St John Tea Transcripts - 08/06/2014

[18:03] Gabrielle Riel: I have a LOT to cover tonight. More than usual and you all know that I do my best to fit tea into one hour.

[18:03] Gabrielle Riel: So I am going to get this going!

[18:03] Gabrielle Riel: I would greatly appreciate it if you could hold on questions until I complete an overview of each topic. When I complete the overview, I will say that and then I will ask for questions because I very much want to address them.

[18:04] Gabrielle Riel: Ready? Buckle your seat belts! Here we go...

[18:04] Holocluck Henly nods

[18:04] DawnMcCormick grins

[18:04] Gabrielle Riel: Our first topic is the St John Market.

[18:05] Gabrielle Riel: The market is right out here in the square. It’s in the building that looks like a miniature version of the actual French Market in NOLA.

[18:05] Gabrielle Riel: My intention for that space was to offer items to St John’s visitors. Freebies, although I hate that term because so many freebies in SL are total garbage. I don’t want garbage in our market.

[18:06] Gabrielle Riel: The market has remained empty since we opened. It’s time to change that.

[18:06] Holocluck Henly: I've had my Mister Bingle inspired shoulder pal

[18:06] Holocluck Henly: Der Bingle

[18:06] Holocluck Henly: (childhood icon on classic tv during holiday season)

[18:06] Gabrielle Riel: The market has remained empty since we opened. It’s time to change that.

[18:06] DawnMcCormick nods

[18:06] Gabrielle Riel: I just said that, didn't I? :-P

[18:06] Holocluck Henly can box that up

[18:07] DawnMcCormick: yes :)

[18:07] Gabrielle Riel is tired.

[18:07] Holocluck Henly: is this before or after the flood

[18:07] Holocluck Henly: oops I didnt say that

[18:07] Gabrielle Riel: I have asked our estate managers CronoCloud Creeggan and Emmanuelle Huntress to work with residents to stock the market. They will be sending out notecards shortly to all of you to determine who would like to provide something for the market.

[18:08] DawnMcCormick: I wonder if the "I love gators" shirt my sister once made was good enough for the market

[18:08] Gabrielle Riel: They will give you all of the necessary details for the procedures of placing something in the market. I am not going into those details here and now because they only apply to some of you.

[18:08] Gabrielle Riel: All you need to know is that Emma and CC are helping me get some items in our woefully empty market and that you will be hearing from them with the details in a day or two.

[18:08] Holocluck Henly: You want us to keep the theme timeless and olde style?

[18:09] Gabrielle Riel: If at all possible. But NOLA theme, like the gator tshirt would work.

[18:09] Holocluck Henly ponders his king cake baby gatcha for maison bleu

[18:09] Gabrielle Riel: Shoot for vintage, but NOLA of any era is good too.

[18:09] Holocluck Henly: (t shirts of the scary mascot)

[18:10] Gabrielle Riel: The deadline will be two weeks from today, but you'll get the notecard with the details.

[18:10] Gabrielle Riel: The ladies are each going to take half of the residents.

[18:10] Gabrielle Riel: So more info will follow from them.

[18:11] Gabrielle Riel: That's all I have about the market. It's their baby. Any more questions on that?

[18:11] Holocluck Henly: :)

[18:11] Gabrielle Riel: Ok then, it’s time for our second topic: the free builds for St John Parish.

[18:12] Gabrielle Riel: Most of you know that all of the prefab builds created by Eclectric Breitman for St John Parish (actually, they were originally created for New Toulouse Bourbon) are available to all residents at no cost.

[18:12] Gabrielle Riel: Residents receive builds with Mod, Copy, No Trans perms so you can customize them as you wish. I also recommend that you convex the builds, which essentially cuts the prim count in half.

[18:13] Gabrielle Riel: If you do not know how to convex, have no worries. Contact me and I will explain it to you. :-)

[18:13] Holocluck Henly raises his hand

[18:13] Gabrielle Riel: Hold that thought!

[18:13] Gabrielle Riel: Until now, I have just had residents contact me for builds on a case by case basis. That has changed.

