St John Tea Transcripts - 04/16/2014

[17:01] Gabrielle Riel: Hello and welcome to tea! Thank you two for joining me. :-)
[17:02] Holocluck Henly: I recall that last time :) Hello Miz Gabi
[17:02] Gabrielle Riel: This tea has some fun and exciting topics. The “fun” is in regards to several social events we have coming up.
[17:02] Holocluck Henly: :)
[17:03] Gabrielle Riel: The “exciting” is in regards to my idea for potential expansion of our estate.
[17:03] Holocluck Henly: The bayou or the water?
[17:03] Emmanuelle Huntress: Yes
[17:03] Holocluck Henly: :)
[17:03] Holocluck Henly: !!
[17:03] Gabrielle Riel smiles'll see..... ;-)
[17:04] Gabrielle Riel: Ok - let’s get started. First topic: social stuff! Over the next two weeks I will be hosting three events here in St John.
[17:04] Gabrielle Riel: The first event is next Monday, April 21, is from 6-7:30pm SLT. It’s a “two for one” event. It is the Grand Reopening of the Nightingale and it is my 8th rezday.
[17:05] Holocluck Henly: Yay! to both!
[17:05] Gabrielle Riel: I’ve decided to make it a “Jazz Age” event, with music from mostly the 1920s. I’ll recommend dressy 1920s attire. Think Great Gatsby. I will likely run the music live on Radio Riel Ragtime.
[17:05] Holocluck Henly: I was wondering whether the nightingale was going to make a comeback
[17:05] Gabrielle Riel: Oh yes - I did not build it for nothing! :-)
[17:05] Holocluck Henly: And I figured you renamed all your events so they'd be under a category easy to locate
[17:06] Gabrielle Riel: The next event after that is going to be a ball in honor of Shakespeare’s 450th birthday. The ball will be at The Edison Ballroom here in St John Parish on Sunday, April 27, and it will run from 6-7:30pm SLT.
[17:06] Gabrielle Riel: This event will replace my usual monthly Swing Time show on that day that I do in Seraph City, but just for this month.
[17:07] Holocluck Henly nods
[17:07] Gabrielle Riel: Seraph City is getting ready to undergo renovations, so I would have likely needed to use a different venue anyway.
[17:07] Holocluck Henly: What sort of music have you planned?
[17:07] Gabrielle Riel: Swing time will be back next month, usual time and place.
[17:08] Gabrielle Riel: So, the Shakespeare Ball will be “formal” in terms of attire. As for “time frame”, think of this event as if we are celebrating Shakespeare’s 350th birthday in 1914. This means formal Edwardian attire. The music will be all classical.
[17:08] Gabrielle Riel: I have tons of classical music of Shakespeare plays, poems etc. I’ll also feature music of Shakespeare's time, the music of the Renaissance.
[17:08] Emmanuelle Huntress: I'll need to shop
[17:08] Gabrielle Riel grins
[17:09] Holocluck Henly: Menswear... you know what I think about that
[17:09] Emmanuelle Huntress: Yes I do
[17:09] Emmanuelle Huntress: :D
[17:09] Gabrielle Riel: The third event will be the first-ever event that we have in St John Woods!
[17:09] Holocluck Henly: heh
[17:10] Gabrielle Riel: Thursday, May 1 is May Day, or Beltane. I will be having a Beltane Ceremony/Dance on May 1st from 6-7:30pm SLT.
[17:10] Holocluck Henly: (the st john spring fling thing?)
[17:10] Holocluck Henly: Great! I'm off that day AND I am not hosting my own event
[17:10] Gabrielle Riel: Witchy Gabi does Beltane :-)
[17:10] Holocluck Henly: my boss lets me take off those days
[17:10] Emmanuelle Huntress: like another Beltane?
[17:11] Emmanuelle Huntress grins
[17:11] Holocluck Henly: beltane falls under a weekday. and I take a long birthday weekend
[17:11] Gabrielle Riel: It will be at the Celtic pavilion that is not too far from the hub. This event will be all pagan, Medieval music etc. So get ready to get your “wild” on that evening. :-)
[17:11] Emmanuelle Huntress: Do I need to get waxed boss?
