Winterfell Coronation Ball

Ladies and gentlemen of the Steamlands, I have the honor of presenting an invitation to you on behalf of the Estate of Winterfell:

Lord and Lady Twilight, JJ Drinkwater and Serra Anansi
Request the Pleasure of your Company
at the Ball in Honor of their Daughter
Selena Anansi
For Her Coming of Age and the Acceptance of her Title

Saturday, the Eleventh of August
At One o’Clock in the Afternoon
Winterfell Anodyne Park

I will be serving as Mistress of Ceremony and Music. The music for the celebration will be Early, Classical and Choral and I will be playing it live on Radio Riel Reverie.

This is an opportunity to represent your estate at this formal event; therefore I recommend that you proudly wear attire or accessories of your estate, such as estate colors, tartans, insignias or badges. Formal or uniform attire encouraged!

Lord and Lady Twilight humbly request that you remove all unnecessary HUDs and scripts prior to your arrival in order to provide an environment as comfortable as possible for all guests.