Witchport Town Meeting Transcripts - July 31, 2013

[19:08] Gabrielle Riel: Welcome everyone!
[19:08] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): Hello Gabrielle
[19:08] Soliel Snook cha cha's in her seat
[19:09] Gabrielle Riel: I sent out the complete covenant yesterday via notice and I dropped one on meter-holders as well.
[19:09] Raeyn Sirnah: Evening, LAdy Duchess
[19:09] Gabrielle Riel: Have you all had a chance to see the covenant? You have a copy?
[19:09] Soliel Snook: We have
[19:09] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): Nods.
[19:09] John McKearny (johnmckearny): yes we have
[19:09] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): yes
[19:09] Raeyn Sirnah: yes, thank you.
[19:10] Gabrielle Riel: Excellent. In general I can tell you that everything in the covenant is based on my 4.5 years of estate ownership. There is a "reason" for everything in there.
[19:11] Gabrielle Riel: It's similar to the covenant I had in New Toulouse, however it's much shorter. :-)
[19:11] Gabrielle Riel: Because NT had a ton of theme and sim specific rules we don't have.
[19:11] Loken Jewell: for that
[19:11] Loken Jewell: ****YAY****
[19:12] Gabrielle Riel: We do have a theme and some "rules" for it, but most are general.
[19:12] Soliel Snook: I find it very livable..
[19:13] Gabrielle Riel: As I said, it's based on experience. What works well.
[19:14] Gabrielle Riel: before I hit the highlights - is there anything that any of you have questions about? Anything that could use some explanation?
[19:14] Gabrielle Riel: because I guaratee that there is a "reason" for everything in it :-)
[19:15] Loken Jewell: :)
[19:15] Gabrielle Riel: You'll note that I have said we welcome light roleplay if people so desire, but we are NOT a hardcore RP estate.
[19:15] Gabrielle Riel: People are welcome to dress as they wish and to be "themselves".
[19:16] Gabrielle Riel: Or they can be a character - it's up to each individual
[19:17] Gabrielle Riel: I included meter expiration details, although you've likely noticed that I have the meters set to send you notecards as you approach expiration.
[19:17] Gabrielle Riel: It's a highly annoying, yet highly effective method or preventing meter expiration.
[19:18] Gabrielle Riel: I did not use the notecards in NT, just IMs. Meters expired there constantly.
[19:18] Gabrielle Riel: Here it's rare, if ever.
[19:18] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): nods, the more reminders the better.
[19:19] Gabrielle Riel: I am going to assume it's the notecards...or just that you are all more reliable. :-)
[19:19] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): It would be good to have the information of how many weeks remaining.
[19:19] Gabrielle Riel: To get that, just stand next to the meter and click it.
[19:19] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): ok I'll try that.
[19:19] Gabrielle Riel: It says it in chat, but you have to be RIGHT there because it "whispers"!
[19:19] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): ok
[19:19] Gabrielle Riel: You have to practically be on top of it.
[19:20] Gabrielle Riel: Otherwise it does not show up in chat.
[19:20] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): That's probably why I didn't "hear" it.
[19:20] Gabrielle Riel: Yep - I've seen it happen many times. there is no way to change that to a "speak". I wish there was.
[19:21] Gabrielle Riel: I'd change it to a "shout" if I could!
[19:21] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): No problem.
[19:21] John McKearny (johnmckearny): There was a intruder in the cellar the other night, scared the wife to death, what can we do for security
[19:22] Gabrielle Riel: That falls under sim zoning.
[19:22] John McKearny (johnmckearny): he was a creepy looking sod
[19:22] Gabrielle Riel: I do not allow security orbs at ground level. Having one in a skybox is ok though - over 500 m.
[19:23] John McKearny (johnmckearny): how about a dog set to attack like a zooby pet dog
[19:23] Soliel Snook: In reality, there is nothing a creepy sod can do
[19:23] Loken Jewell: you can ban them from your parcel
[19:23] Gabrielle Riel: I don't allow "global banning" because that throws up ban lines to a large amount of our population.
[19:24] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): We'll use the parcel ban.
[19:24] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): usually an IM and/or eject and/or ban gets the job done.