[17:11] Gabrielle Riel: Yes you do Miss Emma
[17:11] Emmanuelle Huntress giggles
[17:11] Gabrielle Riel grins
[17:11] Holocluck Henly: I'm sure I can dig up some antlers
[17:11] Holocluck Henly: lol
[17:11] Gabrielle Riel: It should be a fun two weeks, with three very different and unique events. I’m looking forward to all of them.
[17:12] Holocluck Henly: me too. they all steer clear of things I'm doing
[17:12] Gabrielle Riel: Jazz Age, Shakespeare and Pagan Rites!
[17:12] Gabrielle Riel: :-D
[17:12] Holocluck Henly: and ON beltane too
[17:13] Gabrielle Riel: Ok, you guys ready to move on to our next topic? Or do you have any event questions?
[17:13] Emmanuelle Huntress: when is Wallypurgynots
[17:13] Holocluck Henly: I think there's a working maypole or two around SL. Marianne McCann knows probably. she hangs out with Robin Wood
[17:13] Gabrielle Riel: The Europans are doing that in Caledon Kittiwick on April 30.
[17:13] Emmanuelle Huntress: Cool
[17:13] Emmanuelle Huntress: Pagan overlaps
[17:13] Holocluck Henly: Wallywho?
[17:14] Gabrielle Riel: And I have at *least* 2 Maypoles in my inventory
[17:14] Emmanuelle Huntress: Its German
[17:14] Gabrielle Riel: The Germanic Beltane
[17:14] Holocluck Henly: ahh ok
[17:14] Gabrielle Riel tries to spell it
[17:14] Gabrielle Riel: Walpurgisnacht
[17:14] Gabrielle Riel: I think that is correct
[17:14] Holocluck Henly: a night ritual
[17:14] Holocluck Henly: hmm
[17:15] Gabrielle Riel: Something or other Night
[17:15] Gabrielle Riel: I looked at the AC calendar - all 3 of these events don't have too much competition
[17:16] Gabrielle Riel: So now....about estate expansion...
[17:16] Holocluck Henly: My Fantasy faire set is nowhere near these
[17:16] Holocluck Henly listens
[17:16] Gabrielle Riel: Back when I initially announced St John in December, I mentioned that it was my hope to eventually add a water sim that would connect St John Woods and St John Parish.
[17:17] Holocluck Henly looks beyond the gazebo at the edge
[17:17] Gabrielle Riel: We are now into April. We made it through the first quarter of the year with the estate basically full. That is a *huge* accomplishment and I have the St John residents to thank for that.
[17:17] Gabrielle Riel: (I am holding this tea here for a reason. :-) )
[17:17] Holocluck Henly: :)
[17:18] Gabrielle Riel: Resident commitment here is keeping us stable and strong, so now I can consider “water sim options”.
[17:18] Gabrielle Riel: I had initially thought about getting one of those Open Space water sims. The ones with only 750 prims and that only allow a maximum of 10 avatars in.
[17:19] Gabrielle Riel: The big problem with those sims is that they are a major hit against your budget.
[17:19] Holocluck Henly: really? versus a homestead?
[17:19] Gabrielle Riel: Yes
[17:19] Gabrielle Riel: They are $75 USD a month, and if you are a small 1-2 sim estate, that just sucks up a huge amount of money in your budget.
[17:20] Gabrielle Riel: You can't parcel or lease those sims either. They are 100% cost against the estate.
[17:20] Holocluck Henly: Were you thinking of putting some sort of lighthouse in the water?
[17:20] Gabrielle Riel: Large estates can absorb those costs. Not small ones.
[17:21] Gabrielle Riel: I have absolutely no idea what will be in the sim yet. I have not even thought that far ahead.
[17:21] Gabrielle Riel: I pondered the idea of a full sim, but that would not give us enough water. It would have to be full of parcels to cover its cost.
