Archived Songs from the Nightingale

People have been asking me for years if they could listen to my live shows after I have played them. Not everyone can tune in live.

Unfortunately there has been no legal way for me to do this. To say that the current licensing rules for Internet radio and podcasting are stupid and outmoded is an understatement. I won't bore you with the details, but suffice to say you would be dumbfounded if you knew of the hoops through which we have to jump.

I have been frustrated for years that I have not been able to provide archived versions of my shows...that is, until now...

You can now find my archived shows on Mixcloud at Each show also displays its playlist, so you can now find out exactly which artist played that song you loved so much and the name of the song itself!

Mixcloud Listening via Mixcloud does require an Internet connection. It is streaming media only, which means you can not download the show to any computer or device. Obviously downloading would be better; however I'll take streaming over nothing!

I am so pleased to finally be able to provide my archived shows after all these years. I currently have my most recent shows up on Mixcloud, but I will be adding older shows over time. I have many archived shows that I have saved over the years so I will offer a wide assortment of broadcasts for your listening pleasure.

Thank you so much for supporting Radio Riel, and me, for these 6+ years now. It is my deepest wish that you find as much joy in listening to my programs as I find creating them.

Happy to finally be archived,
~ Gabi