[19:24] Soliel Snook: One man's creep is another's cinderella
[19:24] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): Sometimes it actually is a mistake.
[19:24] Gabrielle Riel: I wouldn't recommend a dog because of the possibility of avatars walking by the houses. I do allow parcel ban. I DO allow trackers that tell you who were on your parcel or how many visitors you have.
[19:25] John McKearny (johnmckearny): naw he was parked in the cellar
[19:25] Soliel Snook: We have a tracker.. I recommend the super greeter....
[19:25] Gabrielle Riel: Do you have anything like that? That enables you to add names that you see around too much.
[19:25] Gabrielle Riel: Like a squatter, which it sounds like he was.
[19:26] Gabrielle Riel: Squatting IS a banning offense, so if you have one, contact me, Loken or CC.
[19:26] Gabrielle Riel: Give us the name and we will ban the avatar.
[19:26] Loken Jewell: mmmhhm
[19:26] John McKearny (johnmckearny): cynthia will find it for you
[19:27] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): His name was Matheus Edelmann
[19:27] Gabrielle Riel: Once I had a squatter build out an entire wing of my manor and furnish it
[19:27] Gabrielle Riel: He added floors, doors, stairs :-)
[19:27] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): John didn't allow him to stay that long after we discovered him.
[19:27] Raeyn Sirnah: Was he any good? *grins*
[19:27] Gabrielle Riel: Ok - let's have a look at Mr. Edelman here
[19:28] Gabrielle Riel: His taste was horrific
[19:28] Gabrielle Riel: I took pics and laughed my head off
[19:28] Loken Jewell: lol Rayen
[19:28] Loken Jewell: er Raeyn
[19:28] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): lots of zyngo things in profile, no steamland connecttions
[19:28] Gabrielle Riel: It was so over the top it could only be funny
[19:28] Loken Jewell: ohhh no to the zyngo
[19:29] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): What is zyngo?
[19:29] Loken Jewell: alot of lag
[19:29] Soliel Snook: I like the whacha ma call it
[19:29] Gabrielle Riel: I'll ban him now. One moment.
[19:29] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): Brazilian it seems
[19:29] Soliel Snook: Ban finger to the rescue
[19:29] Gabrielle Riel: There. All done. :-)
[19:29] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): Yay
[19:29] Soliel Snook: fastest ban finger in the west...
[19:29] Gabrielle Riel: mmhmm
[19:30] Loken Jewell: lol
[19:30] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): Thank you
[19:30] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): it something is going on, pull up the witchport group chat, or IM..
[19:30] Gabrielle Riel: I can ban a griefer and clear their self replicating objects in less than 2 min from the call for help.
[19:30] Gabrielle Riel: If you all do not know, Loken and CC are our estate managers.
[19:31] Gabrielle Riel: They can assist you with banning avatars, returning garbage prims, restarting the sims etc.
[19:31] Loken Jewell: mmmhhm
[19:31] Loken Jewell: happily
[19:31] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): nods.
[19:31] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): That's good to know.
[19:31] Gabrielle Riel: And we all have *years* of experience.
[19:32] Gabrielle Riel: So we're quite efficient.
[19:32] Gabrielle Riel: So while we can't have global bans, we do everything we can to empower you if someone invades your space.
[19:33] Soliel Snook: We've had no problems in our parcels
[19:33] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): We appreciate your watchfulness.
[19:33] Gabrielle Riel: We have not had many airships about, but obviously ban lines cause problems with them.
[19:33] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): And taking care of us.
[19:34] Gabrielle Riel: I think our waterways are relatively far away from parcel borders so they are always open.
[19:34] Raeyn Sirnah: I've had no issues (save the occasional customer forgetting their packaging *g*)
[19:34] Soliel Snook: I will however note from now on, regular parkers whom I don't recognise
[19:34] Loken Jewell: thats good to hear
[19:34] Gabrielle Riel: Oh I bet Raeyn!
[19:35] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): don't forget to use auto-return... that'll stop most squatters.