[17:21] Gabrielle Riel: In the last week, a potential solution finally hit me. What if I got a Homestead sim, like what I had with New Toulouse Pontchartrain and New Toulouse Crescent? Those sims allow up to 20 avatars and have 3750 prims.
[17:21] Holocluck Henly: oops
[17:22] Gabrielle Riel: Goodness
[17:22] Holocluck Henly: wb Miss Emma
[17:22] Gabrielle Riel: You ok Emma?
[17:22] Emmanuelle Huntress: cussing Time Warner again
[17:23] Gabrielle Riel: Ah ha
[17:23] Gabrielle Riel: Homestead sims are priced horribly though. They cost $125 USD a month. In order to simply break even on those sims in NT, they had to be full all the time and the residents were paying tier that was 25% more than what the residents on the full sims were paying. A bad deal all the way around.
[17:23] Holocluck Henly: What about renting a homestead. or you cant have it renamed
[17:24] Gabrielle Riel: I won't even rent from anyone in SL.
[17:24] Emmanuelle Huntress: still the same deal moneywise, or worse
[17:24] Gabrielle Riel: It would likely be worse
[17:24] Gabrielle Riel: The price would be inflated for profit to the estate owner - i would also NEVER put a sim not owned by me next to my sims
[17:25] Holocluck Henly: that would make sense
[17:25] Gabrielle Riel: In spite of being a bad deal, I think a Homestead is the way to go for our water sim. Here is what I am thinking:
[17:25] Gabrielle Riel: The sim will be named Lake St John. The entire Eastern half of the sim will be water.
[17:25] Gabrielle Riel: It will sit North of where we are sitting right now.
[17:26] Gabrielle Riel: The Western half of the sim will be a small Bayou, with 6-8 parcels for residents. The sim will be triple prim like SJW and SJP.
[17:27] Gabrielle Riel: And I will NOT charge the 25% higher tier. These parcels will be priced exactly like the parcels in SJW and SJP.
[17:27] Holocluck Henly: Will these be landmasses apart from St john Woods?
[17:27] Gabrielle Riel: Yes
[17:27] Gabrielle Riel: Well, most likely yes
[17:27] Holocluck Henly: to account for the climate
[17:27] Gabrielle Riel: There will be some form of visual transition, although I have no idea what it will be yet.
[17:28] Emmanuelle Huntress: fluffy clouds
[17:28] Holocluck Henly: I've been looking at the map. I can see why you left the northwest without any defined boundaries
[17:28] Gabrielle Riel: So now, all the folks who have been craving your Bayou are going to have the opportunity to have their little shack in the swamp!
[17:28] Gabrielle Riel: Hey Mari :-)
[17:29] Mari Moonbeam: Hi there, sorry I am late-- read " new sim " and rushed over
[17:29] Holocluck Henly: Hello Miss Moonbeam :)
[17:29] Gabrielle Riel chuckles
[17:29] Holocluck Henly: hehe
[17:29] Mari Moonbeam: Mr Henly and Miss Huntress --Hullo
[17:29] Emmanuelle Huntress: Bonjour
[17:30] Gabrielle Riel: (Summary: thinking of getting a Homestead sim. 1/2 water. 1/2 Bayou. Tier costs will be the same as SJW & SJP.)
[17:30] Mari Moonbeam: oh YUM
[17:30] Gabrielle Riel: If you have been tallying the numbers in your head, you will note that this plan means the sim will *always* be at a loss.
[17:30] Mari Moonbeam: yes
[17:30] Emmanuelle Huntress: Tell us more Gabi
[17:30] Emmanuelle Huntress: :D
[17:30] Mari Moonbeam: but you make it up in volume ;p
[17:30] Gabrielle Riel: But in my opinion it’s worth it to take a “small” monthly loss in order to connect all of our sims. And the monthly loss will be less than $75 USD a month, which I had actually considered paying!
[17:31] Holocluck Henly: depends on whether the other two sims can pick it up
[17:31] Gabrielle Riel: Right
[17:31] Mari Moonbeam: will it be double or triple prim ?
