St John Tea Transcripts - 02/05/2014

[17:00] Gabrielle Riel: Well my dears, it's been over a YEAR since I last held one of these community teas!
[17:00] Gabrielle Riel: It's great to be back. :-)
[17:00] Gabrielle Riel: And if this is your first tea, I always start right on time!
[17:00] Adrianna Biziou smiles
[17:01] Gabrielle Riel: So thank you for coming to the first "official" tea for St john. :-)
[17:01] Gabrielle Riel: Hey Miss Vanda :-)
[17:01] Pete (peteewheatstraw): I'm honored!
[17:01] Vanda de la Rose-Noir (vanda.darkrose): Hey iz Gabi. :) Evening, all :)
[17:02] Emmanuelle Huntress: Mind the furniture
[17:02] Adrianna Biziou: I am honored also to be here lady Gabrielle
[17:02] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): The furniture can be quite cheeky.
[17:02] Gabrielle Riel: I don't have a "heavy" agenda for tea. We are still settling in after the transition to St John.
[17:02] Gabrielle Riel: (yes beware the furniture!)
[17:03] Gabrielle Riel: Tonight I'll be discussing 4 things:
[17:03] Adrianna Biziou: the furniture
[17:03] Gabrielle Riel: The season change for St John Woods, our calendar and Facebook page, Mardi Gras planning and a blog post I wrote about being a "land baron".
[17:04] Adrianna Biziou: I read your blog with great interest
[17:04] Gabrielle Riel: before I start, I would like to introduce all of you to CC and Emma, they are our estate managers.
[17:04] Pete (peteewheatstraw): I as well!
[17:04] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): It was very well thought out.
[17:05] Adrianna Biziou: My pleasure to meet you both
[17:05] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey) nods.
[17:05] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): Likewise.
[17:05] Gabrielle Riel: If I am not around, both CC and Emma can help with estate "issues".
[17:05] Vanda de la Rose-Noir (vanda.darkrose): A pleasure to meet you, Emma and CC.
[17:05] Gabrielle Riel: We are only 2 sims and we don't have a huge population.
[17:06] Pete (peteewheatstraw): I look forward to being a part!
[17:06] Gabrielle Riel: My estate almost never gets griefed.
[17:06] Emmanuelle Huntress knocks on wood
[17:06] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): Being cozy can do that.
[17:06] Adrianna Biziou: wellwe forget about those that we turn to toads of course
[17:06] Gabrielle Riel: I think I have one griefing a year, at most. But if something happens, Emma and CC can help.
[17:07] Gabrielle Riel: Oh if the sim is lagging, they can restart the sim.
[17:07] Roberto Viking: greetings, all!
[17:07] Gabrielle Riel: Oh these darn chairs
[17:07] Gabrielle Riel: Never again!
[17:07] Roberto Viking: just getting power back after a brief outage
[17:07] Adrianna Biziou smiles to Roberto
[17:07] Gabrielle Riel: wb!
[17:07] Roberto Viking: smiles to all
[17:08] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): One hopes everyone is able to stay warm tonight.
[17:08] Gabrielle Riel: I'll cover each topic and then if you have questions on that topic, please mention them before I move to the next topic.
[17:08] Roberto Viking: more than 600,000 out of power today in philly
[17:08] Gabrielle Riel: Here we go! Topic 1 - seasons!
[17:09] Gabrielle Riel: As St John Parish is based on NOLA, this sim has the subtropical, consistent climate. Our leaves don't change. We don't get snow except for the freak snowstorm we have every year on December 24, 25, and 26. :-)
[17:10] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey) nods.
[17:10] Gabrielle Riel: St John Woods is a completely different story. It has all seasons with about 800 nuances in between.
[17:10] Gabrielle Riel: I went 4 years with no seasons in my estate, so I go a little crazy in Woods. ;-)
[17:11] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey) chuckles.
[17:11] Gabrielle Riel: It's snow covered there atm. With snow coming down from time to time.
[17:11] Roberto Viking: gotta make up for lost time..
[17:11] Gabrielle Riel: Woods will stay snowy until March 1. Then over the first 3 weeks in March, it will "melt".
[17:12] Gabrielle Riel: There will literally be a new look every week.
[17:12] Gabrielle Riel: And then on the first day of Spring, I'll bring on the spring green grass and foliage.
[17:13] Gabrielle Riel: After that each month gets a new look. I transition slowly.
[17:13] Gabrielle Riel: Because I LOVE the fact that I can do it!!!