[19:35] Soliel Snook: amazingly, and we have constant traffic... we have nad no problems
[19:35] Loken Jewell: indeed
[19:35] Gabrielle Riel: Excellent - I am glad to hear it
[19:35] Gabrielle Riel: Under the General Zoning section there are just two I want to highlight here
[19:36] Gabrielle Riel: * No continuously rezzing temp rezzers. Objects with a sole temp rez, for example tables that produce plates and food one time are ok.
[19:36] Gabrielle Riel: This is a "biggie". And most of the time people do not even realize they have them.
[19:36] Soliel Snook: nope we don't have any of that.....
[19:36] Gabrielle Riel: Now the temp rez feature is a wonderful thing - lots of things use it correctly
[19:37] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): but it can be abused.....
[19:37] Gabrielle Riel: Like rezzing meals on placemats. Or bullets that disappear after you shoot them from a gun.
[19:37] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): Would it be possible to have a home inspection to see if everything is ok?
[19:37] Gabrielle Riel: There are temp rez fireflies that are fine. They rez once and fade.
[19:37] Gabrielle Riel: You are ok. Loken scans regularly.
[19:38] Loken Jewell: :)
[19:38] Gabrielle Riel: And if anything was not to code, she'll send a note.
[19:38] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): Good.
[19:38] Loken Jewell: a friendly note mind you
[19:38] Soliel Snook: I do have one thing to mention, and it is not a problem anymore
[19:38] Soliel Snook: and that was someone's piano
[19:38] Gabrielle Riel: The problem was the issue with content creators trying to get around high prim items.
[19:39] Soliel Snook: that was continusouly playing
[19:39] Gabrielle Riel: Oh! I should add that to the next version!
[19:39] Gabrielle Riel: I had huge problems with that in NT too.
[19:39] Gabrielle Riel: People just need to check the checkbox so sounds only play on their parcel.
[19:39] Gabrielle Riel: Or they should turn off the item.
[19:40] Gabrielle Riel: Some pianos, radios and animals play random sounds...over and over.
[19:40] Soliel Snook: it's pianos music boxes etc..
[19:40] Gabrielle Riel: And omg can it get annoying fast.
[19:40] Gabrielle Riel: I had a roaring tiger in NT.
[19:40] Soliel Snook: Oh yes.. even wind chimes
[19:40] Gabrielle Riel: In a house
[19:41] Gabrielle Riel: I kept having to reclaim the parcel and change the setting.
[19:41] Gabrielle Riel: If I (or CC or Loken) am not online, you can right click the object and mute/block it.
[19:42] Soliel Snook: That's what I did
[19:42] Gabrielle Riel: But we still want to know because I'll ask the resident to set their parcel sounds to just their parcel.
[19:42] Gabrielle Riel: I need to add that.
[19:42] Gabrielle Riel: At Christmas I can show you what a "bad" temp rez object is.
[19:43] John McKearny (johnmckearny): sometimes we hear a wolf, i think thats kinda cool
[19:43] Gabrielle Riel: I have a 300 prim Christmas tree that rezzes and derezzes every 59 seconds.
[19:43] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): evil evil tree.
[19:43] Soliel Snook: none of my trees have that, but I do have a 1545 prim xmas tree
[19:43] Gabrielle Riel: The wolf is likely in the sounds I placed in the landscape. I use Julia Hathor's sounds and they have a wolf howl in one.
[19:43] Gabrielle Riel: Good GOD
[19:43] Soliel Snook: Omicron
[19:44] John McKearny (johnmckearny): i like it
[19:44] Gabrielle Riel laughs!
[19:44] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): Yeah I hear the wolf.
[19:44] Soliel Snook: I like the wolf and I like the frongs
[19:44] Soliel Snook: frogs
[19:44] Soliel Snook: but the piano made me crazy
[19:44] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): It fits in with the area. Nature is all around.
[19:44] Gabrielle Riel: We're spooky here so the wolf works.
[19:44] Gabrielle Riel: I also have water and wave sounds about.
[19:45] Gabrielle Riel: But not too much - I'm totally anal about sound placement
[19:45] Soliel Snook: there's a quip there I just can't find it
[19:45] Gabrielle Riel: because it can get out of hand
[19:45] Loken Jewell: sorry too much draw, crashed
[19:45] Raeyn Sirnah: WB Loken
[19:45] Gabrielle Riel: wb!