[17:31] Gabrielle Riel: Triple - same as SJW and SJP
[17:31] Gabrielle Riel: As of right now I have not purchased a sim for this. I am not sure when I will purchase a sim for this. It could be next week, it could be in a month.
[17:32] Gabrielle Riel: My initial goal is to determine how many people would be interested in leasing in the Lake St John sim.
[17:32] Mari Moonbeam: giggles that sounds classy for a swamp
[17:32] Gabrielle Riel: As I said, it will have roughly 6-8 parcels for residents.
[17:32] Emmanuelle Huntress: Don't it tho?
[17:33] Gabrielle Riel: Unless someone wants to lease like 2048 sq. m.! Then we'd end up with 3-4 parcels.
[17:33] Holocluck Henly: I have one of them rowin boats from my previous place of residence. I keep it in my attic in case the waterline rises you know
[17:33] Mari Moonbeam: 351 is a lot of prims for a dump with a still :)
[17:33] Gabrielle Riel: I know that some residents might want to trade their existing parcels for a parcel in the LSJ sim, so I have to do this “carefully”.
[17:34] Gabrielle Riel: The last thing I want is for a bunch of people to vacate Woods and Parish for LSJ and then leave those other two sims with too many vacancies.
[17:34] Emmanuelle Huntress: Amen
[17:34] Gabrielle Riel: Granted, Lake St john isn't going to have a ton of parcels, so that might "save" us.
[17:35] Gabrielle Riel: It's too bad that more people are not here tonight
[17:35] Mari Moonbeam: well-- I am talking out loud-- Linden requires a full region to get a homestead, you could require the same-- the rich have summer homes, not the poor
[17:35] Mari Moonbeam: so need at least a 512 to get a parcel there
[17:35] Holocluck Henly: Maybe some people like Lucille the lolita dolly will be enticed to move in. She loves bayou
[17:36] Gabrielle Riel: Because I had hoped to get a general idea of who might be interested.
[17:36] Mari Moonbeam: would a 2048 there be allowed to be an old Oak alley place ?
[17:36] Gabrielle Riel: I am going to contact Lilith Ivory too. I think she might get a parcel.
[17:37] Holocluck Henly: :)
[17:37] Gabrielle Riel: Yes, although I would likely place that parcel in the SE corner of the sim so that it kind of "joins" with Garden District Row here - the houses on Princess Street
[17:37] Mari Moonbeam: nods
[17:37] Gabrielle Riel: You can see how I have left this NW corner
[17:38] Gabrielle Riel: It's always been "open" and a little more "wild"
[17:38] Gabrielle Riel: Because I had hoped to put LSJ in North of here
[17:38] Gabrielle Riel: And then eventually a full sim to the West of that - Bayou St john
[17:39] Holocluck Henly: So eventually a 4th :)
[17:39] Gabrielle Riel: But I don't know (at this point) if I could fill a full Bayou sim with residents.
[17:39] Gabrielle Riel: What Lake St John will do is give me a few Bayou parcels I can offer to a few people.
[17:39] Mari Moonbeam: nods , with summer coming
[17:39] Gabrielle Riel: Exactly Mari
[17:39] Gabrielle Riel: That's my #1 concern
[17:40] Emmanuelle Huntress: Controlled sustainable expansion
[17:40] Holocluck Henly: the big summer break purge
[17:40] Gabrielle Riel: I *think* we'll be ok, because almost everyone who lives in SJP and SJW are long time, grownup oldbies who have things (jobs etc) that keep them here.
[17:40] Mari Moonbeam: using 512 as the smallest that tier is -- 600 ish? (I should knwo this )
[17:41] Gabrielle Riel: SJW basically has the same residents it has had since it launched - last summer did not even touch it.