[17:13] Roberto Viking: ;-)
[17:13] Adrianna Biziou: me nods
[17:13] Gabrielle Riel: New folks, you will soon learn that I am very into ambient things
[17:13] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey) chuckles.
[17:13] Gabrielle Riel: Like landscaping
[17:13] Emmanuelle Huntress nods
[17:13] Gabrielle Riel: And weather
[17:14] Gabrielle Riel grins and wiggles her!
[17:14] Adrianna Biziou likes change to keep her mind occupied
[17:14] Emmanuelle Huntress: Buy a raincoat.
[17:14] Roberto Viking: remembers a couple of hurricaine floods, canoeing down the streets
[17:14] Gabrielle Riel: We have rain storms.
[17:14] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): Thunderbolts and lightning?
[17:14] Gabrielle Riel: mmhmm
[17:14] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): very very frightening
[17:14] Alora Daydream (alora.pfalz): buy a boat too
[17:14] Emmanuelle Huntress: Me.
[17:14] Gabrielle Riel: And once a year in August or September, we have a full on hurricane
[17:15] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): Buy sandbags.
[17:15] Gabrielle Riel: And I go absolutely insane
[17:15] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): and a boat.
[17:15] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): There is a reason why we are not planning to put much furniture on the ground floor.
[17:17] Emmanuelle Huntress: And there she goes.
[17:17] Adrianna Biziou nods
[17:18] Roberto Viking: infrastructure is so brittle sometimes
[17:18] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): and remember if you're having an issue, drop a notecard/im
[17:21] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): or if you notice the region performance becoming pants.
[17:21] Adrianna Biziou: Having recently come from the Winterfell estate, I am overthe moon with region performance here
[17:22] Emmanuelle Huntress: Normally one of the three of us is around, or watching offline IMs
[17:22] Roberto Viking: careful construction can make a world of difference in sim performance...
[17:22] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): Ah, there she is.
[17:22] Adrianna Biziou: Welcome back
[17:22] Emmanuelle Huntress: So please let us know if you need anything
[17:23] Vanda de la Rose-Noir (vanda.darkrose): WB, Miz Gabi :)
[17:23] Gabrielle Riel: My word - that was a bad one
[17:23] Emmanuelle Huntress: Do I need to get the Duchess Tape?
[17:23] Roberto Viking: or a soft cushion after the hard landing
[17:23] Gabrielle Riel: I don't know if that would work
[17:24] Gabrielle Riel: I am having major bandwidth issues suddenly
[17:24] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Nothing like short notice.
[17:24] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): I was going to ask if the Intern would be training as a Junior EM.
[17:24] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) grins ironically
[17:24] Pete (peteewheatstraw): *** won't ask about the tape ***
[17:24] Roberto Viking: good evening, Baron
[17:24] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): You do not need to worry about the tape, Mr Wheatstraw.
[17:24] Gabrielle Riel: Oh the Intern would *love* that.
[17:24] Emmanuelle Huntress: Hello Mr Wulfenbach
[17:24] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Guten Abend, everyone.
[17:24] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): The Duchess Stick, on the other hand....
[17:24] Adrianna Biziou: Good evening Baron
[17:24] Vanda de la Rose-Noir (vanda.darkrose): Good evening, Baron.
[17:24] Gabrielle Riel: Emma - can you save the transcript when we are done please?
[17:25] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): Guten Abend, Herr Baron.
[17:25] Emmanuelle Huntress: Yes'm
[17:25] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): You do have to teach him how to DJ though.
[17:25] Adrianna Biziou starts to hum
[17:25] Gabrielle Riel: So basically, we have weather and spring is coming to Woods!
[17:26] Gabrielle Riel: Do you have any questions about the seasons/weather?
[17:26] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): Will we need mudpits?
[17:26] Adrianna Biziou: I look forward rto that, my garden is amass with snowdrops at present in rl, so beautiful
[17:26] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) eyes the Vice Consul
[17:26] Gabrielle Riel: No mudpits :-)
[17:26] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey) smiles.
[17:26] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): Sandbags and poke boats, yes.
[17:26] Vanda de la Rose-Noir (vanda.darkrose): Will I have to schedule my clients around the hurricane flooding? ;)
[17:27] Gabrielle Riel knows of two people in this room who have mudwrestled in public
[17:27] Adrianna Biziou meeps
[17:27] Adrianna Biziou: the estate managers?
[17:27] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): in SL?  you can add another.
[17:27] Pete (peteewheatstraw): *** Jello would work***!!!