[19:45] Loken Jewell: ty
[19:45] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): The wave and water sounds natural.
[19:46] Gabrielle Riel: The other "biggie" for zoning is:
[19:46] Gabrielle Riel: * No farms for breedable animals. You can keep 1-3 breedable animals on your parcel, but no more than 3.
[19:46] Gabrielle Riel: This is another area where I am a total Nazi.
[19:46] Soliel Snook: I've taken the pledge on rabbits and horses
[19:46] Gabrielle Riel: Both the temp rezzing and the animals can hit sim performance hard.
[19:46] John McKearny (johnmckearny): oh no worries all our horses are AKK, no have to feed em
[19:46] Gabrielle Riel: Mine too!
[19:47] Gabrielle Riel: We have enough challenges with graphics generated lag, varying hardware and now server side appearance baking.
[19:47] Soliel Snook: We've had no problems with sim performance
[19:47] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): strangely so.
[19:47] Loken Jewell: that surprises me a little
[19:48] Gabrielle Riel: So I do everything that I know how to do to keep these sims "healthy" in terms of script load.
[19:48] Soliel Snook: I do not blame witchport for being an orange bubble for 10 minutes
[19:48] Loken Jewell: lol
[19:48] Gabrielle Riel: Not me. The triple prim allowance means we have less residents overall.
[19:48] Gabrielle Riel: Which means less load.
[19:48] Gabrielle Riel: Loken, CC and I scan and check the sims regularly.
[19:49] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): sad to say avatars are the worst load on the regions.
[19:49] Soliel Snook: Pardon me.. I must afk
[19:49] Gabrielle Riel: In terms of their "performance"
[19:49] Gabrielle Riel: I want my estate to be beautiful, interesting and non laggy!
[19:49] Loken Jewell: yea
[19:49] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): That's a great goal.
[19:49] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): Nods, every time I log in, I wait to see how well it's performing, if it feels off, shift+ctrl+1
[19:50] Gabrielle Riel: This is where the years of experience come into play. We know exactly what to target.
[19:50] Loken Jewell: generally
[19:50] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): but if you all notice something let someone know.
[19:50] Gabrielle Riel: Sometimes it can turn into a hunt :-)
[19:50] Loken Jewell: nods
[19:50] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): with prizes? smiles
[19:51] Loken Jewell: heh
[19:51] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): we wish.
[19:51] Gabrielle Riel: Remember that store in NT Loken - the food? You would walk by it and freeze.
[19:51] Loken Jewell: mmmhhm
[19:51] Loken Jewell: very well
[19:51] Gabrielle Riel: because it had hundreds of temp rezzing cakes etc
[19:51] Loken Jewell: yes
[19:51] Loken Jewell: it was beyond
[19:51] Gabrielle Riel: It was like hitting an invisible wall while walking down the street.
[19:52] Gabrielle Riel: We do have autoreturn on the public land at all times - it's 2 hours
[19:52] Gabrielle Riel: So if someone rezzes a ton of junk and non of us are around, the stuff will eventually poof at the 2 hour mark
[19:53] Gabrielle Riel: But it's long enough for people to rez cars, boats, horses to ride without problems
[19:54] Gabrielle Riel: make sure you review the banning policy
[19:54] Gabrielle Riel: I define what I consider griefer behavior
[19:55] Gabrielle Riel: I ask that the estate managers investigate and to ban once they know what the problem was
[19:55] Gabrielle Riel: I won't ban an avatar if someone just IMs me and says "please ban so and so" and does not give ma reason.
[19:56] Gabrielle Riel: Although i have to say in 4.5 years that has never happened. It has always been justified. Like your Mr. Squatter.
[19:56] Gabrielle Riel: But take a look at the section I have on what you can do on your own behalf.
[19:57] Gabrielle Riel: I want you to know that you are ultimately empowered.
[19:57] Gabrielle Riel: Sure a griefer could come in and rez stuff that takes down the sim.
[19:57] Gabrielle Riel: But the sim always comes back up and they'll be banned in minutes.