[18:14] Gabrielle Riel: I have started placing boxed versions of the builds out on the shelves upstairs here in the Edison Ballroom so you can get copies on your own.

[18:14] Gabrielle Riel: The only thing you will need to do is to wear your Riel Estates Residents tag when you click the boxes. They are configured to only give the builds to members of the Riel Estates Residents group. You can take as many as you wish.

[18:15] Gabrielle Riel: I don’t have all of the builds out yet, but I am working on adding the ones that are missing.

[18:15] Gabrielle Riel: Ok - question from Holo?

[18:15] Holocluck Henly: Yes two comments really. As you know I'm customizing one now for the parish.

[18:16] Gabrielle Riel: Yes. Which one did you select?

[18:16] Holocluck Henly: First, theyre very old builds and while Mr B may be very busy, many are very primmy because they were created before we had 64m limit

[18:16] Holocluck Henly: SJ: Pixzel's European Club 2014 - Boxed

[18:16] Gabrielle Riel: Ok

[18:17] Holocluck Henly: I did because the 2nd floor has its own entrance and I am thinking of a sort of speakeasy style

[18:17] Holocluck Henly: the mainland I had my club on has sold so the future of swing will be here

[18:17] Holocluck Henly: somewhere lol

[18:18] Holocluck Henly: anyway yes there are many instances where maybe making one where there are 2 or more prims for floors that sort of thing

[18:18] Holocluck Henly: but about the convex

[18:18] Gabrielle Riel: The nice thing about these builds is that they convex perfectly.

[18:18] Holocluck Henly: i learned a little because I used that at my Relay For Life build

[18:18] Gabrielle Riel: With 2, 3 clicks you have half the prim count.

[18:18] Holocluck Henly: I couldnt get into my building at one point there and we realized because I convexed a doorway

[18:18] Gabrielle Riel: Yep! That's one of the things I explain to folks!

[18:19] Holocluck Henly: anything with a pathcut or hollow will "fill in" with convex

[18:19] DawnMcCormick giggles and nods

[18:19] Holocluck Henly: My friend showed me

[18:19] Gabrielle Riel: You know, I think I might make a video of that.

[18:19] Gabrielle Riel: For training

[18:19] DawnMcCormick: and NEVER try to convex sculpties ;-)

[18:19] Holocluck Henly: to basically edit prims and convex each piece and leave the doorways as prims

[18:19] Gabrielle Riel: Hi Mari :-)

[18:19] DawnMcCormick: Hi Mari

[18:19] Holocluck Henly: yeah because they'll act like they arent phantom regardless

[18:19] Mari Moonbeam: Hello Gabi and all :)

[18:19] Holocluck Henly: Hello Miss Mari :)

[18:20] Gabrielle Riel: The fact that he did not use sculpties gave the builds new life with convexing.

[18:20] Holocluck Henly: Sculpts and mesh are nice and good

[18:20] Holocluck Henly: but our viewers dont need additional resources to render prims

[18:20] Holocluck Henly: they do for the other two types

[18:20] Gabrielle Riel: And yes, they can be primmed even more in their current states.

[18:21] Gabrielle Riel: be DE-primmed, I meant to say

[18:21] Gabrielle Riel: Do you have any more questions about the free builds?

[18:21] Mari Moonbeam: Came in laste, where can we get them ?

[18:21] Mari Moonbeam: late

[18:21] Gabrielle Riel: Upstaires

[18:22] Gabrielle Riel: Here

[18:22] Mari Moonbeam: oh nice

[18:22] Holocluck Henly: above us :)

[18:22] Gabrielle Riel: I am working on prefabs for Woods. They will go on the empty shelves on the other side of the fireplace.

[18:22] Holocluck Henly: I brought it down to 60 and havent yet gotten to the convexing

[18:23] Gabrielle Riel: You are going to have one seriously low prim build!

[18:23] Holocluck Henly: so much the better

[18:23] Gabrielle Riel: Yep!

[18:23] Gabrielle Riel: Moving on to our third topic: The St John Ball.

