! Here's to my improved client performance and the ability to load data!


Asil said…
You could also try hiding your avatar (uncheck the 'can see me online' option) from most. That works for me on my 400+ friended avatar.
Gabrielle Riel said…
I purged last night and this morning and I have seen a substantial improvement in my client performance.

This was all actually spurred by the fact that I could not even get on the track at RFL. Yes, I know they were having technical problems, but it showed me that it was time for me to do something.