Celebrity Charity Auction for Live and Learn in Kenya

At the end of this month, MadPea productions is running a charity auction for Live and Learn in Kenya.

Here is what the folks at MadPea say about the event:

"You may have heard of Feed-A-Smile Charity in Second Life which is supported by a lot of well-known and high profile Second Life Residents. Feed-A-Smile is part of a larger organisation called Live and Learn in Kenya and they are currently in the process of building a school in Nakuru. The first classroom and staff office were opened in January but there is a long way to go with each classroom costing around 19,000 USD to complete. More information about the programme and the credentials can be round on the Live and Learn in Kenya Website."

MadPea asked SLebrities to sign up to offer their time and/or expertise for the auction...and in a moment of "oh what the hell", I put my name on the list.

Here are the details of the event thus far: https://madpea.wordpress.com/2015/09/13/madpea-and-sl-live-radio-join-forces-for-llik-celebrity-auction/

For sale: one vintage Caledon Duchess who plays music. Condition: not bad considering the last 9.5 years of bumps and bruises! Put a tiara on her and she almost looks like new!