[18:23] Gabrielle Riel: Starting this Saturday, August 9, I will be hosting a formal ball with classical music on the second Saturday of every month here in The Edison Ballroom from 6-7:30pm SLT.

[18:24] Gabrielle Riel: Here is my definition of “formal ball” in St John in 2014: classical music, formal attire, couples dances for couples and those who wish to switch partners. Some sort of group dance of classical singles dance for everyone else.

[18:24] Valentina Coeur: Hello, all. I'm sorry to be so late.

[18:25] Holocluck Henly: :) Hello Miss Valentina

[18:25] Gabrielle Riel: There will be no dance cards. There will be no required couples dancing. The majority of people who attend events like this are single, and mostly women. All-inclusive, comfortable group dances are a must.

[18:25] Valentina Coeur smiles

[18:25] Holocluck Henly: that ball looks official but not formal

[18:25] Valentina Coeur: Hello, Mr. Henly

[18:25] Gabrielle Riel: Attire is formal. Music too.

[18:25] DawnMcCormick: Hi Miss Valentina :)

[18:25] Valentina Coeur smiles

[18:25] Valentina Coeur: Hi, Miss Dawn.

[18:25] Gabrielle Riel: I am also declaring the ball a “light roleplay-friendly event”. The primary goal of the ball is for us to have fun with our neighbors and friends and to enjoy classical music. A secondary goal is to get St John residents comfortable with “playing like it’s 1914”.

[18:25] Valentina Coeur: A ball? That sounds exciting!

[18:26] Valentina Coeur laughs

[18:26] Holocluck Henly: May I ask whether it will be on ragtime and main?

[18:26] Valentina Coeur: Sounds wonderful!

[18:26] Gabrielle Riel: It will not be on RR

[18:26] Gabrielle Riel: At all

[18:26] Holocluck Henly: aha!

[18:26] Gabrielle Riel: It will be on my personal stream

[18:26] Holocluck Henly: I think i have that in my winamp

[18:27] Gabrielle Riel: It's not good for me to do "live" events in SL as much.

[18:27] Gabrielle Riel: Over half of our listeners at this point are non SL.

[18:27] Gabrielle Riel: So a live SL event would sound weird

[18:27] Holocluck Henly: in a way that's awesome

[18:27] Valentina Coeur: That's quite something, Miss Gabrielle!

[18:27] Mari Moonbeam: oh that is great

[18:27] Gabrielle Riel: It is - it's what I've always wanted

[18:27] Valentina Coeur smiles

[18:27] Gabrielle Riel: And I can still do SL events here on my stream

[18:28] Valentina Coeur: Well, congratulations

[18:28] Holocluck Henly: Is this from them finding your mp3s of recorded events?

[18:28] Gabrielle Riel: ty!

[18:28] Gabrielle Riel: I think it's just more people learning about us.

[18:28] Gabrielle Riel: I am now a regular panel member on Talk of the Tavern at least twice a month

[18:28] Gabrielle Riel: So there is a large population who are not SL and know nothing about SL

[18:29] Gabrielle Riel: Nor do I talk about SL

[18:29] Gabrielle Riel: So - personal stream for our ball

[18:29] Gabrielle Riel: The monthly St John Ball is something that I have wanted to do for *years*. I finally have a chance now and I am very excited.

[18:29] Holocluck Henly raises his hand

[18:30] Gabrielle Riel: Oui Holo?

[18:31] Holocluck Henly: I want to make it official. I will be bringing my monthly swing event to St John starting in September, first Saturday of each month. I'll have to figure a new name for it :) but it's come home. And independent of any random old jazz things I like to put on

[18:31] Gabrielle Riel: Excellent! I will put you on the calendar! 6-8pm SLT?

[18:31] Holocluck Henly: My style is a bit different from miz Gabi or Mr pearse, and alas Mr pearse has been on hiatus since the seraph closing

[18:31] Holocluck Henly: yes thank you :)

[18:31] Gabrielle Riel: That's an additional regular monthly event for St John. :-)

[18:32] Holocluck Henly: so that's 3 nights a month with something going on here plus an afternoon

[18:32] Holocluck Henly: and anything else that just happens

[18:32] Gabrielle Riel: Yes :-)

[18:32] Gabrielle Riel: Any more ball questions?

