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Gabi Hates

The messages always eventually make their way to me.

“Gabrielle Riel HATES me!”

“Gabrielle Riel HATES so-and-so!”

“Gabrielle Riel HATES us!”

I have been hearing “Gabi Hates” gossip for over a decade and it still takes me aback when one of these statements wends its way to my ears. The gossip is often accompanied by “and she is out to get me/get us!” statements.

You would think that I’d be used to this by now, but I seem to have retained some sort of strange naiveté, or perhaps it’s just a defense mechanism to block out negativity, because I still have the same reaction each time I hear gossip like this, which is: what the…?

Hate. It’s such a strong emotion that implies active focus. While there are some things and some people that I feel strongly about, hate is far too intense of a descriptor for my feelings for anyone. Hate takes effort. Hate takes time. And guess what? I don’t have enough time or effort to hate anybody!

My time and effort are spent on my daily tasks, both in and ou…

Training Videos: Taking and Restoring Objects

In order to assist St John Parish residents with sim tear-down and set-up, I have created these videos to help make the process quicker and easier.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Important St John (Parish) Announcement

Dear St John Parish Residents:

I am sending this communication to you directly via notecard in Second Life.

I am also sending it via in-world group notice and I am posting it on The St John Intelligencer and my Songs From The Nightingale blog so all St John residents can see it, however this information is of utmost importance to the residents of the St John Parish region.

First of all, I apologize for the very late notice about this, but something that will benefit St John greatly has come together suddenly and from out of the blue. I had to make a difficult decision to move forward with this in spite of a less-than-ideal timeline.

Please know that I would have made more time for this change if I had been able to. Sadly the logistics have worked out in a way that require us to make some drastic changes in a very short amount of time in the St John Parish sim.

So...what is this change?

I have been offered the opportunity to acquire a grandfathered full sim. Right now I pay $1370 USD per mon…