[17:27] Gabrielle Riel: Actually yes Miss Vanda! Unless you want to see them on your roof.
[17:27] Gabrielle Riel: Make that three people then. :-)
[17:27] Vanda de la Rose-Noir (vanda.darkrose) laughs
[17:28] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): I may or may not have refereed a match or two...
[17:28] Vanda de la Rose-Noir (vanda.darkrose): Ok. Good to know :)
[17:28] Gabrielle Riel: Ok...ready to move to the next topic?
[17:28] Roberto Viking: hmm, thinks has mudwrestled a time or 2
[17:28] Adrianna Biziou nods
[17:28] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey) nods.
[17:29] Gabrielle Riel: Four people :-)
[17:29] Adrianna Biziou knows she certainly has not and nor does she intend to
[17:29] Gabrielle Riel: Ok - just to let you all know, we have a community calendar - it's at
[17:30] Gabrielle Riel: If you ever have an event that you would like put on the calendar, CC, Emma or I can do that for you.
[17:30] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): don't forget to use it.... calendars are underused... (considering the one I check the most is aether chrononauts and that once a week or so)
[17:30] Gabrielle Riel: If you start holding regular events, I usually just give you authority to add items yourself.
[17:31] Adrianna Biziou: Have favourited it this moment and will look at it following this meeting
[17:31] Emmanuelle Huntress: We encourage that
[17:31] Gabrielle Riel: The big joke between Mr. Breitman (our architect) and myself back in New Toulouse was the question: "we have a calendar?"
[17:31] Adrianna Biziou smiles
[17:32] Gabrielle Riel: because there was always someone who did not know about it!
[17:32] Adrianna Biziou: How would we add an event to the calendar
[17:32] Gabrielle Riel: And it's ironic because I was the calendar queen of Caledon.
[17:32] Adrianna Biziou smiles
[17:32] Gabrielle Riel: put the details in a notecard and send it to me, Emma or CC.
[17:32] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): It's a google style calendar so it works like that.
[17:33] Pete (peteewheatstraw): I'd love to stream my guitar and singing somewhere ...  all tips go to Ms. Gabi and the sims
[17:33] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) chuckles
[17:33] Adrianna Biziou: Thankyou I will remember that regards whom to contact
[17:33] Gabrielle Riel: Talk to Soliel Snook. I bet they would love to have you at Le Cigare.
[17:33] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): and I think Molaskey's scouts for new talent now and then.
[17:34] Pete (peteewheatstraw): That sounds great!
[17:34] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): (that's outside of ST. John but a popular place for live music)
[17:34] Gabrielle Riel: We also have an underused and unknown Facebook page.
[17:34] Adrianna Biziou: If you are amusician and play often, there is a free avenue to explore for streams not requiring payment
[17:34] Pete (peteewheatstraw): I do it for fun. not profit ... $$$ goes for the common good!
[17:34] Gabrielle Riel: We WILL eventually have a more comprehensive website, but for now, these are our tools.
[17:34] Adrianna Biziou: oh will look at that, i was not aware you had a fb page
[17:35] Gabrielle Riel: Calendar. Facebook. Group Notices.
[17:35] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): Group notices DO work fairly well.
[17:35] Roberto Viking: [ begs pardon, recalled to RL ]
[17:36] Gabrielle Riel: Do you have any more questions about this topic? Fee free to ask!
[17:36] Emmanuelle Huntress: Assuming everyone got one today?
[17:36] Adrianna Biziou: Goodbye Roberto
[17:36] Gabrielle Riel: My alt did, so that one worked.
[17:36] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Gute Nacht, Herr Viking.
[17:36] Vanda de la Rose-Noir (vanda.darkrose): Recieved both notice and notecard, Emma.
[17:36] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): I was not expecting the teas to start this quickly.
[17:37] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): On time, sir.
[17:37] Emmanuelle Huntress: We're big on teas here
[17:37] Gabrielle Riel: We've been sending notecards "manually" because we are still getting everyone into the residents group.
[17:37] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): I have that delayed notice bug, it shows in e-mail but I have to login and logout then login before some show up, but they always show in e-mail.
[17:37] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) mutters about a lack of warning
[17:37] Gabrielle Riel: But after today, no more manual notecards!
[17:38] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): if you see a resident NOT in the Riel Estates Residents group be sure to tell them to ask for an invite and tell us as well.
[17:38] Adrianna Biziou smiles quickly
[17:38] Gabrielle Riel: Ready to talk Mardi Gras now?