[18:33] Gabrielle Riel: Here we go with topic number four: a bayou for St John.

[18:33] Gabrielle Riel: I don’t have too much to say here. I explained the details in the update I sent out about a week ago.

[18:34] Gabrielle Riel: I’m just looking for interest. How many people would be interested in leasing in a full sim bayou? (that's a rhetorical question :-) )

[18:34] Holocluck Henly: Depends on how many people :)

[18:34] Gabrielle Riel: As of right now, we are NOT getting a bayou sim. I am still doing the needs assessment. Is there enough demand for it to survive financially and NOT harm the other three St John sims?

[18:34] Gabrielle Riel: I don’t have the answer. One thing I can tell you: if we do it, it will be expensive. There will be rental rights down payments needed. I won’t move on it unless I have enough support from potential residents.

[18:35] Gabrielle Riel: The “expensive” is due to the fact that the used sim market has changed drastically in the last year. Demand is far outstripping supply. It is a total sellers market.

[18:35] Mari Moonbeam: Is there a waiting list for the Lake now?

[18:35] Holocluck Henly: sounds contrary to all the doom sayers

[18:35] Gabrielle Riel: Not officially, but people have asked about it in general

[18:35] Gabrielle Riel: And it IS contrary :-)

[18:36] Gabrielle Riel: About a month ago it took an estate owner friend of mine 4 days to get his hands on a used full sim

[18:36] Mari Moonbeam: I think -pure guess--Linden is allowing
the big fish landlords to stick them away and then pull them out for little or no cost. So all their extras are staying off market

[18:36] Gabrielle Riel: 4 days is insanely long compared to what it used to be

[18:37] Gabrielle Riel: And this was in summer!

[18:37] DawnMcCormick: do you think this will change again in near future?

[18:37] Gabrielle Riel: Which is abandon season!

[18:37] Gabrielle Riel: I don't see it changing.

[18:37] DawnMcCormick nods

[18:37] Gabrielle Riel: The grid shed the sims it needed to shed

[18:37] Holocluck Henly: I'll be honest. I may be more interested in a tiny spot in the woods again once the leaves begin to turn

[18:37] Gabrielle Riel: And what's there now cycles right back to a new owner immediately

[18:38] Holocluck Henly: I'm not reliable though. that's more a seasonal yen

[18:38] Gabrielle Riel: The only way these prices will drop is if the market is somehow flooded with empty sims

[18:38] Gabrielle Riel: And i don't see that happening

[18:39] Holocluck Henly: there has to be far more demand. maybe the events will make it worth while eventually

[18:39] Gabrielle Riel: It took about 2.5 years for the used land market to recover

[18:39] Gabrielle Riel: But it has

[18:39] Gabrielle Riel: So, please let me know if you or anyone you know would be interested in leasing in a bayou. I truly hope we can make it happen, but I won’t guarantee it.

[18:40] Gabrielle Riel: I think we'd be lucky to have one by Christmas.

[18:40] Gabrielle Riel: If at all

[18:40] Holocluck Henly: I'll say this. not too much yellow on the map for summer

[18:40] Mari Moonbeam: Excellent

[18:40] Gabrielle Riel: We're basically full and have been all summer.

[18:41] Gabrielle Riel: Welcome Miss Kylee! Feel free to join us!

[18:41] Gabrielle Riel: Does anyone have any questions about the bayou topic?

[18:41] Gabrielle Riel: And finally...THE topic of the night: our hurricane!

[18:41] DawnMcCormick: yay

[18:42] Gabrielle Riel: I have a TON of info to share with you on this, so be patient and write your questions down.

[18:42] Gabrielle Riel: Some of you lived with me in New Toulouse and you are familiar with what happens during one of my Gabi Weather Extravaganzas.

[18:42] Holocluck Henly witholds a squee

[18:43] Gabrielle Riel: However we also have a lot of new residents. It’s very important to me that you (residents old and new) know exactly what to expect for this event.