[17:41] Holocluck Henly: I'd have to look mine up
[17:41] Gabrielle Riel: A 512 is $675 L per week
[17:41] Mari Moonbeam: honestly , just me , that is a lot for a swamp retreat
[17:41] Gabrielle Riel: I have no map, no sketch for this yet
[17:41] Holocluck Henly: imho you shouldnt offer higher than 1024. these arent supposed to be palaces and they'll still have lots to work with
[17:42] Gabrielle Riel: There will be 256s at $340 a week and 174 prims
[17:42] Mari Moonbeam: I get the triple prim but wonder if smaller or double ..
[17:42] Mari Moonbeam: YAYS
[17:42] Gabrielle Riel: I agree Holo
[17:42] Gabrielle Riel: I might consider 384 sq. m. as well
[17:43] Gabrielle Riel: I have very vague ideas in my mind
[17:43] Mari Moonbeam: and if spread out -- they can link a dock or something in theme and would work well
[17:43] Gabrielle Riel: A bayou...lots of water between all the parcels...many on their own little "islands'
[17:43] Gabrielle Riel: And, do you see to the West of us here
[17:43] Gabrielle Riel: The new sidewalk and lookout I put in?
[17:44] Mari Moonbeam: yes
[17:44] Gabrielle Riel: That road lines up *exactly* with Bewitch Way in SJW.
[17:44] Gabrielle Riel: I want to create some sort of "way" that connects the roads.
[17:45] Mari Moonbeam: so the middle path on LSJ is Bothered and here the landing is called Bewildered?
[17:45] Holocluck Henly: *rimshot*
[17:45] Mari Moonbeam: tanksuit
[17:45] Gabrielle Riel: Not a solid road all the way across the sim, but maybe some road, a bridge of two (that raise like I had in NT Bayou)...maybe a funky little ferry
[17:46] Gabrielle Riel: And twisty, jumpy across the sim...if that makes sense?
[17:46] Holocluck Henly: thought maybe a paddleboat along the east side if there was demand for it?
[17:46] Mari Moonbeam: as long as it doesn't run like a manhattan subway all over all the time
[17:46] Holocluck Henly: ferrying
[17:47] Mari Moonbeam: silence and peace is great in a Bayou
[17:47] Holocluck Henly: manhattan subway is underground :)
[17:47] Gabrielle Riel: But that's all i have in terms of layout ideas. I know from experience that if I cut a bunch of parcels, then people will come along and say "I like this spot Gabi, but can we make it a 768?"
[17:47] Holocluck Henly: silence! like the bugs and frogs and birds?
[17:47] Mari Moonbeam: yes
[17:47] Gabrielle Riel: And I will end up recutting a bunch of the parcels
[17:48] Gabrielle Riel: So...because of that, I am going to let the demand guide my layout
[17:48] Mari Moonbeam: since we are a small group another small bayou is so stuff with boats and trains and whatevers
[17:48] Holocluck Henly: very laid back :)
[17:48] Gabrielle Riel: As you said Holo, I won't likely cut any parcels larger than 1024
[17:48] Mari Moonbeam: good
[17:48] Gabrielle Riel: And even with those, I'll likely just cut 2 of them
[17:48] Holocluck Henly: we can leave a train out of it this time?
[17:49] Holocluck Henly: heh
[17:49] Gabrielle Riel: No plans for a train - at this point :-)
[17:49] Mari Moonbeam: I get a headache on the water "there"
[17:49] Mari Moonbeam: sad
[17:50] Gabrielle Riel: You guys have seen how I design a bayou
[17:50] Mari Moonbeam: yes-- I remember that morning
[17:50] Mari Moonbeam: it was amazing
[17:50] Mari Moonbeam: so so perfect
[17:50] Gabrielle Riel: So you already know what it will look like in general terms
[17:50] Holocluck Henly: except the part about prim gardens
[17:50] Mari Moonbeam: prim gardens?
[17:50] Mari Moonbeam: oh farms?
[17:51] Holocluck Henly: there were these parcels in NT - not bayou what was the other? which had these 1024 "gardens" which I think were used as prim farms
[17:51] Gabrielle Riel: Triple prim here has basically eradicated the need for those. That's one of the reasons I went triple prim.