[17:38] Vanda de la Rose-Noir (vanda.darkrose): The Baron is right. It was a little short notice. I had to hurry a client out the door in RL. lol
[17:38] Gabrielle Riel: Oh no need to do that in RL!!!
[17:38] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey) raises an eyebrow, and nods.
[17:38] Adrianna Biziou: When will Mardi Gras commence?
[17:38] Gabrielle Riel: Read the transcripts!
[17:39] Gabrielle Riel: Don't cut anything short.
[17:39] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): RL takes precedence!  that's what the transcripts are for.  (and notices too about things)
[17:39] Vanda de la Rose-Noir (vanda.darkrose): h she was leaving already. But she is a talker. :)
[17:39] Vanda de la Rose-Noir (vanda.darkrose): Oh*
[17:39] Gabrielle Riel: Ha!
[17:39] Gabrielle Riel: Mardi Gras is on March 4 this year.
[17:40] Gabrielle Riel: So we are basically a month away.
[17:40] Gabrielle Riel: I wanted to give you an overview tonight, and not really get into any heavy planning.
[17:40] Gabrielle Riel: We have a planning meeting a week from tonight, at this same time at Shade of Green.
[17:40] Pete (peteewheatstraw): Please!
[17:41] Adrianna Biziou: Apologies for my lack of knowledge of teh sibjectm for how long does Mardi Gras last
[17:41] Adrianna Biziou: the subject* apologies
[17:41] Gabrielle Riel: So after you hear what I am thinking about Mardi Gras, you can attend the meeting next week to help if you would like.
[17:42] Gabrielle Riel: Mardi Gras/Carnivale can last differing amounts of time, depending on the culture
[17:42] Adrianna Biziou 's eyes look up quickly with interest
[17:42] Gabrielle Riel: I think in NOLA they spend a week on it. Possibly longer.
[17:42] Gabrielle Riel: Rio is the same.
[17:43] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): I think it depends on the krewe, perhaps?
[17:43] Vanda de la Rose-Noir (vanda.darkrose): "Mardi Gras proper" is one day, but events leading up to and after can last weeks. (In RL at least.)
[17:43] Gabrielle Riel: I actually attended Carnivale in Nice, France and that was just 2-3 days.
[17:43] Emmanuelle Huntress: Galveston was 5 days if I recall
[17:44] Gabrielle Riel: Here in Michigan it's one day, the Tuesday itself. Paczki Day.
[17:44] Pete (peteewheatstraw): I'll be at the French Quarter Festival in April ... but that ain't Mardis Gras ---- Woot!!!
[17:44] Gabrielle Riel: Over the years I have done a variety of lengths for SL Mardi Gras.
[17:45] Gabrielle Riel: This year I am going to keep it simple. We'll have events on Monday, March 3 and Tuesday, March 4
[17:45] Pete (peteewheatstraw): Mardis GRas without the floats ... but lots more food!!! and plenty of libations!!!
[17:45] Gabrielle Riel: I've done the previous weekend, which is fun, but it dragged it out a bit too long.
[17:46] Gabrielle Riel: So March 3 and 4 will be our Mardi Gras.
[17:46] Adrianna Biziou: apologies, what are libations?
[17:46] Pete (peteewheatstraw): Dragging out can be good
[17:46] Emmanuelle Huntress: Drinks
[17:47] Adrianna Biziou: ah
[17:47] Gabrielle Riel: I think Mr. Wheatstraw is planning on drinking a variety of "spirits" when he is in New Orleans. ;-)
[17:47] Adrianna Biziou smiles innocently
[17:47] Pete (peteewheatstraw): I'm glad you asked!
[17:47] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey) checks her inventory for absinthe variations.
[17:48] Emmanuelle Huntress: Eww
[17:48] Gabrielle Riel: If there is something you would like to do for our Mardi Gras, please let me know! And come to the meeting next week if you can.
[17:48] Gabrielle Riel: I am going to handle 2-3 things for Mardi Gras. 2 for sure.
[17:48] Adrianna Biziou: oh my , the first line from your link "A libation is a ritual pouring of a liquid as an offering to a god or spirit or in memory of those who have died."
[17:48] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey) eyebrows.
[17:48] Adrianna Biziou: a ilte painful
[17:48] Adrianna Biziou: little*
[17:49] Pete (peteewheatstraw): ***Offering to Ms. Gabi!!!!
[17:49] Gabrielle Riel: I will handle the parade. And I will handle the Mardi Gras Ball. I *might* pick a time to play some Carnivale music, but we'll see how I feel.