[19:57] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): Do you suppose that's what he had in mind?
[19:57] Gabrielle Riel: And their stuff will be gone just as fast.
[19:58] Gabrielle Riel: nah - he was just staying there
[19:58] Soliel Snook: Pardon me, but we must be going it is late and we have early appts.
[19:58] Gabrielle Riel: It's not unusual.
[19:58] Gabrielle Riel: Thanks for being here you two!
[19:58] Loken Jewell: Have a good night Soliel and smokey
[19:58] Soliel Snook: It was so nice to meet you Mr and Mrs Mckearny
[19:58] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): Good night
[19:58] Soliel Snook: night now
[19:59] Gabrielle Riel: We lost Raeyn at some point.
[19:59] Smokey (smoke4me): good evening to all. We are safe hands :)
[19:59] Loken Jewell: nods
[19:59] Loken Jewell: good night smokey
[19:59] Gabrielle Riel: It has been an hour and I have covered the "big, important" points.
[19:59] Loken Jewell: mmmhhm
[19:59] Gabrielle Riel: Is there anything that bring questions to mind?
[20:00] Gabrielle Riel: Or any other non-covant related questions?
[20:00] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): It's been a good conversation. I will review the covenant again.
[20:00] John McKearny (johnmckearny): not now , we want you too know cynthia and i really like it here
[20:00] Gabrielle Riel nods - it's good to look at the banning info - and the zoning bullets
[20:01] Loken Jewell: :)
[20:01] Gabrielle Riel: That is wonderful to hear!
[20:01] Gabrielle Riel: It's a quiet, peaceful estate.
[20:01] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): Always good to know someone is watching the sim.
[20:01] John McKearny (johnmckearny): I reallly like this tavern:)
[20:01] Gabrielle Riel: Most of the residents are "oldbies".
[20:02] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): The music is fantastic in the tavern. Good to dance to.
[20:02] Gabrielle Riel: ty! I am still decorating it here.
[20:02] Gabrielle Riel: That's Radio Riel Dieselpunk going strong. :-)
[20:02] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): Lots of peppy music and dances to try.
[20:02] Gabrielle Riel: Radio Riel Reverie runs on the Witchwoods public land.
[20:03] Gabrielle Riel: And Radio Riel Ragtime runs on the public land here in Witchport.
[20:03] Gabrielle Riel: I like Dieselpunk for in here.
[20:03] Gabrielle Riel: We will *eventually* have Balls in the Hall here in Witchport.
[20:03] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): It's been very enjoyable when we've come here.
[20:04] Gabrielle Riel: That will be unlike any "Ball" you've ever seen in SL.
[20:04] Loken Jewell: Heh
[20:04] Gabrielle Riel: If you are feeling social, come on down here to the pier.
[20:04] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): Ok - sounds like a good thing to look forward to.
[20:04] Gabrielle Riel: There is almost always someone (or ones) at Le Cigare.
[20:05] Gabrielle Riel: If you have ongoing questions, you can ask any of the three of us.
[20:05] John McKearny (johnmckearny): well we are going to mosey back up the hill, getten late, thank you for the great information
[20:05] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): Thank you for a most enjoyable time/meeting. It's good to meet some of our neighbors.
[20:06] Gabrielle Riel: Thank you so much for coming. :-)
[20:06] Loken Jewell: mmmhmm, ask away anytime
[20:06] Cynthia Mckearny (cynthiamckearny): Your are most welcome and we will.
[20:06] Loken Jewell: have a good evening
[20:06] John McKearny (johnmckearny): good night you guys
[20:07] Gabrielle Riel: I really am so very anal. :-)
[20:07] Loken Jewell: can i eat your head now?
[20:07] Gabrielle Riel: Ahhh...I kind of need it
[20:07] Loken Jewell: chuckles
[20:07] Loken Jewell: if you must
[20:07] Loken Jewell: eyeballs CC's
[20:08] Gabrielle Riel: brb - I need a glass of water
[20:08] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): I'm tasty
[20:08] Loken Jewell: heh
[20:08] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): and I can survive head being eaten, or blown up...it's happened before.