[18:43] Gabrielle Riel: We have two MAJOR events each year: the first is Mardi Gras, the second is the hurricane. It’s a very big deal.

[18:43] Gabrielle Riel: Here is what I can tell you so far about our hurricane. It’s name will be Hurricane Diane. It will occur on Friday, August 22, Saturday, August 23 and Sunday, August 24.

[18:44] Gabrielle Riel: Pronounced the French way - deeanne

[18:44] Holocluck Henly: (the last one was Charles)

[18:44] Gabrielle Riel: Make that ahhhhn

[18:44] Gabrielle Riel: dee ahhhn :-)

[18:44] Mari Moonbeam: Like Prince Charles and the former Lady Diana

[18:44] Mari Moonbeam: ;p

[18:44] Gabrielle Riel: There’s an explanation behind the name: In RL, every storm season there are names for all the storms, from A-Z, and alternating male and female.

[18:44] Holocluck Henly: ah!

[18:45] Holocluck Henly: B was bernadette. What was the first one?

[18:45] Gabrielle Riel grins - yeah weird in joke in that I know

[18:45] Gabrielle Riel: I decided to adopt the male-female naming convention when I had my first hurricane in New Toulouse in 2010. As we would only have one hurricane a year, the first year would have a male “A” name, the second year a “B” female name and so on.

[18:45] Gabrielle Riel: So this is what we had: 2010 was Hurricane Adolphe. 2011 was Hurricane Bernadette. 2012 was Hurricane Charles. 2013 I did not own a NOLA estate and 2014 is Hurricane Diane.

[18:46] Holocluck Henly has pics on flickr of Bernadette and Charles

[18:46] Gabrielle Riel: I am now going to give you a summary of what happens, and on which days:

[18:47] Gabrielle Riel: On Friday morning, I will apply the custom windlight settings I have for the environment. It’s gray and cloudy. It will begin to rain, but not heavily. As the day progresses the rain will increase and I’ll add thunder and lightning.

[18:47] Holocluck Henly: Hello Miss Emma!

[18:47] Emma Portilo: good tea to all, please pardon me for being late

[18:47] Gabrielle Riel becomes distracted from her agenda by Emma's dress - I LOVE that!

[18:48] Gabrielle Riel: I will also start to raise the water level in the estate, very slowly. The storm will get worse and the water will rise through Saturday.

[18:48] Emma Portilo smiles, taking a small cookie "thank you Ms Riel"

[18:48] Gabrielle Riel: Don’t forget the eye! It will happen at some point on Saturday. The time is always a surprise.

[18:48] Gabrielle Riel: After the eye, the fierce storm returns. The storm will start to abate on Sunday morning. It goes slowly and the water drops slowly.

[18:49] Gabrielle Riel: I have my Swing event at 6pm SLT that Sunday night at The Nightingale, and the storm will be over by then, with all rain gone and the water back to its normal level so my show will go off as usual.

[18:49] Holocluck Henly: :)

[18:49] Gabrielle Riel: The hurricane will affect all three of our sims. SJP and LSJ will be VERY underwater. SJW will be a mix. Those of you on the hill will be totally safe from the water. Those of you at ground level will have water in your houses but they won’t be submerged.

[18:50] Gabrielle Riel: We lost Miss Val - she is one of the few whose house is on the hill.

[18:50] Holocluck Henly had a rooftop party Saturday afternoon. may do again RL permitting

[18:50] Gabrielle Riel: So, you are probably wondering what I use to make this all happen.

[18:51] Holocluck Henly: strings?

[18:51] Gabrielle Riel: I’ve used a variety of things over the years. I’ve tried to upgrade to better quality items, but some of the thing I use are decidedly old school.

[18:51] Mari Moonbeam: "magic"

[18:51] Emma Portilo raises her hand slowly, "is it too late to purchase flood insurance?"

[18:51] Gabrielle Riel: Actually no! I'd HIGHLY recommend you get some Miss Emma.

[18:51] Gabrielle Riel: HIGHLY

[18:51] Gabrielle Riel: As you are in SJP :-)

[18:51] Emma Portilo gasps

[18:51] Holocluck Henly: Should we be concerned about the hmmm "other residents" in the parish who may awaken?