[17:49] Vanda de la Rose-Noir (vanda.darkrose): I believe in modern useage, libation tends to mean drinking til you nearly die ;)
[17:49] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): Dedicate your drink spills to absent friends, and they might not end up in your hell barrel.
[17:49] Adrianna Biziou: please, continue Gabrielle
[17:49] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey) focuses on Miz Gabi.
[17:49] Pete (peteewheatstraw): Yes, Please!!!
[17:50] Gabrielle Riel: Feel free to plan a Mardi Gras event that is ALL about libations. :-)
[17:50] Gabrielle Riel: Tonight I am just mentioning Mardi Gras to get people thinking.
[17:50] Gabrielle Riel: And to let you know when it will be.
[17:50] Gabrielle Riel: And that we'll have a parade and a ball.
[17:51] Gabrielle Riel: Details will be forthcoming throughout the month!
[17:51] Gabrielle Riel: If you have an event idea but you are not sure if it would "work", please ask me about it.
[17:51] Vanda de la Rose-Noir (vanda.darkrose) will try to attend as much as she can, but has many RL Societe responsibilities then
[17:52] Gabrielle Riel: I am good at "translating" RL events into SL.
[17:52] Gabrielle Riel: I can tell you what will work...and what won't.
[17:52] Gabrielle Riel: And why ;-)
[17:52] Emmanuelle Huntress: In the old days we have several small parties, so we can find you something to attend
[17:53] Gabrielle Riel: Hopefully I will see some of you next week at Shade of Green. That's when we can start hammering out the schedule and details.
[17:53] Emmanuelle Huntress: even if it is a bunch of us on parcel stream drinking
[17:53] Gabrielle Riel: Yes. We've done that. Many times. :-)
[17:53] Adrianna Biziou smiles
[17:54] Gabrielle Riel: Any general questions about Mardi Gras?
[17:54] Gabrielle Riel: Miz Gabi is on schedule in spite of the 5 minute crash.
[17:55] Gabrielle Riel: Finally, my land baron blog post. I just wanted to make sure that my residents saw that.
[17:55] Gabrielle Riel: Because 2 weeks ago there was a LOT of frantic terror rolling around in Caledon.
[17:55] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): Consternation and Uproar!
[17:55] Gabrielle Riel: And I did not want you all to think that that would happen to us.
[17:55] Pete (peteewheatstraw): I have enough Cajun Music to perpetuate the crowds ---- can play my music or DJ!
[17:56] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): I do not think I saw it.
[17:56] Gabrielle Riel: I apologize for the length of the blog post, but I needed to get it all out there.
[17:56] Gabrielle Riel: Hello Miss Manu :-)
[17:56] Emmanuelle Huntress: Lots of drama and hair pulling and eye rolling
[17:56] Pete (peteewheatstraw): That was such a wonderful article!!!!
[17:56] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) chuckles at Fraulein Huntress
[17:56] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): Much wailing, so gnashing of teeth.
[17:56] Adrianna Biziou: Greetings Manu
[17:56] Gabrielle Riel: It's information that has never really been "put out there" before.
[17:57] -Manu- (llysiau): Nodded to the present company as she took a seat, "Good Evening Miz Gaby, everybody"
[17:57] Adrianna Biziou whispers to Gabrielle that the new arrival ha sbeen attacked by her chair
[17:57] Emmanuelle Huntress glares at the chair
[17:57] Gabrielle Riel: I am so never using these chairs again.
[17:57] Adrianna Biziou: lme meeps
[17:57] Emmanuelle Huntress: Bad chair.
[17:57] Gabrielle Riel: My poor residents, being tossed around by the furniture
[17:58] Gabrielle Riel: I know that some of you are in Caledon and others are not.
[17:58] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): Hmmm.
[17:58] Gabrielle Riel: So some of you missed the uproar.
[17:58] -Manu- (llysiau): :) bewitched furniture!
[17:58] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): Not quite as menacing as trolleys, but more of a menace that your average exploding turkey.
[17:59] Gabrielle Riel: So now you know all the gory details behind sim ownership!
[17:59] Gabrielle Riel: And I am not going to be blocked by LL.
[18:00] Gabrielle Riel: Well, as long as I pay our tier. ;-) But that has not been a problem for 5+ years.
[18:00] Gabrielle Riel: And the transition to St John has done exactly what I wanted. It strengthened us.
[18:00] -Manu- (llysiau): I guess i will need to check the log...
[18:00] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) lifts his head as the clock chimes, and checks his watch.
[18:00] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): I do beg your pardon.
