After the Ball

I carefully hung my pink gown back in my armoire. I smoothed it down and looked at it.

This was the first time I have worn any color other than black since August 28. I haven't wanted to wear anything but black. I've been deep in mourning and I could not stand the thought of wearing any color, let alone my trademark red.

I had intended to wear black tonight to the BoobieBall, but as I looked at all of my black gowns I just did not feel right about it. Tonight was meant to be a celebration and I felt the pull of the color pink.

This evening was the 6th annual fundraising event for breast cancer awareness and research with funds going to .

The BoobieBall is the final event of a week long series of events called BoobieThon. This year's BoobieBall raised over $500 USD. Since the first BoobieThon in 2008, we have raised over $16,000 USD in the fight against breast cancer.

There is no way to even begin to thank the hundreds of people who have made this event such a success over the last 5 years, especially Eva Bellambi and Serra Anansi who have been amazing in their leadership and inspiration.

I smiled, thinking of the evening. It had flown by as the clothing flew off!

My grief has so affected the last few months for me that I honestly did not think I would have the heart to do the usual "strip" this year. But somehow the Ball turned out to be a healing bit of joy. It's the first time that I have laughed in a long time.

A huge part of the joy for me was the music. 3 hours of fun music from the late 19th Century until today.

I reached once more in to my armoire and moved the black clothing into the back.

I feel like I can have color in my life again.