[18:52] Gabrielle Riel: Possibly...we'll see how much mayhem the storm itself makes

[18:52] Gabrielle Riel: I don't want to go all manic, but we'll see.

[18:52] Holocluck Henly: We had to bring in neighboring military a couple times in the past

[18:53] Gabrielle Riel: Will it be laggy? I’d say there’s a chance at certain times. Not constant lag, but occasionally. How would those of you who have experienced this before describe the lag?

[18:53] Mari Moonbeam: Not much of a bump at all

[18:53] Gabrielle Riel: I never had problems with the lag, but I was in the sims constantly. Everything was loaded on my machine.

[18:53] DawnMcCormick: my sister was still on an old viewer during the last hurricane and could hardl crawl lol

[18:53] Holocluck Henly: If your computer can handle atmospheric shaders you'll love the ambience

[18:54] DawnMcCormick: but it was worth it

[18:54] Gabrielle Riel: One thing that has changed since the last time I ran a hurricane is that there are mesh objects for precipitation. I will likely use some of those, but they are an unknown quantity to me in our hurricane.

[18:54] Gabrielle Riel: They might rock...or suck. We'll find out!

[18:54] Holocluck Henly: keep the ole reliables hande

[18:54] Holocluck Henly: handy LOL

[18:54] Gabrielle Riel: I used them for snow this winter and they were nice...but that was just snow and not all this other crazy stuff I put in.

[18:55] Gabrielle Riel: There will be crazy waves. There will be sound effects on the estate audio. There will probably be some new things I have never used!

[18:55] Gabrielle Riel: (I apologize in advance, this will go past the top of the hour, but not too much)

[18:56] Gabrielle Riel: I want to make sure that you all have a general understanding of what will happen. You WILL more than likely have water in your house. Of course it’s not *real* water, although one year in New Toulouse there was one resident who did not seem to understand that.

[18:56] DawnMcCormick grins

[18:56] Gabrielle Riel: She also neglected to pay attention to the millions of notices, IMs and meeting transcripts that explained everything about the hurricane. Needless to say other residents told her to put a sock in it if she could not be bothered to read all the info I put out about it.

[18:57] Gabrielle Riel: My goal for this is for it to be *fun*. On one hand you can make an adventure out of it. Ride around in boats...or make your roof float away!

[18:57] Emma Portilo: hehehe

[18:57] Gabrielle Riel: We do have something this year that we have never had before. St John Woods!

[18:57] Gabrielle Riel: St John Woods is magic. This is an opportunity for you SJW residents to go nuts. Make your homes float in the air above the water. Add any magical touches that you can think of! Just keep in mind that some things, like the water level, can’t be changed.

[18:57] Mari Moonbeam: and control-alt-shift-7 keys hit all at once makes water go and repeat and back if you lose a shoe or soemthing under the sofa

[18:58] Gabrielle Riel: SJW residents can open their homes if they choose to take in refugees from the other sims. It’s totally up to you all to do what you want.

[18:58] Gabrielle Riel: If you ever have a question as to if something is ok or not, you can always ask me. I’ve never had a magic sim during the hurricane before! I have no idea where things will go!

[18:59] Gabrielle Riel: I want everyone to know that I do this hurricane every year while keeping in mind the real destruction and grief that real hurricanes cause. I do not want to make light of real tragedy.

[19:00] Holocluck Henly: I think if you dragged it beyond a weekend it could be a different matter. your timing is just right

[19:00] Gabrielle Riel: We have residents from New Orleans here in St John who were affected by Hurricane Katrina in real life. While I do this event as way to do something unique in Second Life and for all of you, I don’t want to cause emotional distress while doing it.

[19:00] Holocluck Henly raises hand Betsy

[19:00] Gabrielle Riel: My goal is to do this while remaining respectful to those of us who have experienced this for real.

[19:00] Gabrielle Riel: Oui Holo?

[19:01] Holocluck Henly: no I was in NOLA during hurricane betsy in RL

[19:01] Gabrielle Riel: Oh!

