Pub Night at The Nightingale

I have established a new weekly gathering in The Riel Estates!

Please join the people of Witchport and Witchwoods for Pub Night at The Nightingale in the Witchport sim from 5-6:30pm SLT.

I encourage you to select a favorite RL beverage to sip as we socialize. This is a time for us to gather, chat and catch up. Pick your favorite wine, beer, spirit, tea, coffee, juice or soda pop to enjoy in RL and feel free to share your choice with the crowd if you have something fun!


This week we have a special guest who will provide our background music. Lord Intern Riel will take to the aetherwaves from 5:10pm - 5:40pm SLT with some of his favorite music. Be prepared for Electronica...*lots* of Electronica! You can tune in by opening in a media player.