[17:52] Gabrielle Riel: Because people *always* wanted more prims in those double prim parcels.
[17:52] Holocluck Henly: funny why cant I get the name
[17:52] Gabrielle Riel: New Toulouse Algiers?
[17:52] Holocluck Henly: YES!
[17:52] Mari Moonbeam: there was a reapeople tend gardens and take from farms
[17:52] Mari Moonbeam: forget the first part of that
[17:53] Gabrielle Riel chuckles
[17:53] Holocluck Henly: heh ok thats better
[17:53] Mari Moonbeam: this is a cool idea
[17:53] Mari Moonbeam: I like the smaller parcel options
[17:53] Gabrielle Riel: If there is anyone that you know that might be interested in a "bayou" parcel, please let them know.
[17:54] Holocluck Henly nods
[17:54] Holocluck Henly: wb again Miss Emma!
[17:54] Gabrielle Riel: Or if there is anyone who would like to move to SJP or SJW...we will likely have parcels open up in both sims due to transfers.
[17:54] Mari Moonbeam: wcb
[17:54] Gabrielle Riel: Hey Emma - you are having a very bad ISP night :-(
[17:54] Emmanuelle Huntress: I am
[17:54] Emmanuelle Huntress: gonna make a call in the morning
[17:54] Gabrielle Riel nods
[17:55] Mari Moonbeam: dsl?
[17:55] Emmanuelle Huntress: Time warner cable
[17:55] Gabrielle Riel: As of right now, I am holding off on buying a sim because I want to get a good deal on one.
[17:55] Holocluck Henly: Remember to uncheck "enable openGL vertex buffer objects" from your haardware settings under graphics in singularity and firestorm
[17:55] Mari Moonbeam: wow -that is not good
[17:56] Holocluck Henly has had good service since whatever happened last year sabotaged his upload throughput for 2 months
[17:56] Mari Moonbeam: I have that on and it helps me , older imac
[17:56] Gabrielle Riel: I belong to a "used sim" group and I am not pleased with the prices I am seeing out there.
[17:56] Emmanuelle Huntress: My dsl was slow, but pretty solid
[17:57] Mari Moonbeam: things seem to be pickign up
[17:57] Emmanuelle Huntress: this is very fast but drops about 5 times a day
[17:57] Holocluck Henly: with the sim changes I was getting crashes till I took that off
[17:57] Mari Moonbeam: I think Linden is letting huge estates stockpile sims in a drawer for little or no tier
[17:57] Gabrielle Riel: So Mari, if you hear of another Caledon Homestead biting the dust, please let me know!
[17:57] Mari Moonbeam: laughs
[17:58] Gabrielle Riel grins
[17:58] Gabrielle Riel: I want a good deal!
[17:58] Mari Moonbeam: I don't think sells them
[17:58] Holocluck Henly: better the devil you know...
[17:58] Mari Moonbeam: Des^
[17:58] Mari Moonbeam: I didn't see the last one reposted on the sim list
[17:58] Mari Moonbeam: no name change
[17:58] Mari Moonbeam: pro taking a capital loss
[17:59] Gabrielle Riel: It would depend on if he had a buyer
[17:59] Gabrielle Riel: Probably
[17:59] Gabrielle Riel: He does not belong to the For Sale by Owner group
[17:59] Gabrielle Riel: But all of the rest of us do. (Me, Serra, Tenk etc)
[17:59] Gabrielle Riel: Charlene Trudeau
[17:59] Mari Moonbeam: Des Magic is in it per that profile
[18:00] Gabrielle Riel: Ah ha
[18:00] Gabrielle Riel: Well, the clock is striking 6pm SLT
[18:00] Emmanuelle Huntress: mais oui
[18:00] Holocluck Henly: that could be my watch
[18:00] Mari Moonbeam: gonna go tell my gator he may not be in the inventory fro long
[18:00] Mari Moonbeam: for
[18:00] Gabrielle Riel: So we are technically at the end of our hour. I've given you all the info I have re: Lake St John.