[19:01] Gabrielle Riel: Gotcha

[19:01] Gabrielle Riel: We have one resident here who lost everything.

[19:01] Gabrielle Riel: In katrina

[19:01] Mari Moonbeam: aww

[19:01] DawnMcCormick: :(

[19:02] Holocluck Henly: wow. are they still in NOLA or did they relocate?

[19:02] Gabrielle Riel: And who was forced to leave NOLA because of that

[19:02] Holocluck Henly: many moved to TX or baton rouge

[19:02] Gabrielle Riel: This was someone who was born there, with family history there

[19:02] Gabrielle Riel: This resident lives here so they can feel like they have a piece of home.

[19:02] Gabrielle Riel: Which I consider an honor.

[19:03] Holocluck Henly: I hope they enjoy this as an adventure. You are very careful to limit the run and then it's done. It's a fun little weekend

[19:03] Gabrielle Riel: And we have many current NOLA residents

[19:03] Gabrielle Riel: And people born in NOLA who left and live elsewhere now

[19:04] Gabrielle Riel: Or people who lived there at some point in their lives, like Holo :-)

[19:04] Gabrielle Riel: There is quite a bit of “documented history” on my previous hurricanes. I am now going to provide you with a big long list of links right here in chat.

[19:04] Gabrielle Riel: I recommend that you WAIT to check these out until after tea is over.

[19:05] Gabrielle Riel: I am a big proponent of story-based RP, and every year I wrote foundation stories for the hurricanes. I will do the same thing this year. You can write your OWN hurricane story based on my foundation if you so choose.

[19:05] Gabrielle Riel: It’s not required. I just think it’s fun. :-)

[19:06] Gabrielle Riel: (Ok - here we go - prepare for much copy-paste and lots of links - this is more for the people who read the Tea transcripts)

[19:06] Gabrielle Riel: RP Stories from my blog:

[19:06] Gabrielle Riel: 2010 Hurricane Adolphe - Gabi Post 01:

[19:06] Gabrielle Riel: 2010 Hurricane Adolphe - Gabi Post 02:

[19:07] Gabrielle Riel: 2010 Hurricane Adolphe - Gabi Post 03:

[19:07] Gabrielle Riel: 2010 Hurricane Adolphe - Gabi Post 04:

[19:07] Gabrielle Riel: 2011 Hurricane Bernadette - Gabi Post 01:

[19:07] Gabrielle Riel: 2011 Hurricane Bernadette - Gabi Post 02:

[19:07] Gabrielle Riel: 2011 Hurricane Bernadette - Gabi Post 03:

[19:08] Gabrielle Riel: 2012 Hurricane Charles - Gabi Post 01:

[19:08] Gabrielle Riel: (only one post that last year - masters degree-induced burnout was in full force!)

[19:08] Gabrielle Riel: Visuals:

[19:08] Gabrielle Riel: 2010 Hurricane Adolphe - Video by Patrice Cournoyer:

[19:08] Gabrielle Riel: 2011 Hurricane Bernadette - Video by Chic Aeon:

[19:09] Gabrielle Riel: 2010 - Present - Various Flickr Pics: toulouse hurricane

[19:09] Gabrielle Riel: (not all of those pics are from when I owned New Toulouse, but most are - if the dates are 2010 - 2012, it’s one of my hurricanes)

[19:09] Gabrielle Riel: 2011 Hurricane Bernadete - Abigail Raymaker’s Koinup Pics:

[19:09] Gabrielle Riel: There are other hurricane pics in the Koinup, just make sure the dates are 2012 or older.

[19:10] Holocluck Henly: search for the hurricanes by name on flickr for my pics :P

[19:10] Gabrielle Riel: I’ll be keeping you all in the loop over the next few week as we approach hurricane weekend. As always, Emma, CC and I are all here to answer questions. And I’m sure other oldbies/hurricane veterans would be happy to help you too.

[19:11] Gabrielle Riel: Now, if I have not scrambled your brains, does anyone have any questions?

[19:11] Gabrielle Riel: On that note, tea is officially ADJOURNED!