Rooms for Rent: The Return of the St John Pension

Back when I owned New Toulouse, I had one of those residents that I call a "flipper".

Gabrielle Riel's Definition of Flipper: Someone who leases a parcel and then abandons it within a few weeks.

Flippers come in two flavors:

1. Someone who leases, then abandons quickly, and who then returns in a few weeks or months and then leases a parcel and abandons it quickly. Continue ad infinitum.

2. Someone who leases a parcel and who tells me how fabulous my estate is and how they have so many wonderful plans for things they are going to do in my estate. Their effusiveness tends to be over the top. Then, in a few weeks, they abandon.

So much for all those plans huh? I've actually learned to take over-the-top compliments and tons of fabulous plans as a sign that that person IS a flipper.

The flipper I mention above was a flavor 2. Tons of plans. IMd me a lot to tell me about the plans.

Then the resident abandoned within weeks with no notice. Unfortunately that resident had two very large parcels, parcels that are difficult to lease because they are so big.

I brainstormed. I asked myself how I could effectively lease that land and the thought that came to my mind was to create an apartment building on one of the parcels.

When I was a brand newbie in April 2006, I searched far and wide for an apartment or something like it. I needed a place to stay temporarily while I waited for the 5th Caledon sim to arrive. (Caledon Tamrannoch - I was a founder.)

I could not find anything at all! And I never forgot what that felt like. I had always hoped to create apartments someday because I knew there was a need for them. Apartments are also very cost effective.

I asked my intrepid architect Mr. Breitman to build me an apartment building. I wanted it to have six rooms. As always, he came up with something wonderful. He's such a master of maximizing space in the most creative ways.

Thus the New Toulouse Pension was born. I was initially very curious. Would it draw residents? Would it fill? Would it remain empty and be a total flop?

It ended up being a smashing success. The Pension filled and stayed filled. It was so popular that I added another apartment building that I named the Conciergerie and it filled up with residents and stayed filled!

My initial layout plans for St John did not contain a parcel for the Pension. Several people asked me if I was going to have a Pension and I said no, I did not have room for it.

St John has been on the grid for 6 months now. I have been able to tweak its layout a little bit on the edges as I have learned what residents like and need. Finally after 6 months....

The St John Pension is back!

It has 6 rooms. Each room costs $225 L per week and has an allotment of 117 prims. This is identical to the cost and prim amount per room that I had in the New Toulouse Pension. None of the rooms are occupied as of this writing, but I expect that to change quickly.

If you or anyone you know would like to lease an apartment in the lovely St John Parish sim, use the following SLURL to teleport to the Pension: . Click the vacancy sign for a notecard of information about the Pension.

Thank you, dear Flipper from years ago! If it weren't for you, I would have likely never discovered the benefit of having apartments in my estate.

Lemonade from lemons my dears. Lemonade from lemons.  I look forward to meeting the folks who become residents of the Pension!