Witchport Builds Available for Residents

Mr. Eclectric Breitman has created a set of custom builds for use in Witchport as a part of the design of the sim. Several of these builds would work in Witchwoods as well.

The only area in the estate where you can not use these builds is on the pier in Witchport. The pier builds are "static" and must be used by residents as they are.

These builds are available to Witchport residents only and are free. I have placed them out for you at Munewolden Hall in the Witchport sim. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Witchport/130/92/53 .

You must wear your Witchport group tag in order to get a copy of a build. The boxes are set to "give contents to group". You can take a copy of as many builds as you would like. The builds have Mod and Copy permissions on them.

Witchport Builds on the Shelf in Munewolden