St John

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?

I don't have to miss it any more.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Steamlands and beyond, I am very pleased to announce that I am converting my current sim of Witchport into a sim named St John.

St John is a fictional amalgam of New Orleans 100 years ago. The general time frame will be 1900-1920. St John will be a “city” sim that has some elements of today’s French Quarter as well as elements from Marigny of the early 20th Century. Some of St John is pure fiction, and one thing is certain, it will be steeped in Ragtime and Early Jazz.

I have been working on this project in some form or fashion for about 3 months. This was anything but a quick, easy and simple decision. Many hours of thought and consideration went into what is now coming to fruition.

I am sure many people are asking "why?". Why would I do this? Why would I "go backwards"? There are several reasons:
  • Witchport's tenancy level was too low for too long
  • If something is not working, I will change it
  • The universe kept hitting me over the head with New Orleans information in both direct and indirect ways
  • I missed the New Orleans theme
  • This is not "going backwards", it is new territory for me in regards to the theme. This one is mine. Every piece of it comes from me and Eclectric Breitman. Our vision, from terrain textures to roads to builds and beyond. I no longer have design limitations placed on me based on someone else's vision

The Witchwoods sim will remain as it is now. It is currently full of happy residents.

This transition from Witchport to St John will happen over the next week or two. St John's Grand Opening will be in the form of two celebrations on New Year's Eve.

If you are interested in reserving a parcel, I will begin taking reservations from the general public on Monday, December 16.

I do have a reservation map; however I also have something that is *much* better than just a reservation map...

I was able to temporarily procure a homestead sim on which I have built out a basic model of the future St John sim. This includes parcels and builds. It is not an exact replica of what the finished St John sim will be, but it will give you all an opportunity to walk around and get the feel of the sim. We have this until December 18.

The model sim is at: . The reservation map is there in the central square. (Duchess Square)

The St John sim will be triple prim, just as Witchport and Witchwoods are. Tier costs are as follows:
  • 16 sq. m. - 21 prims - $45 L per week - cemetery parcels
  • 256 sq. m. - 174 prims - $340 L per week - meant for shotguns
  • 512 sq. m. - 351 prims - $675 L per week
  • 1024 sq. m. - 702 prims - $1350 L per week
These are the same current tier costs in both Witchport and Witchwoods. There is NO charge for rental rights. I will sell you the parcel for $0 L. You will then be responsible for weekly tier.

There are more administrative details to this transition and I will provide those to the people that reserve in St John.

If you would like to reserve a parcel, feel free to IM me when I am online in Second Life. If I am not online the best way to reach me is via email, .

Bienvenue au Saint Jean Mes Chers!

Prim Minister of the Riel Estates
Lady Gabrielle Riel, the Duchess of Carntaigh
The Once and Future Miz Gabi of St John