[18:01] Adrianna Biziou: If you eber do need assistnacein maintaining the estate, you should not feel bad about telling the estates reisdents and askign for support ... we will help
[18:01] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): Good hunting, sir.
[18:01] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) bows
[18:01] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): The Baronin is waiting for me.
[18:01] Gabrielle Riel: Here is the blog post if you have not read it:
[18:01] -Manu- (llysiau): Nodded to the departing gentlemna
[18:01] Adrianna Biziou: yes I have , i know of what you wrote all to well
[18:01] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): Can't keep her waiting, Gute Nacht, Herr Baron
[18:01] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Not at all, Fraulein Crono.
[18:01] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): Not with her swordwork.
[18:01] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) grins
[18:01] Adrianna Biziou: Good night Baron
[18:02] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Gute Nacht.
[18:02] Vanda de la Rose-Noir (vanda.darkrose): Good night, Baron
[18:02] Gabrielle Riel: Do any of you have any questions about my post? Concerns? Or any other questions in general?
[18:02] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): It was good to see the differences there.
[18:02] Gabrielle Riel: Btw - I have only received positive feedback on the post
[18:02] Gabrielle Riel: No one coming at me with a knife
[18:02] Adrianna Biziou: In termsr of keeping your estate running, what i meant above was that i am sure some of your residents would be happuy to pay monies above their rental in order to keep the etstae here
[18:03] Adrianna Biziou: an anonymous and discretly placed estate tip jjar would be a good idea
[18:03] Gabrielle Riel: I really, REALLY hesitate to do that.
[18:03] Gabrielle Riel: Although I am totally fine about encouraging people to lease more parcels!
[18:03] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): Something discreet, like a vase on the mantle.
[18:03] Emmanuelle Huntress: Without sounding flip, pay your tier.
[18:03] Adrianna Biziou: I know I know, you do not wish to be seen as begging and i undertsand tat
[18:03] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): just pay the meters on time, and try not to abandon without warning.
[18:04] Adrianna Biziou: we will
[18:04] Ms. CC Creeggan (cronocloud.creeggan): abandoning parcels without warning makes baby catgirls cry.
[18:04] Emmanuelle Huntress: Don't run off without warning
[18:04] Adrianna Biziou: and we will on seeing available plots try to pull friends in :90
[18:04] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey) chuckles at CC's comment.
[18:04] Gabrielle Riel: There have unfortunately been some bad precedents set in the Steamlands with residents chipping in extra money.
[18:04] Adrianna Biziou: I am sorry that Hiraanio could not join us this vennig , she had Rl to attend to pfft
[18:04] Emmanuelle Huntress: Abandoned parcels make swamp women terse.
[18:05] Gabrielle Riel: You don't want Emma tense.
[18:05] Adrianna Biziou: evening* grrr typoknees
[18:05] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey): Tch, what do you expect, typing with your knees? ;)
[18:06] Adrianna Biziou: I invented that word to explain my pefect grammar with the keyboaord :)
[18:06] Gabrielle Riel: But we are in good shape. We have a few parcels open. If you ever hear of someone needing a parcel and you think they would be a good fit, bring them over.
[18:06] Annechen Löwey (annechen.lowey) chuckles.
[18:06] Gabrielle Riel: Luckily most folks here are oldbies, or they have been residents of mine for years, or both
[18:07] Gabrielle Riel: While we do get turnover, and while there will ALWAYS be people who come in and abandon
[18:07] Gabrielle Riel: The majority of folks here are stable and they are not going anywhere.
[18:07] Gabrielle Riel: But I think you can see from my post that it is *rough*.
[18:08] Gabrielle Riel: It is extraordinarily difficult to launch an estate and keep it going.
[18:08] Adrianna Biziou: yes
[18:09] Adrianna Biziou: especially in the EU when they suddenly wihotu warning levy a 20-30% tax on your land purhcases
[18:09] Gabrielle Riel: I think Steamlanders have a very different experience with estates. Most Steamlands estates have been around for *years*.
[18:09] Gabrielle Riel: With the same owners. That's atypical in SL.
[18:10] Gabrielle Riel: I am very happy with the switch to St john.
[18:10] Gabrielle Riel: It's worked out so well!
[18:10] Gabrielle Riel: And I am beyond grateful for that. And for all of you.
[18:10] Adrianna Biziou smiles
[18:10] Gabrielle Riel: So that is that for the official tea!
[18:11] Gabrielle Riel: It would have been one hour on the dot if it weren't for my darn crash.